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  1. Sherrif added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    Comcast solved my issue today in all of 20 min, an issue where my payment had been taken but not given credit.
    Just had to make a phone call, they said "oh shit, we dun goofed" and had it fixed and even put a fifty cent credit on my next bill for the inconvenience.
    Comcast, a company given flack for how terrible their customer service is to the point of lawsuits, not only actually admitted they F---ed up, not only did they fix the problem themselves (without me needing to chargeback the first transaction and repay them or basically do everything myself), not only did they promise me compensation on my next bill.
    They already followed through with everything they promised.
    My next billing cycle already has the -$0.50 added on the bill, the internet is working, didn't have to pay extra. Why is that so hard for this support team? You promised compensations, you didn't even fix the problem, and you've ignored what people were saying.. And you're closing tickets to where we cannot reply to them to reopen them? Comcast just beat you at customer support, a company that is basically known for their terrible customer support. Paypal is waiting for me to tell them the transaction for BDO was fraudulent, they've marked it as fraud due to other charge backs from other users.
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  2. Sherrif added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    I just wish the support team actually read their tickets... Like the response times wouldn't bother me much if it wasn't for the fact that they don't/can't read them.
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  3. Sherrif added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    Please stop responding to my ticket...
    I know you have a hard time actually reading, but I'm sick of your useless automated responses. I've repeatedly asked for a better person to respond to the ticket, namely not you or @GM_Fenrir as you are both hopeless at actually reading tickets.
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  4. Sherrif added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    Translation: "Tough shit, we aren't providing support for anybody anymore."
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  5. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    Yes... you are being compensated with buffs that may or may not be helpful for you. Yes people who had duplicates were given better compensation, no we don't qualify for all the compensation. 
    This is how it feels to have corporations lie to your face. However I will not allow the ticket to close on his response, "GM_Cairag" is illiterate, and did not read that I requested he not respond to the ticket again. I stated I will patiently wait for a competent support member to respond to the ticket, and I will still wait for a competent support member to respond to the ticket.
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  6. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    I had yet to see that barbed wire buggery. 
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  7. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    Replying to tickets marked as "Solved" reopens them.
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  8. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    Pessimism: It's currently 2:30 UTC, most 'activity' has been between 8 UTC and 3 UTC so far.
    Optimism: Normal workday should go 8-4, we still got 2 hours, at least, for them to make a move.
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  9. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    Looks like nowhere at all.
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  10. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    I would love it if they could like... Just be a support team, and stop with the automated responses.
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  11. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    I guess I'll point out, in case the marketing department is watching.
    Your market strategy is called "Whaling" (whether you call it that or not) what that means is that you target whales to pay for server/update costs. A "Whale" being somebody that purchases hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of digital goods because either A.) They can afford it or B.) They have no concept of value. Your cash shop prices being 30 dollars for a cosmetic item (no matter how much detail you put into it) is a high price, now a whale isn't going to care. The prices are marketed at the idea of whales purchasing these outfits, and other overpriced cash shop items, and not really caring that the "Buying Public" or sensible consumers will not pay these outrageous items. The idea being that the buying public are not going to pay that much into the game even if it was cheaper, the Whales will pay the higher price and the margin will be the same, if not higher.
    Alright, with that in mind lets look at a whale, and if they picked one of the three pre-order packages, which one would they pick?
    How many of these whales are effected by these issues? I know people are charging back because I still have a notice sitting in my paypal security manager asking about the transaction for BDO, asking if it was a legitimate transaction and is one click away from giving me a full refund. So I would wager you've already had charge backs, this alert popped up after this fiasco. That's a pretty standard behavior of a whale or at least the "No concept of value" whales, pretty standard of somebody who throws money at something then realizes they aren't getting what they paid for. You've based your business model around hunting these people and getting a larger margin off of them, but you sit here and continue to try and make them extinct before they fund you.
    I'm not upset that other people got their compensation, I'm not even upset that some people unfairly got compensation when they had no issues (in fact with the way you handed out the compensation to "anybody who claimed in the first few hours" anybody who didn't have an issue WILL get it and anybody who had it reset and had to reclaim it 40-60 hours after release won't). I'm upset because players told me where my characters were, players told me how to fix the download issues, players told me how to fix the "claim" link, players told me how your compensation was handed out.
    Notice the pattern, the problem is your lack of communication is a guarantee that I will not be spending a dime on you, considering I had the 100 dollar package, you'd assume that the amount of money I would have ended up throwing at the game could have been pretty high, while one person is not a huge deal (mind you Riot games has easily made 1000's off my account + all of the other people I referred). Currently I'm telling people to stay away from your game, and I'm not the only one effected. You can be sure that people who paid the highest price for pre-order should be considered your funding investors. These people gave you the most money out of anybody.
    But it's clear you're not here for the long haul. The reason I can say that is because not only do you not respond when asked simple questions, questions that get answered by the community, but the fact that there wasn't an official announcement about the issues delivering items and support issues ON THE LAUNCHER, or in the buy Daum Cash page. In fact according to the launcher, main page of the website, and twitter handle, everything was a smooth launch with no issues. Which means you had no care for the fact that people that would make a purchase and not receive it, and then not have support due to your backlog.
    Clear signs, you expect the game to flop and you're just grabbing as much cash as you can.
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  12. Sherrif added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    I find of their lack of assistance... normal... at this point... Which is disgusting.
    I mean, support team managers, check ticket #19262 for the fine example of 'Rhotaaz' (his second response) of what SHOULD happen on a support ticket for an issue that cannot be resolved due to internal politics. Mind you the ticket is still unresolved, but that's not the point of me bringing this to your attention. That is a response from somebody that takes pride in their work, that knows how to convey the information they have, and can give, phrased in a manner to make it easily digestible and pleasant.
    Then check ticket #37749 (Not related to these issues here) a fine point of what NOT to do by 'Fenrir'. This is where the support team has escalated a minor issue into a major problem by not taking any pride in their work. If I were to find out that Rhotaaz can manage a response such as that and Fenrir is in any way getting paid more, I'd be horrified. Get your people straight, turn off the automated responses, they cause more harm than good, and then fix the problems.
    I would like to point out, I'm not looking for a speedy resolution nor am I trying to expedite my tickets by posting the numbers here, in fact if you want to put me at the back of the line that's fine, just make sure you tell me that's the case. All I want is to be treated normally, to be told what steps I need to take, and what steps are being taken so we can come to a resolution with the issue.
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  13. Sherrif added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    Interesting, my ticket is 14 days old... #19262 It was made within a few hours of launch, when they closed the channel my character was on telling me to change channels to keep playing, just to find out I couldn't switch channels and my character was not found in any other channel.
    I've gotten automated response and finally did get a personal response, sadly without a resolution due to the topic still being discussed internally. Honestly the person who wrote in my ticket, however, is definitely somebody that should be in customer service, and likely should be helping write the statements for the forums, since what has happened on the forums has been rather... opaque.
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  14. Sherrif added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    I sincerely hope that the "(fixing the Serendia issue)" means referring to fixing the database error that caused the whole situation, rather than them stating that they have fixed the Serendia issue. I mean I know what I'm reading, but I just can't be sure with them anymore.
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  15. Sherrif added a post in a topic Customer Support and You   

    Pfft, can't believe I saw somebody just say that.
    I sure do like having my ticket closed before I have a resolution. I mean, do you like being sent to the back of the line without getting what you were waiting for?
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