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Skaven Zverov

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  1. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    Well, that is going on with every suggestion that is made. And those who say there aren't any bots, can be ( possibly ) the ones who are using them, and that's why they are "overlooking" the problem. If there are fishing bots, just checked, they are, google them, there could be marketplace bots too. Not an impossibility.

    And if they are, they are screwing a LOT of players for a LONG time. And if it is going on, it should STOP.
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  2. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    We got them by breeding, and one of my guildies too. Some others did buy, some did won through racing. Definitely out of place But, oh, well, nothing that will change nothing  Still, a heck of a task to get perfect T8
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  3. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    That is a complete lie. Me and my wife have 6 T8's, and few guys from our guild have one. It is IMPOSSIBLE there is only 85 T8's on EU server....Maybe 850, but not 85...

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  4. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Fan Made: Trailer Contest   

    When will be contest for artists/ concept artists? Maybe armor that will be in game, or full outfit with weapons?
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  5. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Sometimes less is better.   

    Good idea. Was suggesting something similar, but yours is better. +1.
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  6. Skaven Zverov added a topic in Suggestions   

    LoD Slider-Option for Effects
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo


    It would be nice to have LoD slider for spells. At least maybe three options, Low, Mid, High. It would be nice feature that is useful.
    Thank you for reading.

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  7. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic RNG Gods Have Shunned Me?   

    Yeah, MP is full of items that you can buy....great.
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  8. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Buff to DP = Nerf to DP   

    He meant with +15 idea. While i am not to reverse to +15, i am more for balancing PRI to PEN difference.
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  9. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    Of course, people with no skills and life just want for a game to be in their advantage...Of course, why would they fight in even fight, where skills matters. That is the main problem of BDO, players who just don't want to play fair. They want the advantage, and will do anything to protect their fragile ego...

    Ergo, no, it's not fine. Not anyone on this world has the time to invest in endless and ultimately, pointless grinding. No, we do not. 
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  10. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    And of course, thread will be derailed because of trolls, as usual. Everything good, complaint or not, is considered blasphemy....And again, as every other GOOD post, is going to shit because of taunting and trolling. Same with suggestions. 

    On topic. You have many good points, and devs whould look into those. I mostly agree with level problems, maybe not 1% between levels, but not extreme as now. You are absolutely right people don't like to go into Node Wars because of problems it presents. Level, and extreme lucky/unlucky gap with gear enchant.
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  11. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

    Real fun, because of iframes, comes after 41  

    I am not main ranger, it is second alt, just saying, it a bit boring before 41
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  12. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic LOL DK is op   

    They are fine. Move on. Ttyl. 
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  13. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic DK awakening hype is done   

    And, when it comes out, you will cry for something new, NOW!

    Entitled people...
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  14. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    So, we have bad luck for months now? Really?

    1 shard per 3 days is just RNG for you. I am glad you are lucky, but not everyone is, and some of us have such bad luck that is not even funny, nor fair. 
    Based on some other's experience, that simply is not true.
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  15. Skaven Zverov added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Everything is drained, sharps, black stones, memories, relics. 

    Developer made the game to improve your gear ( mostly ) and you absolutely CAN'T! Game doesn't give you nothing so you must BUY. If i want to lay trade simulator, i would do that. Marketplace sucks, why on earth would you put something to bid when there is 1000's of same item on sale, and buying cheapest is also crap. I want to buy most expensive, because i should be free to do that. 

    Marketplace sucks, drop rates of items which you MUST HAVE to progress is very very scarce. Sometimes i just wonder why i am playing this, 6 months backward because of unlucky enchant, back to 160 AP and can't get up, and no sharps and stones to even try. 

    Good job devs, for making me go play other games. Such a beautiful and fun game, until you get to this disgusting issue. Fix it, please.
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