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  1. Sekera added a post in a topic Avalon EU Guild - Jordine   

    Check your PM.
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  2. Sekera added a post in a topic Avalon EU Guild - Jordine   

    Your application form is missing the new classes, just saying  .
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  3. Sekera added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Kuno says HURRO!
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  4. Sekera added a post in a topic Blade and soul fail launch! (Join in and laugh about it)   

    Fixed it for ya.
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  5. Sekera added a post in a topic Is it possible to avoid PvE?   

    This thread gave me a chuckle. Nice work OP, show those "PvP toggle" people the irony!
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  6. Sekera added a post in a topic Learn basics before posting in important topics, please.   

    So many topics are starting to appear again...This topic, the one about flagging, I remember the exact same topics being made some time ago. I guess they are needed again, and again, this is why we can't have nice things.
    Anyway, kudos for still trying to help.
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  7. Sekera added a post in a topic Open Letter to DAUM EU   

    Hmmm about that last sentence...that does not really apply to BDO, as PA seems to be calling the shots, at least on anything major.
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  8. Sekera added a post in a topic [Poll] Did the PM diary(s) sway you to Buy?   

    What, are you throwing me out of the forums? Nuuuuuuuuuuu! Plus fighting till the end (launch) is the right thing to do! If the game still looks bad then, I will leave and never return, don't you worry sir.
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  9. Sekera added a post in a topic [Poll] Did the PM diary(s) sway you to Buy?   

    Option 4...glad I did not submit to the hype and stuff.
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  10. Sekera added a post in a topic Why is BnS doing better than BDO in Korea?   

    3 hours ago, Narcosis said:There's nothing to talk about anymore. PA and DAUM already made their decision.
    By the start, the game had the original flagging system with owPvP and all the incentives and competition, appropriate karma system and server infrastructure with little to no sharding. It was within the top 10 mmorpg's. After removing the owpvp and multisharding the game, it plummeted below top 100.
    It was their own honest choice, that lead to that.
    The response they gave us in regards to why they don't want to implement back the original flagging system is more or less silly at most:
    It isn't even a honest response; it's denial, which can be summed up as "We don't see any issue here".
    BDO is currently meant to be something, that will please everyone, which in end will completely ruin the sandbox aspect ingame. Judging from their current business standpoint, the whole idea of west going B2P is just a hoax prepared for the first couple of months, to encourage the still interested part of the original (veteran) playerbase into buying the game, by giving them false presumptions the game "might still get fixed/become better". It won't. It will go F2P at most a year after the release, there's literally no chance for BDO to succeed with it's current set of flaws and issues. In the end, they will struggle to cover the production costs and obtain enough revenue to please their contractors and business partners.
    BDO was meant as an open world sandbox game, yet:
    PA is currently steadily removing incentives for people to go into the open world, they are removing reasons for people to compete in the open worldThe addition of Crimson Battlefield is the first indicator, hinting at more highly-instanced PvP content additions in the future (since owpvp will be dead and non-existent, you have to search for viable replacements; add equalized gear - since it's a must for casual players - and you succesfully devoid players of the last reason to do anything, as majority of content simply boils down to earning money to obtain gear)No highly-organized PvE content except mindless mob grind and no concise plans for any future PvE additions; world bosses are a laugh and remain no different from normal mobs, they simply have bigger health pools and hit a lot harder.Soon there won't be "PvE to PvP, PvP to PvE" anymore, read above to understand. The basic notion behind a sandbox mmorpg is removed, you get a themepark with completely broken and meaningless content.At the same time, some items in the cash shop still hint at possible P2W situations in the future; those will definately arise, if the game will be forced to revert to a F2P business model, and it will - again, read above.Current solution to the owPvP/PK doesn't solve anything; it's just another layer of pointless PK mechanics, that could at most be an addition to the upcoming Valencia update; it doesn't solve the issue of owPvP at all, it's just a bait meant to distract uninformed people from the actual problem, while pointing them at a completely meaningless fix.The only way to fix BDO is to encourage players to engage in all the PvE content, while allowing them to compete (owPvP) for said PvE. It can only be done by introducing mechanics, which give people incentives for activities in the open world and tools to compete for said open world and it's resources. GvG's, Sieges and Node Wars DO NOT allow that and aren't those tools, it's just another layer of complicated mechanics within consensual PvP. Without owPvP, majority of content in BDO loses it's meaning. In other words, you get a broken game with a bunch of different activities, not connected in any way at all.There's still a bit of time left, but I doubt they'll manage to come up with something meaningful, if all they did so far was an idea of such a flawed system which only further leads to penalize PK'ers (mind you, there's no place for consensual owpvp in the current iteration of the whole system, it simply doesn't exist) and opens such a tremendous gate for all sorts of abuse.
    In the end it's what SJW's wanted to get - a 100% risk-free system, where they are completely invincible and free to do as they please.
    Everyone else - PvE'ers, PvP'ers, RP'ers - we all get neglected.
    This is taken from another topic, fits here well I think.
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  11. Sekera added a post in a topic Open Letter to DAUM EU   

    Still out of likes, so I will at least quote you for the truth. It is like you read my mind. Absolutely agree with everything you said.
    Edit: aparently these forums are censored now ? lol I cannot type the F word, it just changes to ----
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  12. Sekera added a post in a topic How old are you and what is your favorite game?   

    I am almost 23 (less than a month remaining), always have been strictly on PC, so here we go: my absolute favourite is Gothic 2, I have played it about 13 times to completion with the expansion and about 6 times without. Will still sit down and play it again sometime.
    But, my close seconds are: Mafia, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, F.E.A.R. (plus Extraction Point expansion), Dark Souls, classic Tomb Raider franchise (1-6), Medieval 2: Total War, Silent Hill 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 (with restored content), The Witcher (first game only), Need For Speed Underground 2 and Most Wanted (2005).
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  13. Sekera added a post in a topic Is this game PvP only?   

    Yes exactly, but they changed the bread to generic bread very soon and lost customers and money. That is what happened to BDO.
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  14. Sekera added a post in a topic Is this game PvP only?   

    So why is every version of BDO dead or close to it???????? Seems like the turn to casual solo P2W bullshit caused the game to die before it could do anything, they did not even try to go the original route.
    By your analogy, the baker had a unique bread in mind that would satisfy a number of people that had a craving for such a bread...and he knew he would be the only one to sell such a bread for miles and miles. But then, he was afraid that the bread would not sell enough, so he made a generic bread instead, so everyone could potentially buy it. And so he did, but he got crushed by all the other generic bread makers in the area that already had estabilished customer bases for the generic bread. So in a last desperate attempt to make ends meet, he raised the price of his generic bread, hoping to make a bit more money. But this only scared the few customers he had away. And so he had to close business...
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