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  1. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic The Battle of Western Guard Camp - An advanced GvG ruleset   

    @Julianiscomplaining Add a rule where low levels cant scout the enemy please )
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  2. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Best upgrades for 850m Budget?   

    http://bdoplanner.com/s/alyJsA8P would aim for this initially as a all-round good grinding build and then move on to boss gear (prioritize Bhegs>Muskan>Dim Tree>Giath and get a Kzarka somewhere in the middle of it . I'd recommend picking up a Helrick offhand as well (highest dps offhand against geared players + higher lvl and/or evasive mobs)
    Optimize crystal setup after boss gear and kzarka
    Going for tri grunil isnt that big of upgrade survivability-wise so dont invest heavily into it but rather use it for building failstacks and leave it at tri if it upgrades
    Some people recommend kutum and nouver in this thread but they are quite expensive at this point and not that of a costefficient upgrade, also rather situational. Kutum is good all-round stats and shines as a endgame pve offhand due to hidden mob dmg. Nouver can be good in sieges due to extra hp from crystal slots but lis less dps than helrick (sorc is very accuracy reliant in endgame pvp) and is very close to jubre due to the lack of special attack dmg
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  3. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    bumperino, more sorcs, warriors and valks pls 
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  4. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Who vs Who   

    hello i am from zakon_viii we are best goodest guild on server bring 300 man zerg to valencia next saturday kurwa
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  5. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    I'm certain losing 3 ap for 7 acc per slot would be better just vs TET armor alone dps-wise (as even just TET armor is a significant amount of evasion and the fact that flows have 0% accuracy), unfortunately I don't have earring comparisons tests at hand, only offhand comparisons. It's not like people are telling you to go bronze dagger here though ;D
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  6. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Kutum DOES seem to have hidden damage (testing within)   

    By now I suppose it is, although more people sharing their test results validates the fact and increases the chance of spreading the knowledge. Tbh I hadn't seen much proper testing other than my own which I've ben too lazy to document
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  7. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Kunoichi or Tamer?   

    Both tamer and kuno can be good in node wars/sieges, but not in the main raid/zerg. They shine in small skirmishes which would be fights around protecting cannons, destroying the enemies cannons or flags, scouting, disrupting base repairs/rebuilds and similiar things. Ninja is arguably considered a bit better for these things though. Having a strong squad for these kind of things is extremely valuable in my opinion.
    Kuno recently recieved some buffs recently but I don't play the class so not sure how strong it currently is in 1v1 atm as very few play it (we only have one in our guild )
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  8. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    GGWP Oldskool! Most fun fight in a while =D
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  9. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    I'm sure you would notice a dmg increase especially in sieges with 2xTRI/TET RCE compared to your tungrades though, your ult didn't hurt nearly as much as I expected vs my evasion build in one siege lol (and that skill doesn't even have a flow, and flows have 0% accuracy). It's not even a huge AP trade-off (: (especially considering you reach way above 300 AP fully buffed in a siege so it's a relatively laughable difference)
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  10. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening - What's the best PVE Rotation?   

    Skills without flows are kinda terrible, so prioritize using the skills that has their flow unlocked over those that dont. For example Water Sphere + Flow at 56, Aqua Jail at 57.
    Lava Pool is also one of the best grinding abilities, on easy spots you can for example Lava Pool one pack and kill another with Aqua Jail - or for harder spots like Pila Ku use it to pull packs together and then do a rotation on top of the Lava Pool
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  11. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Alliances is all the rage these days, havent you heard?
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  12. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    Even with exp loss back in the day you had karmabombers spamming ellion's tears, although not as common as your average karmabomber these days.
    I did love the open world pvp back in the day where guilds controlled grind spots, which in turn would escalate into large scale fights only for people to go back to the grind spot and see that another group had taken it while you were fighting. You need to consider that we didn't have node wars/sieges either so finding our own group pvp where we could was needed if you liked group pvp.
    However, guilds controlling grind spots meant that average players couldn't even come grind certain areas during normal playing hours. Also seeing how solo-centric grinding is these days and grouping rarely, if ever being efficient means that bringing back exp loss wouldn't mean that we would get back the sausan or kzarka shrine gvgs that we had back then.
    Overall I'd say bringing back exp loss is not what this game needs currently to be a more healthy pvp game, and as long as elion's tears exist the game wouldn't get more exciting for high level players regardless. For lower level players it means jackshit cus 1% exp is nothing until 59-60.
    I'd rather see solutions like being forced to spawn town or ramping up respawn timers to combat karmabombing tbh, if they removed elion's tears it would be another story and I would agree that bringing back exp loss could be a decent idea.
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  13. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Margoria Castle, it's quite lovely this time of year
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  14. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Some people in this thread are so obsessed with us that they belong in a mental institution tbh
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  15. Robin Hoodlum added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Can you provide a source to this claim that 1 Magic AP = 1.5 AP? I'm curious.
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