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  1. DiBBz added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    might i add that you look into changing the 
    200 exchange - 3 milvalue as what would be the point of going with anything else if that alone will net you the most outcome.
    you're essentially getting 5m more compared to if you where to hold onto the items for better reward. IMHO
    time = reward
    1000 should equate 20-30mill depending on how common or rare their drop value is 
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  2. DiBBz added a post in a topic Refer your Friends & Get Rewards!   

    Holy gaben!
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  3. DiBBz added a post in a topic new class?   

    hate to brake it to you but when they say "Their might be" a male class in the future... that usually means there aint going to be one, just like there isn't one for the sorceress that they so called said that one will come in the future! and the game has been out for years now so its obviously not coming at this point!
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  4. DiBBz added a post in a topic [Event] Lauren Family Gift Box Has Advice of Valks   

    i feel like we are all going to have to again start grinding for this somewhat of a currency!
    if so then im really not looking forward to it!
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  5. DiBBz added a post in a topic Last Jordine Siege War - Calling EVERY Guild Out!   

    im curious to know if you just cant sense a typo
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  6. DiBBz added a post in a topic Too many NPCs   

    well i dunno about you but it certainly worked better before valencia than it does now
    i can say with 100% certainty that my game ran alot better and more smoothly while entering towns and what not filled to the brim with people on crowded channels yet channels done come anywhere that status now-a-days yet my PC is choking.
    there is crap tons of optimization they can do to help elevate other systems in game. whatever they have done with Valencia and countless other updates after that has gone backwards in performance.
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  7. DiBBz added a post in a topic Last Jordine Siege War - Calling EVERY Guild Out!   

    im going to be quite honest m8. if i had a far better PC i would swap over and join you for seiges and what not! but the fact that even with a i5 2500k and 6GB of ram and a nvidia geforce GTX 650ti the game still runs like shit even when i had hoped it would give me a borderline improvement so as to wouldn't be stuttering and slow and loading zones all the dam time
    also the fact others just dont want to participate because its time they could be putting to better used like fishing or grinding etc etc.. 
    PS. nice used of bugs life there
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  8. DiBBz added a post in a topic Too many NPCs   

    topic wont be ignored so long as you mention the key people
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @PM_Jouska
    This along with alot of other issues is plaguing the games performance so much so that my 2 PC's that i used to play the game are just getting horrendously worse and worse over time with each new update that comes.
    they really need to get onto the developers of the game to push for better optimziation and declutter alot of crap. as well as give better option control to users, 
    cause even with a = i5 2600k - 12GB of ram - Nvidia geforce GTX 750ti i still play on optimization mode and medium texture quality cause its what gives me the best possible FPS out there
    same exact thing goes for my minimal spec PC = i3 540 - 4GB of ram - Geforce GT640 OC
    not only that with the amount of threads and replies i see daily now about this issue, its no wonder majority of people cant get a kzarka weapon or hell even do karanda and get a dandelion box
    its stupid really and only further segmenting the community.
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  9. DiBBz added a post in a topic Fps Problems   

    because as far as im aware the game is poorly optimized as of now. and judging by the amount of threads and replies on the forums. people with i5 4-5-6th generation processors all have trouble maintaining a decent FPS.
    i know your rig is good but for this game its not all the best it can be.. the game need a serious overhaul in optimization for everyone to comfortable play the game in a stable 60FPS.
    cause looking back at when the game first came out and then mediah content came out. the game ran fine for me, now the game chokes no matter what i do. entering any city alone causes a massive amount of FPS drop enough so that it cripples my movement. or bugs my movement, to the point when i try do a movement skill, it moves me 5-6x of a longer distance than what the original skill was meant to do.
    doing midnight stinger or hell even my awakened rushing crow for sorceress if everything does not load in quickly i can use rushing crow to effectively teleport me up to heidels blacksmith / lara or hell even further if there wasn't any boundaries in the way. but even then there is no point to doing it, cause it just means more frame freezing for me and more dips in FPS bringing my system to a crawl
    thats how bad it is for me now, compared to before in which i can run into towns quite happily without losing any FPS while waiting for everything to load in. the game is just a sicking mess for me atm, and judging by majority of threads popping up now. alot of others are experiencing severe performance problems as well
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  10. DiBBz added a post in a topic Fps Problems   

