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  1. Wulfscar added a post in a topic My 1st Time in a Forum Thingy || "Oh Hai There" ^_^   

    haha thanks @johnsneo
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  2. Wulfscar added a post in a topic My 1st Time in a Forum Thingy || "Oh Hai There" ^_^   

    @johnsneo yeah man for sure I'll message you on here when the game launches and we can add eachother in BDO. As far as my favorite anime list goes, it is excruciatingly long haha but here are a few: Sword Art Online, Fairytail, Naruto, Bleach, Durarara, Kaze No Stigma, Darker Than Black, D. Gray-man, Mirai Nikki, etc. I'll post a few of my drawings too which include: 2 of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, - the colored one is my pride and joy and is what I think my best work - Alan Walker from D. Gray-man, Erza Scarlet & Kellan Fernandez from Fairytail, and a tattoo drawing a friend wanted done.

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  3. Wulfscar added a post in a topic Can everyone just stop? Like actually.   

    @Yandere is love, @Yandere is life. That is all. Carry on .
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  4. Wulfscar added a post in a topic Weapon you'd like to see next?   

    welp looks like I know what my main is now hahaha thanks mang :3 
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  5. Wulfscar added a post in a topic Weapon you'd like to see next?   

    Idk if there is one in game or not but a scythe user would be pretty awesome
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  6. Wulfscar added a post in a topic Hello   

    unfortunately the dates of the CBTs have not been released yet.
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  7. Wulfscar added a post in a topic How many characters will you make?   

    I'm going to stride for at least trying one of every class - hence why I selected 9+ in your poll - but I will probably avidly play maybe 2 or 3 of them.
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  8. Wulfscar added a post in a topic My 1st Time in a Forum Thingy || "Oh Hai There" ^_^   

    Hello there John I am pleased to meet your aquaintance . My name is Nathanael and I am from Alberta - yes I am a Canadian - I am a dedicated gamer and have been playing numerous MMOs throughout the years. I too play League of Legends periodically - however you are in much higher standing than I as you are in Silver and I am in Bronze. I am quite the video game addict as well . I am a major anime/manga fan - more oriented towards anime however. I am a hobbyist artist - mostly drawing anime/manga characters. My Briggs-Myers personality test result is INFJ - so high five for mutually giving a damn . My main will most likely be a Warrior main because I have always been more of a tank esq. player in MMOs - but that is subject to change. As far as your PC build goes it looks pretty solid man - a fair bit better than mine even . I enjoyed your introduction man I do hope to see you in-game post-launch. Cheers.
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  9. Wulfscar added a post in a topic class will you main (when They are all Released)   

    I will most likely play most - if not all - of the classes but as to the one I will main, that will probably have to be the Warrior. I enjoyed playing him because I enjoy tank esq. classes
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  10. Wulfscar added a post in a topic None of the Popular (Most wanted )Classes at Release !??   

    good lord that killed my eyes to read the yellow x,D
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  11. Wulfscar added a topic in General   

    Gender Selection would be neat! :D
    It's not a huge deal but it would be really awesome if you could choose your character's gender - obviously omitting the Valkyrie due to them only being Female in Lore.
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  12. Wulfscar added a post in a topic Traveler or Explorer Package?   

    Without a doubt you should go for the Explorer's Pack - if you are limited due to funds for just those two options - you get numerous things that you will actively appreciate. Such as a mount which while not too hard to come by, is a god-send - especially considering it is of a higher tier. You will have earlier access to the game than you would if you got the Traveller's Pack, you will also have an extra guest pass to the full game - totalling two now - so you can allow a couple of your indecisive friends to try out BDO before they buy it. As well as access to the CBT2 - closed beta test 2 - so you can become relatively familiar with the game before its release. Those items alone are well worth the $20/20 euros extra IMO and you get a few cosmetic items to boot.
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  13. Wulfscar added a post in a topic None of the Popular (Most wanted )Classes at Release !??   

    To be completely candid, it takes hard work to get every single thing done for a game by launch. It is a blessing in itself that the game is coming to North America and Europe already. The development team is working tirelessly to get as much done as they can. I understand your aversion to your favorable class being unavailable at launch. But I assure you that they are trying their best to get everything to be available at the earliest possible date.
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  14. Wulfscar added a post in a topic Can we stop with the " or the game will die"   

    Yes indeed. I too believe that their banter tends to be a little overzealous. But people like that wont change their opinion on the matter.
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  15. Wulfscar added a post in a topic During alpha Daum   

    Another thing I wish they would do is increase the difficulty of the mobs. It felt far too easy to kill enemies in large groups that were the same or similar level to my own.
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