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  1. Karaad added a post in a topic Hekaru Sea Monster - No Loot   

    Same thing just happened. We dropped the low level guild mate from the group and started receiving loot again.

    To be clear:
    1. You CAN NOT have a party member lower than 10 levels of the highest party member on your boat. the EXP debuff will show when this happens.
    2. The lower level party members CAN PARTICIPATE in the kill.
    3. You must be close enough to the monster for it to auto loot into the boat.

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  2. Karaad added a post in a topic Are all of these items in the game now?   

    They all sell for 1billion silver, right? I know that the pirate goblet only sells for 1mil.
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  3. Karaad added a topic in General   

    Are all of these items in the game now?
    [Guild] Steel Candidum Shell[Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike[Guild] Black Rust Tongue[Guild] Nineshark’s Fin[Guild] Ocean Stalker WhiskerWhen Margoria and guild galleys came out, I only ever remember guilds being able to loot Nineshark's Fins. Are these other rares in the game now and do they have similar drop ratios? Thanks in advance!
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  4. Karaad added a post in a topic Live events, lets get real   

    I gave the details to you in our chat group. PC parts picked! Check them out in the chat group. I'll be back soon enough!! I too am excited to be able to get back to enjoying this game with everyone
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  5. Karaad added a post in a topic Dressed right?   

    Everyone is different and unique. In this case, it looks as if your Sorceress has an enlarged Mons Pubis. There.is nothing wrong with her, she's just a little different. The beauty in life is the differences we find in each other!
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  6. Karaad added a post in a topic most satisfying class to play?   

    Everyone else is wrong. Dremlock answered the question properly and wins the $800 selection for this bracket as well as being able to select the next question!
    Zerker most satisfying by far.
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  7. Karaad added a post in a topic Loyal players event   

    The event rewards aren't really all that great to begin with. Intermediate accessory box? Aight so 5mil? Hard crystals? Okay, another couple mil.
    You should look for that entitlement thread, it's got a great first post.
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  8. Karaad added a post in a topic PSA: Do not roll Berserker. Source: 1st ever 61 Zerk & day 1 veteran   

    I think you forgot the satire tag there.
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  9. Karaad added a post in a topic 7 free days to play, but no play time   

    No, he should reinstall and try other tricks first!
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  10. Karaad added a post in a topic Any cooking Guru?   

    After master levels, you'll be receiving very small increases in procs, I remember reading a KR post a while ago staying that for most life skills, you see 0.25% and 0.5% increases in what ever the bonuses are for the profession.
    This is heavily outdated info and I am unsure if it was correct in the first place but, the thread had over 200 replies.
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  11. Karaad added a post in a topic IS THIS A JOKE?   

    There is a fail enchant bonus system that's supposed to happen at some point, no? I swear I read something in KR updates about it.
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  12. Karaad added a post in a topic IS THIS A JOKE?   

    Data mining and confirmation from KR Devs points to the level cap being 100. As we go on, different content will be added and things will get easier. Unlike your traditional mmos which have an absolute cap for each expansion, BDO allows you to continue to grind and gain exp even after reaching reasonable soft caps per expansion.
    Kamasilve is around the corner and will supposedly introduce some more higher level mobs which will enable 58~61 players to level a bit easier, if their gear is enough to handle it. Zoom out and look at the entire map, there is much that we haven't seen. Lots of land out there still yet to be discovered!
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  13. Karaad added a topic in General   

    Live events, lets get real
    Hey everyone, Karaad here! Some of you may know of me, some may not. First off, Happy 1st anniversary! 🍾 🥂
    I currently can't join in on the fun for the boss event or the Dark Knight release due to real life complications but, I can read and converse with everyone. As well as being in multiple discord channels for the game which allows me to capture the event in detail without even being able to log in.
    If I can say one thing about the event and how its played out, it's lack luster. It was poorly thought through, cheaply planned and horribly executed. Around every corner in this game, we have had one serious issue and that is lag and severe connection issues for the majority of the community. The events that we're presented with aren't events at all, they are just planned timers and bombs for threads upon threads of flames. It's a serious issue when your events consist of having your players use different emotes and run in circles or lag to death just to get a chance at an rng based box.
    I've played many mmos, including those are of course WoW and EQ2. Both of these have great examples of how to run events. I just feel that the events that have been put out are thought up at the last moment and adhere to the "grind until you die" mentality that a lot of players have gotten from the game. It's truly disheartening that an event would be created which forces all players into specific channels at specific spots knowing the state of the servers and the copious amounts of issues you still have with your infrastructure.
    I'm coming back to BDO as soon as I can build a new rig because I have people who I care for and a guild to run. I hope that this message will reach some of the higher ups within the company who will see that subpar performance will turn away new players and the only way to fix that problem is to get a better service.
    As for the event, I've thought of a much better way to run an event but I won't be posting it because I know it won't make it past a few likes and posts from the suggestions section before hitting the old necrosis bucket. So if a GM would like to know of my idea personally, please send me a PM and ill get back to you as soon as I possibly can.
    Until we meet again in game, I hope everyone has a great time leveling their DK's and grinding the long grind! With much love - Karaad
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  14. Karaad added a post in a topic You see my problem with the Dark Knight.....   

    Realistically, if magic were to exist in the real world, the first thing I would learn is how to control objects with said magic and imbue a large sword with said magic to allow me to wield it in any fashion I wish. You know, realistically and all. :3
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  15. Karaad added a post in a topic My theory as to why we have not yet visited the land north of Valencia.   

    We haven't gone there because it hasn't been designed yet.
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