    thats because velia + balenos + calpehon servers in 1 area in the EU and serendia + media + valencia are located in another server in another part of the EU
    there are basically 2 server locations in where the channels reside.. so if you get a good ping on those channels it will effect your FPS at a bit!
    also hate to say it but. your specs are no where near capable of getting good FPS (60FPS constant or above) with those specs. game is extremely CPU intensive and GPU if you get into node wars or sieges!
    also some sub-options under advanced settings have been known to cause a major hit in FPS as of recently. either due to a change that we where not notified about or something else entirely.
    think the options mentioned where improved draw distance and something else. 
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  11. DiBBz added a post in a topic Boosters allowed?   

    you mean the options that specifically under the optimization advanced settings that are in massive yellow caps... yeah i think majority know about that! and yes i do after everything ticked
    distant player
    other player
     and other player lantern effects turned off
    the only thing that is unticked is upscale and energy saving cause they do the opposite and ruin your FPS even more than what their intended function is supposed to do!
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  12. DiBBz added a post in a topic Fps Problems   

    look im been saying this for a while now and many people have expressed that their having FPS issues. with a spectrum of low-medium-high end PC's that are encountering this issue. im convinced this is a game issue!
    we really need to get kakao to optimize the game and increase the FPS for everyone playing ASAP. cause with the introduction of valencia / valencia part 2 / the marine biome update and soon the navel expansion and sea expansion
    performance is only going to get worse and worse ive noticed. after each major update that comes into play that adds a new biome or large expansion to the map. the performance gets crappier and crappier!
    only thing il ask is what settings do you play on and have you adjusted the settings to see if any major increase in FPS happens ?
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  13. DiBBz added a post in a topic Boosters allowed?   

    or you could just onto kaao for optimizing the game, afterall many many people constantly complain that they cant do karanda because its a massive FPS shit storm!
    not to mention the AOE displaying of karanda's attacks are bugged. we dont see the red circle appearing for both types of her massive nuking AOE!
    people with high end PC's to the points it costs well over £1000 can barely do here for some odd reason. people reporting terrible FPS performance with 10 series Nvidia graphics cards. all while playing with a i5 4 - 5 - 6th generation processor with 4 cores and a SSD!
    the game is waaayy too demand for what it seems. either due to terrible optimization. or under lying issues with the engine! 
    people have all ready mentioned and noticed that performance was terribley effected when valencia came out. and with the further release schedule of valencia part2 & sea content and the expansion of sea etc etc and with 2 more zones planned for the future further west and south of calpheon... if its means performance is going to constantly get hit after every new zone is released i dont think alot of players will be able to enjoy playing the game anymore with a suitable FPS!
    hell i cant even enjoy riding my horse anymore on full sprint cause certain zones & hiedel will just randomly not load. but coming into altinova and calpheon it loads fine...
    all im getting at is people shouldn't need to do this amount of tweaking to get the best possible FPS! especially considering if you dont do work arounds and tweaks you are essentially locked out of doing certain content. cause your performance is so poor you're more likely to die than actually getting a hit in on certian bosses!
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  14. DiBBz added a post in a topic Candy Drops - After Maintenance   

    well then

    no matter how you look at it. its still RNG. stop acting like a moron please! no everyone can grind to the same extent you do! so explain how exactly that makes everyone else a crybaby ?
    if they had made it so you can get 3 or more candies within 2 hours then that would be fine. but ive grinded for more than 5 hours last saturday and sunday and barely even got 3.
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  15. DiBBz added a post in a topic Excessive resource use while in tray   

    not been fixed for me. still hogging well over 1.2Gigs while in tray!
    also that screenshot seems awfully suspicious if you ask me ;/
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