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  1. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I love this idea, and I'm 100% for it. I am a huge PvP fan, and It'd be sad to see PK go or force players away. This is a good way for the PvEr's and PvPer's to use each other. Rather than a hate for each segment of the community, it can work as a balancing act between them. Love it!
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  2. Zeta Ghost added a topic in Art & Media   

    This is a drawing I did for my guild leader and his guild for Christmas :DD 

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  3. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic Now THAT'S What I Call A View Calpheon!   

    I died xD.
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  4. Zeta Ghost added a topic in General   

    Now THAT'S What I Call A View Calpheon!
    Climbed to the top of the Cathedral tower in Calpheon.
    Only one thing to do after that, aim for the bushes!

    (I didn't survive...)
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  5. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    I pm'd you the Line and Discord information. ^.^
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  6. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic What are you doing while waiting for Black Desert Online?   

    Binge watching Marvel's agent of shield, with a side of Fallout 4 and a **** ton of university work sprinkled on top. 
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  7. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic [POLL] What class are you picking and why?   

    Sorceress as she seems to be the high risk, high reward DPS class, which I LOVE to play.
    Nothing gets my adrenaline running like fighting someone on 2 Hp, next hit wins and pulling off a perfect combo or outplay to win the match. It's how I play fighting games, It's how I play Mobas and It's how I play MMOs. 
    (and every other video game genre   HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD NEOPETS WOOO)
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  8. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic [POLL] Whats your favourite type of PvP?   

    Hard pick between 1v1, 2v2 and GvG. However I went with open world arena.
    A 1v1 or a 2v2/3v3 where all participants are prepared is a real test of skill and gear. No excuses, the best team will win. Whereas I feel GvG puts just a bit more emphasis on the more organised and full guilds.
    Seiges and Instance arenas are also alot of fun, as well as capture the flag, MvP and other game types.
    Not a fan of open world slaughter/banditry, I like being able to prepare and practise in my own time, and when I feel prepared, to go into PvP and fight other strong opponents. Rather than hunting down weaker guys who are just trying to level and noob stomping, that gets old pretty quickly. 
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  9. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    I'm game.
    If you use TS/Skype I have those downloaded.
    If you use Raidcall/Ventrillo or anything else, please warn me so I can download it and figure out how they work haha.
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  10. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic Can everyone just stop? Like actually.   

    I normally just skip past all the shit posting and find a gem of information somewhere in there. The PvP vs PvE stuff I haven't seen much about, to be-honest it sounds a little redundant considering BDO is basicly finished and just being translated now. So whether its PvP or PvE focused, doesn't matter, because it's done and we will find out in less than a months time. However I don't think making a rather angry thread telling people they aren't all dumbs**ts if they put away the keyboard and hug it out is the best way to get through to angrys**ts who love to faceroll the keyboard. Normally the arguments keep going until one side rage quits, or a moderator closes the topic. However usually both sides are too blinded by some kind of  false sense of authority or justice, that they end up just typing whatever in the heat of the moment, ignoring logic & reason. Like if PvP and PvE were good in this game, what would be the problem?
    Anyway, if you want to stop the ragers, just stay calm yourself. There's no need to make a passive aggressive thread about it and in all honesty, if you just make a topic yourself on the same subject just with a more calm and well constructed argument. Hopefully that'll attract the better kind of people on this forum. I won't even look at a thread which is ill constructed and blatantly bias to one side whilst trying to pose itself as a question. 
    TL;DR Stay calm, don't continuously make theses threads telling us to be better men, and just be better. It probably won't be read by the problem makers anyway (I've never seen a thread like this actually work). 
    Those are my 2 cents.
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  11. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic How did you come up with that name?   

    I originally came up with the name RiddanceGhost, simply because I was the quiet kid, and kind of felt like a Ghost in my class. I wasn't picked on, however most my friends moved away or grew friendly with others over me. So I got lonely, and Ghost just seemed to fit. Riddance was just something that popped into my head (and became my first online game character name for BattleOn). However Riddance is too long to add to ghost for most games, so I shorten it to Ridghost. I found that as I played more and more MMO's I'd need a name which could be transferred to more than 1 character and at this point most my friends online had known me as Ghost. So being interested in science and Greek mythology, I decided my names would now be "Greek Letter" + Ghost (about 2-3 years ago). So if you see a Zeta Ghost or a Xi Ghost (etc) in game, That'll be me =) 
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  12. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic Skimpy/Sexualized Costume Poll   

    Honestly I don't care if the armour covers or not, as long as the design is decent. If I want something to jerk off to, there are plenty of sites for that. Just give me decent colours and original but cool armour/weapon designs and I'll be happy whether it covers 10% or 100%. 
    Considering every anime, advert, film and TV show I watch involves some kind of provocative clothing, it wouldn't be a bad thing to get away from it for a while. However I doubt BDO with its extensive character creation software is going to be much different. Either way, still excited for this game =)
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  13. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic What's the real "advantage" of having a B2P version instead of F2P ?   

    In the business model of B2P, the players expect a certain level of quality and value associated with purchasing the game. The game is expected to be relatively complete, unlike a F2P game which can be relatively unfinished, but hack itself up with the "if you don't want to play it, don't. It's free" excuse. 
    The cash injection is important not only for sustainability, but it also tells the publishers, development teams and the investors exactly how many people are willing to put hard cash into the game. With the security that players are willing to pay up, it's less likely that dev's will be attracted to possibly spoiling their game with P2W items for more guaranteed short term cash injections.
    B2P models also tend to promote older players, as the younger players can't really afford it without spending all their pocket money or getting a parent to pay. With so many other games out there, many more popular such as CoD or Fifa, it's unlikely the younger market will try this game, compared to a F2P model at-least.
    All the other reasons are mentioned above.
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  14. Zeta Ghost added a post in a topic Who is your favorite Class?   

    I'm yet to experience the game, but from previous games, I find myself leaning towards high dps and mobility clutch classes, with low hp and defence. So I expect to enjoy Sorceress, Ranger and Blader the most. However I think Warrior looks the most badass  
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  15. Zeta Ghost added a topic in Classes   

    Who will you pick? (Mains)
    I'm just wondering what percentage of the players already know who they want to main, and if it's evenly spread, or in an overwhelming favour towards a particular set of classes. For when all the classes we know of are fully released that is.
    Personally, I feel I'll be maining Sorceress. However Warrior and Rangers have peaked my interest. 
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