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  1. Estokha added a post in a topic New Ninja   

    ahh i only have 122/114/259 on my ninja or so. i guess my ap just sucks, i've generated a 47, and a 26 stack trying to 16 my awakening (green)
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  2. Estokha added a topic in Ninja   

    New Ninja
    I started playing a ninja alt for easy contribution on the early quests and ended up loving it. Now i'm at 56 and went all in on awakening skills while keeping my big damage and mobility pre awakening skills. It seems like i actually kill things slower with awakening then preawakening.

    is the rotation i was using with awakening and it was weak as all get out. then i found that space +lmb/rmb killed faster but its still fairly painful. My question is: Should i stick with shortsword skills till 58/59 or is there just a better way to do things and i'm missing it?
    Background - I started on KR 10 months before NA launch and mained Valk for about a year and change. Since then i've 57'd a warrior, 56'd a zerker, 56'd a valk, 53 ranger, 52 wiz.
    Ninja farming is supposedly slower but i wasnt expecting the huge down turn with awakening. Any assistance would be appreciated. I've read quite a few articles but it seems a lot of info is out dated.
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  3. Estokha added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bid System
    Please remove items up for bid from the pricing list so I can at least buy the stuff that's already available. Having to wait for the bid when people are posting tons of items is annoying.
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  4. Estokha added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    Hardest part of BDO is the necessary knowledge hoarding. There's a lot of optimal ways to do things that are trade secrets. It is funny though when someone gets butt hurt at their guild and spills a super sweet method/location/strategy on the forums and then the zerg descends.
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  5. Estokha added a post in a topic All Valkyries should get +20% Life Exp, Increase production cap of +2 item per yield, bonus node yields (✿◡‿◡)   

    I mained Valk for a long time before moving on, but before NA launched I had a chance to spar with a KR Valk main. Due to the language barrier I wasn't able to learn much, but was able to realize after 10 months I still knew nothing about playing the class. The KR player was executing 4-6 move combos on me in an extremely short time frame and absolutely decimating me. I still don't know how he did some of the moves. The point of this response is: if you think Valk sucks spend more time figuring out all the optimal combos. I guarantee they're not all readily available on the forums and fan sites.
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  6. Estokha added a post in a topic Populate the dead zones   

    Exploring and find caves is fun, but some of the areas are just bleak heh. The area nw of helms especially 
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  7. Estokha added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Played KR for 10 months before NA launch, got ganked 1 time, by someone else from NA. Koreans don't seem to get their jollies from "roflstomping" people with less gear. NA's sadism level from borderline Columbine man children is through the roof. OWPVP in thus game has never felt as fun or rewarding as AA's. BDO is a single player game where people constantly get in the way of what you're trying to do.
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  8. Estokha added a post in a topic Populate the dead zones   

    Wow you nailed it thanks for the reply! After you gfy, uninstall. My point is there's a small number of good grind spots and a bunch of wasted space where they could add new/interesting critters so we can have more variety. If there's no point in going to an area of the map why have it? 
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  9. Estokha added a topic in Suggestions   

    Populate the dead zones
    Please populate more of the barren locations in the game with mobs people would want to grind. Examples are the dead space between helms and Cron Castle, a good portion of the Valencia coasts, the area between bandits/manes and sausans. Everything east of Trent to skeletons. There's too much wasted space and not enough good grind spots. Thanks.
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  10. Estokha added a post in a topic What Are You Doing During Downtime?   

    watching people get hyped to feed their wallets to Trino again with 3.0
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  11. Estokha added a post in a topic New Server - Casual Players   

    I agree in principle but it won't work. Most of those no lifers also live to "pwn newbz" and would come over just to be a PITA and screw up other people's enjoyment. A disturbing amount of the NA pvp fan base are actually just sadistic man-children who get their jollies by upsetting others as opposed to enjoying combat against worthy opponents.
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  12. Estokha added a post in a topic Map markers   

    Please do this.
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  13. Estokha added a post in a topic Alchemy Stone system is broken - Alchemy in general is broken   

    With the exception of alchemy stones you primarily produce consumables. With that in mind there should always be a demand for the items you create. The same is true for crafting wagons, boats, armor, and weapons. They all serve as consumables. The time investment to achieve a high tier of crafting is the barrier of entry to ensure there's value in the product created. By having a market place where the price diminishes the further you refine and combine base ingredients you discourage people to sell and encourage more people to take on that life skill out of necessity due to lack of supply of useful goods. Without open trade (which I support) you can't even fall back on a guild support mentality of shifting the costs of producing essential goods amongst multiple guild members with the expectation that the final results will be equally distributed amongst the whole. 
    Tl;dr the system should rename "professions" to "chores" since a profession in this case would imply a greater return for a larger time investment.
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  14. Estokha added a post in a topic Asus g752vy gtx 980m?   

    Yes for high.
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  15. Estokha added a post in a topic What Math Genius Set the Prices for Item?   

    The basic fix would be to set the absolute minimum price for any processed or crafted item equal to the minimum price of the materials it's composed of at every tier. Then fluctuate the price above that based on supply and demand. Just makes good sense. Also swap the tax from the seller to the buyer. Then you reward people with more $ for doing more work.
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