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  1. sersi added a post in a topic Value Pack sent by Snail Mail   

    Its been about 30 hours for me, too
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  2. sersi added a post in a topic Suggestion - Changing hair without appearance changer ticket   

    i just liked it for being able to change it on the fly. if they did the same thing but you coukd buy it from a stylist npc? or a pc! even better! 
    *misses the days of swg image designers*
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  3. sersi added a post in a topic I'll eat humble pie - We do need player trading   

    i see. the idea abiut the account age was basically so its a time sync if that seller gets caught and account banned making it less profitable. 
    im sure the idea could use more thought, but thanks for keeping your feedback civil and constructive! 
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  4. sersi added a post in a topic Suggestion - Changing hair without appearance changer ticket   

    vindictus actually had a great sustem for this that if you bought a new hair style it went into their equivalent of the "pearl inventory" tab wher you could equipt and unequipt it like a costume 
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  5. sersi added a post in a topic Armor as Costumes   

    yeah. just being able to put armor in the costume slot without nickle and diming it would be ideal. 
    who knows - maybe we'll get thrown a bone?
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  6. sersi added a post in a topic I'll eat humble pie - We do need player trading   

    someone mentioned in another of these threads to make it so you can only trade with someone who was been on your friends list a specific ammount of time (1-2 weeks would work i think). i would also sudgest making both characters (characters, not account) have a specific ammount of play time. (again - actual time logged into the game, not just account age). 
    i think that would hamper most gold sellers
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  7. sersi added a post in a topic Walk toggle   

    right now its bound default to caps lock, but you have to hold the button continously. 
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  8. sersi added a post in a topic Ability to change Chat Color and Size   

    i was looking all over for an ability to do this. pleeeease. 
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  9. sersi added a post in a topic Armor as Costumes   

    yes please!
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  10. sersi added a post in a topic Costume Exchange Coupon   

    a better question is why isnt it *somewhere* 
    but in the loyalty section would be best. give at least SOME non-cash shop costume options. 
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  11. sersi added a post in a topic Toggle Walk Function   

    yes. Pleeeeease
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  12. sersi added a post in a topic Solution to the trading problem   

    a lot of games have gold sellers, and we've always dealt with them. but not trading severely limits the ability of players being able to help friends or guild mates. at the moment i think the solution is worse than the problem it was meant to solve.
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  13. sersi added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    underwear (or boots?) bug
    when wearing underwear (possibly because of the high heel boots animation) the character always stands on the balls of their feet. 
    i doubt its a priority, but hopefully can be fixed at some point.

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  14. sersi added a post in a topic (NOTICE) Still no refunds, must request again   

    ...how does this force you to log in? and if you get a refund of course you'll be locked out. its buy 2 play and you are un-buying it, or did i miss something?
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  15. sersi added a post in a topic PVE server   

    they are in soft launch and there is no pve server. sorry.  
    can play to 44 and then stop leveling? or just keep poking your head in to see if it happens if the population drops, but for all intents and purposes this fight was lost
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  16. sersi added a post in a topic SUGGESTION - PVP and PVE changes   

    intriguing idea - but the lowering of the pvp level. i know a lot of the pro-pvp camp said they dont mind the level being that high, because before that you can't really strike through potion spam anyways. but i understand the point of it (giving something nice to the pvp crowd). all around a decent idea, methinks. 
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  17. sersi added a post in a topic Three Explorer's Pre-Order Package Giveaway - Ended   

    the world is vast, the game is beautiful, the combat is fluid and fun as hell and the world is interactive enought to offer amazing rp possibilities. it reminds me of the early days of EQ 1. 
    sadly i dont follow any youtubers for this game - just the forums. hopefully that doesnt disqualify me?
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  18. sersi added a post in a topic CBT2 Key Handout Thread   

    oooh. can i haz?
    Edit: claimed! thank you SOOO much
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  19. sersi added a post in a topic Please launch with a few PVE only servers!   

    the request has been brought up before, and Daum has conceded a slight possibility (the quote can be fou d in the other threads on the subject). so... maybe? but you'd be better off adding your voice to the on-going discussions than starting a new one. go! be heard!
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  20. sersi added a post in a topic PVE server   

    they have been very mum on the server set up. hopefully we hear something before cbt2 starts. til then just keep checking, and if it turns out to not happen, then you spent wisely!
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  21. sersi added a post in a topic PvE Players.   

    this is the tricky balancing act that so many fail spectacularly - enough new toys to keep the veteran players engaged without making them so over powered that the game becomes enjoyable for a dwindling, yet very dedicated base, and I REALLY hope they are up to it, because the game has a lot of promise. 
    but i would be lying if i said the lack of any feedback on this one way or another didn't make me less optimistic.
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  22. sersi added a post in a topic Refund PRE-ORder   

    should be able to. unless the purchase is older than 14 days
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  23. sersi added a post in a topic PVE server   

    i think (keyword - think. i wont claim to speak for everyone) a lot of pvers could live with something like that, if the flagging was actual flagging and didnt just indicate you don't wanna pvp. 
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  24. sersi added a post in a topic PVE server   

    i can't speak for Tera, but i think where a lot of games fail in this is there tends to be a larger pve crowd, so they tend to get catered to and the pvp crowd dies off. if we could have a pve server and consistent support for the pvp community i think it would be the best of both worlds, because without the pve server the game will fail to hold the pvers and the pve-rpers for the long term, and they are going to be the majority of the cash shop whales.
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  25. sersi added a post in a topic RNG Boxes Poll   

    +1. i wouldnt buy abox fir a chance to get what i wanted. but i would definately buy the hedgehog if it was available
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