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  1. LeezKubera added a post in a topic 궁금하네요...   

    유감이군요... 에단이면 좋았을걸요 ㅎㅎ
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  2. LeezKubera added a post in a topic 궁금하네요...   

    I was just curious like the title of the pos... nvm
    Also not all koreans can play korean version for one, most who migrated to merica has to terminate their kssn and for two, it lagged badly for me.
    I don't see the reason to be so fussy about something that's trivial. It was off topic thus I posted it on off topic and I typed in korean so that people like you didn't have to bother with this post.
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  3. LeezKubera added a topic in Off-Topic   

    여기 한국분들 얼많아있음? 한국 길드도 있나요?
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  4. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Flash your tamers   


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  5. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

  6. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Afk fishing disconnection   

    Any known solution?
    Help would be appreciated :3

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  7. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Haven't been able to play since new patch   

    Did you try ignoring the message (like not pressing confirm/yes/enter to the message saying that you're disconnected) and tried to re-connect to the server? try that if you haven't tried it.
    ---------- me.... this stupid img gets uploaded and can't be deleted when I edit a post. wtf is this lol

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  8. LeezKubera added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Afk fishing disconnection
    I originally thought it was my laptop/internet connection that caused the game to disconnect but when I afked without fishing, I never got disconnected for nearly 12 hours (forgot to turn off the game before leaving to school) and so when I afked while fishing, I disconnected about 10~20 min later.
    Any known issue why I'm being disconnected only when I'm afk for fishing? Don't think I've read any official patches that makes people get dc'd when afk fishing...

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  9. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Cant level up. Fishing doesnt pass level 49.939! UPDATE: SOLVED! THX!!   

    but.. my Black Spirit is (,) ;0
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  10. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Basteer Weapon Quest is TERRIBLE !!!!!   

    Nobody told you to throw away that weapon....
    amirite guise?

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  11. LeezKubera added a post in a topic PSA: Daum is aware that outfits are expensive but will not lower prices. End of discussion.   

     마음속에 찰랑이는 맑고 고운 말 두마디
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  12. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Armor degraded   

  13. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Daum - why don't you want me to buy your outfits?   


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  14. LeezKubera added a post in a topic Disconnecting while afk   

    Guess I'm not the only one facing this prob. Thanks for posting!
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  15. LeezKubera added a post in a topic hobbies   

    No game No life. 

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