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  1. Tjaranis added a post in a topic New hope for BDO engine ?   

    that would be awesome
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  2. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Why do you enjoy Black Desert?   

    problem with that is people primarily solo akman on kr now.
    if the only thing which differs is stats its just a matter of being overgeared enough, and its also SUPER late game party only   hysteria we barely even got the gear+lvl's to do at this point, there is maybe 0,01% that got lvl 62 and 230-240+ap currently
    we need group dungeons designed for the gear score which enters   put invasion on like c9 for the pvp need.
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  3. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Why do you enjoy Black Desert?   

    1. graphics, animations and effects.
    2. the feeling of destroying huge swarms of enemies like a powerfull main character of some anime show.
    3. PvP is really well balanced and feels awesome when its equal geared+lvl (+-), and when not laggy to sht because there is too many people giant blobbing (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/126602-anti-zerg-mechanic-and-more/ suggestion to fix some of that)
    4. the potential the game has for improvements:
    A: extremely good trinity setup, just need pve content to take advantage of it.
    B: truly good action combat for epic boss fights, just need pve dungeons+bosses to take advantage of it.
    C: truly good GvG class balance perfect for scenario and equalized pvp, just need the PvP arena's tournaments, scenarios etc. content to take advantage of it.
    D: awesome Combat system and balance for skirmish/small scale pvp, just need anti zerg mechanics to prevent the laggy+skilless zerging dominating the playing field.

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  4. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Any Suggestion Ever Got implemented?   

    yer i feel much the same way
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  5. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Any Suggestion Ever Got implemented?   

    i like the listing of stuff that was changed even if it got changed back.
    the cashshop lacking valk tears and Random p2w boxes as well is a nice change we "got".
    but besides those none of the relevant changes to the current version we got now was done because of suggestions on these forums made, and some of these are not in our version yet, and several of them are improved in KR version (we are behind. 5pets on kr as example).
    not sure with skin tone though that could be one thing ^^ so thats maybe 1. which is cool but yer ^^
    was not because of eu/na forums, was made from kr because every kr used macro to do it and complained about it.
    young wizard was same issue, complains since day 1 on KR ^^
    none of these where done because of na/eu, these would all be there with or without us and our input have had no value on these.
    PvP lvl raised is the same as KR have had, they changed it back from the lvl45 which no one had a clue why was there in the first place as it didn't follow either kr or ru version and made no sense since no one wanted it.
    maybe hairstyle/skintones could be 1 though ^^
    yup this
    pretty sure those where already in the KR version when we got them. any doc on this one?.
    but cool they got it in early on and cooler if it was actually done on the background of na/eu wanting it (pretty sure it wasnt though).
    and absolutely interesting what i want to see is what these forums actually does, since from what i have been able to tell the thousands of suggestions have been completely ignored and a wasted of time from the playerbase
    considering a big part of their income is from the EU/NA/RU/whichever other regions is now getting added, saying "rightfully so" is quite silly imho.
    anyway thanks for the input ^^
    all of these:
    "it's because EVERY suggestion sucked!" is just deeply silly
    you cannot possibly believe that there isn't a single good suggestion that would improve the gameplay experience of the playerbase within the literally thousands of idea's on the forum.... if you do so you are just being ignorant in your stubbornness.
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  6. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Any Suggestion Ever Got implemented?   

    all of which is not suggestions on this forum but part of the KR version  
    that's what i've been thinking. i can't come up with a single suggestion from this forum which have had any impact at all on our current version   it makes me wonder why we even have a suggestion forum in the first place and why Kakao can't just stated "Nothing you suggest will ever make a difference so don't wasted your time", if that is the case ofc
    there is a VERY long list of broken promises and direct lies. but what i am interested in here in this thread is if Anyone can come up with a single idea/suggestion which have been implemented in our version which was done because it was on this forum.
    meaning if there is anything which has actually come out of those thousands of suggestion posts or if it have just been a colossus wasted of people's time to make them
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  7. Tjaranis added a post in a topic DP feels worthless as a stat.   

    i just wanna see you do it for lets say 30minutes full grind in full +0 armour and no DP accessories  
    the requirement would be the word "reasonable grind speed"
    would be a fun watch  
    when that is said it makes a HUGE difference if your got 240dp or 280dp when grinding 10h+ in a row. you will get tired, unfocused and frankly half asleep, the 280dp would mean even in pilaku you could fall half asleep and still be alive, while the 240dp you might get 1 shot if you get burst hit by multiple targets while half asleep  
    now one thing to remember here: you are NEVER EVER supposed to die in pve in this game. in other games death is like a "you fcked up try again, you might have lost 10-30minutes progression at most", in this game death can be like "ow you where unlucky/unfocused for 5seconds without overgear? well you just lost 4+hours of grind in XP and silver and you have to snipe crystals now or have extra's laying around (IF you didn't lose a "one of a kind unique cannot EVER get again" crystal in which case you can cry in that corner with other people who lost that). sadsad try again"
    if only the game was better at teaching people to set up workers shops, afk income etc. it would be really nice for newer players ^^ and some older alike
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  8. Tjaranis added a post in a topic How is this possible?   

