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  1. bondenn added a post in a topic new Party XP Chart   

    I don't know what rocks you all have been living under, but this has been known for LITERALLY OVER 1 YEAR
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  2. bondenn added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Nice! Thanks and good job
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  3. bondenn added a post in a topic What skill add-ons do you use?   

    These are mine:

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  4. bondenn added a post in a topic Max energy after valencia patch.   

    Aakman and the Ancient Man (Ordnance) I (2) cannot be completed atm due to a bug, reported here.
    Great Desert Expedition Log IV (2) Is not currently in the game My bad, seems to be in!!
    Pretty sure the current max is 486 + 7 from titles (1000) for a total of 493
    I'm currently at 482+5 from titles, missing:
    Great Desert Adventure Journal III (2)
    Aakman and Ancient Man (Weapon) II (2)
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  5. bondenn added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Uncompletable Knowledge Category
    Yo! Been completing some knowledge and have noticed a knowledge category that's not possible to fully complete:
    The knowledge category is Ecology \ Ecology of Valencia \ Aakman and the Ancient Man (Ordnance) I:
    The mobs that doesn't seem to exist anywhere in-game are:
    NPC ID: 21224, NPC NAME: AltenNPC ID: 21223, NPC NAME: KaltenNPC ID: 21220, NPC NAME: KreatorNPC ID: 21187, NPC NAME: Ancient Atorps: yes i've checked Aakman & Hystria
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  6. bondenn added a post in a topic Whats the point of Alchemy?   

    In high level dungeons you require a lot of elxirs and buffs, most of them gotten from alchemy and cooking, and most of these high-demand elixirs are sold out, so creating them yourself is the easiest and most reliable way of getting them.
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  7. bondenn added a post in a topic P2w Too hard   

    Oh hey look guys, i broke it too! /s

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  8. bondenn added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unobtainable Knowledge
    Hello! Since some time now certain knowledge, if obtained before they were added to the in-game list (H) have become unobtainable, and hasn't retroactively been marked as obtained.
    There's a lot of these NPC's out there, and i imagine it differs from player-to-player in which NPC's they'd discovered before the issues were fixed, but here are some that i personally have noticed are bugged;
    NPC ID: 44140, NPC NAME: Ashley (Tarif Guild Stable Keeper)NPC ID: 41244, NPC NAME: Haim (Cox Pirate Island Currency Exchange)NPC ID: 41243, NPC NAME: Gafur (Cox Pirate Island Ferry Keeper)NPC ID: 41242, NPC NAME: Hazelnut (Cox Pirate Island Blacksmith)NPC ID: 41241, NPC NAME: Yiscule (Cox Pirate Island Blacksmith)Reproduction steps (this one is hard):
    Implement NPC that doesn't have knowledge entry in the list but does "behind the scenes".Talk to the NPC and unlock the knowledge (done on first chat).Implement the knowledge entry for the NPC in a new patch.NPC will show up as ??? in the knowledge list, but the knowledge discovery won't be triggered a second time upon talking to the NPC againProposed fix: Add a dialog to claim the knowledge if you don't have it (like it was done with NPC's bugged in a similar fashion), alternatively add it to ALL NPC's that have knowledge that can be obtained by talking to them.
    If anyone else have bugged knowledge caused by the same problem, reply and i'll add it to the list!
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  9. bondenn added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coin   

    Your value pack must've ran out (and subsequently the 16 slots are locked), it causes same-type items to form a new stack in the unlocked slots. If you bank your coins they should stack, then you should be able to exchange them!
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  10. bondenn added a post in a topic Looking for a combat title! [Ethics Teacher]   

    Ty for the suggestions, but i already have my own resource, here, and afaik it's the most complete one so far, and as you can see, ethics teacher is not on there
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  11. bondenn added a post in a topic Looking for a combat title! [Ethics Teacher]   

    Still haven't found where this title is found, if anyone have some information i'd be insanely grateful
    EDIT: Oops, tripple post
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  12. bondenn added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    As someone who's trying to collect most if not all the titles, i'm sad to see this one locked to only the winners. Here's to hoping you'll change it, but i'll try my best to be one of them  
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  13. bondenn added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    Good job!
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  14. bondenn added a post in a topic Looking for a combat title! [Ethics Teacher]   

    @xMovingTarget Thank you!
    @Innosan Yeah that was my second theory, for exactly the reason you mentioned, Ethics Arguing title comes from chimeras in Marni's Lab #1, will try grinding there for a bit and see  
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  15. bondenn added a post in a topic Looking for a combat title! [Ethics Teacher]   

    Current theory is Soldier's Grave, can someone who's been grinding Soldier's Grave a lot check if they've got the title?
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