    horses got 1hp though in nodewar area's if not part of the war. pretty impressive to kill the rider and not the horse that almost takes skill
    just keep off channel 1's and you won't run into nodewars ^^
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  9. Tjaranis added a post in a topic One way to troll   

    the true trolls have a timer set every 35seconds where they throw up a new beer of 1 stack, essentially locking the market down forever
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  10. Tjaranis added a topic in General   

    Any Suggestion Ever Got implemented?
    So i was sitting here thinking:
    "have ANY suggestion on this forum ever made a difference? have there been any changes to our current version of the game based on a suggestion made on this forum?"
    i can't come up with one. the only thing i can see is "valk tears" which isn't implemented in our version. but that's more a subtraction (good one imho) than it's something changed/implemented based on any of the thousands of suggestions made to try and help better the game
    so i am asking you guys: do you know of any suggestion which have actually made a difference to our current version? please stated it and the change if you got one ^^
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  11. Tjaranis added a post in a topic PvP Quickplay   

    RBF needs reconstruction. have needed it from the start and all they done is make it worse.
    losing side rescieving 1 token while winning rescieving 5 yer that makes 50% of the players feel like 20minutes just wasted... really freaking stupid (should be 3 to loser 5 to winner)..
    also with awakenings the cluster----- of so many players on such a tiny mob for all that aoe and movement is just really damn bad, need to be max 15v15.
    also needs some objectives on the map and in all just a bigger map for it
    we also need more stuff to use the tokens on, let us use like 500-1000 token on a Boss armour piece, 1000-2000 on a Boss weapon piece. let us buy Blackstones, memory fragments etc. with them.
    let PVP ACTUALLY give stuff to upgrade gear for PVP let pvp'ers do pvp to progress for pvp... sigh.. will never happen...
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  12. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Pet Exchange   

    yer.. its an utter shit system which would never be allowed outside of the "law free digital workaround" kakao and other such dirty companies use...
    if you get T4 in 6 pets you are still lucky as fck.. some people spend several houndread euro's without getting their T4 pets   using 2x T3 lvl10 getting t3 out of it 2-3 times in a row is heartbreaking and truly makes you feel the publisher is just rolling their morale and long term business plan in sht each morning 
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  13. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Tournament Style PvP Arena   

    if the equalizing is done right every class can win vs. every other class if played correctly and outplaying their opponent. true some matches will have a harder time than others, but the battlefield they fight on will have a big thing to say about this and the amount of consumable's allowed.
    as example: do 100/100/160 setup, big open map with lots of places to take advantage off, give only 20HP pots and 20MP pots, 1 food (free choice), and alch stone (free choice). this would created an incredibly skill based setup between all classes, allowing the one with the best RL skills to win the majority of the time ^^.
    you can also have the same map setup with a "no rules" setup, so you can choose to enter a tournament where you got what you bring and can use everything (for those that want that).
    but i think an actual equalizing pvp tournament in a good pvp map would be amazing. 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 ^^
    you cannot effectively give rewards to top X by doing so. which means besides the fun of the pvp the incentive to use a lot of time and bring in the best players is very low.
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  14. Tjaranis added a post in a topic PvE arena anyone?   

    i just want real dungeons  
    PA please give us real dungeonns, just give us the invasion function from C9 to insure pvp is always available even in the dungeons...
    just want to run a dungeon, kill some cool bosses and get a chance of some cool loot with a feeling of a "good ending".... *look at this circle i've been running for over 200hours, i've spelled my name permanently in the ground with my tracks*
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  15. Tjaranis added a post in a topic Please remove bidding system   

    you do not understand it then
    the only change the bid system needs is:
    1: allow bids and confirming of bids to happen from the item get registrated and untill its sold (meaning from registrated and minimum 10mins after and max 15mins after: and the item goes to the warehouse if you win it). which would eliminated the advantage ah bots still got, afk ah bot use when your not online yourself cannot be combated without a true and functioning buy-order system though.
    2: remove bid function for any item where there is more than 50 of that item already available without Bid function active on them. (to remove the annoyance of forcing people to wait 40+ seconds every time a new item comes up with lower price when being high quantity of existing items).
    it would need to be a system where you could set as many buyorders as you wished to do and the price shouldn't be hidden. so allow people to know what is worth spending time pre-ordering for them and what is not worth it for them ^^
    a true buyorder system (also give 65% of the extra profit to the player selling it ofc. basically allowing a free max price decided by the buyer on AH, while keeping the forced minimum price.)
    40 is nothing... many of us must be in the close to thousand tries without success... EVERYONE is trying to get value packs of AH, 10mill is so cheap why wouldn't you buy with silver if possible...
    the entire setup of "sell CS item to others" as their "subscription must have excuse" is just bad imho...
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