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  1. Ketago added a post in a topic Congratulation! BDO into the second round!!!! Continue to vote!   

    Voted for BnS, BDO owns good graphics but the whole pvp gameplay is - sorry - shitty. BnS offers the currently best PvP System (counter, block, parry, reaction skills and the whole stuff). In BDO you drift around the player and focus on Knockdown, if success then attack -> boring.
    The Graphics style is a bit outdated but overall, the pvp is more fun but instead of this the pve part is boring, not much boring as in BDO but could be better
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  2. Ketago added a post in a topic BDO - So much to do but so unengaging   

    oh well finally players wake up, slowly but they do.
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  3. Ketago added a post in a topic Story umfang   

    Die Story aus BDO besteht aus R, R, R, R, Leertaste
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  4. Ketago added a post in a topic The sense of grind in bdo   

    Dude you dont understand the situation and the point of this discussion. Its not about to bring end to the grind, its about to bring alternatives to get the "Best in Slot" gear so new or returning players get the chance to become competetive. If you have the time, you can Grind 24/7 who cares but this game have to offer alternatives to become gear like kzarka and karanda. And even if Kakao adds latern items for bheg, muskan, dim tree, rednose or giath but there must be other ways instead of R N G.
    Grind makes kinda fun cause of the Combat-System but PVP, YES PVP dont makes fun and no sense. Really, i dont have fun against players with full Boss Gear who iam not able to hit or anything instead of using TRI Accuracy Offhand, Ancient Necklace + Belt Set and food.
    I solve since MONTHS those shitty bheg scrolls and spent 7000 loyals into those for the damn gloves also weekly muskan -> NOTHING (over 100 Bheg Rewardbundles). If players are lucky and get gear, OK! But a game based on LUCK is still shitty and frustrating. I speak for myself, i really want to enjoy more sides of the game, i like pvp combines with open fights, nodewars/sieges but i never seen a game, that denies you to make pvp more then BDO.
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  5. Ketago added a post in a topic The sense of grind in bdo   

    Other question: Where do you think would stand BDO without us "non hardcore grinder"? What do you think, how populated would be the servers? Kakao already merged the servers cause players run away. Now with the merge kakao pretendet nearly low populated servers but wait 3-4 months more. Then BDO goes Free2Play, new players arriving and most of these new players will stop playing after reached maybe 55. Cause they are not competetive and it takes to long to reach the others. To much time to grind and the RNG will frustrate you. NOW we already have lot of lv60+ Players. Ill try to catch up with 3-4 Hours per day and i dont get it.
    BDO is still an asia grinder. They never lasts very long on EU Market. They released as a paid product, then free2play and after passing lot of months you dont hear anything of it.
    And its already happend. BDO Release -> Hype, now: Server Merge. Next Year: Free2Play and then silence, ill bet on it. The upcomming content for BDO is nothing else then more grind and damn RNG.
    Look Wildstar. 40-Player Raid, HARDCORE! Now? Still a good game but this game has ended immediately after release.
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  6. Ketago added a post in a topic Down Smash   

    Okay... after "Down Attack" ill perform a "Down Smash" attack to extend the enemys knockdown effect!? Well that would explain why in pvp iam always unable to stand up after knockdown
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  7. Ketago added a post in a topic So how are you guys enjoying new mega super servers?   

    At releae lot of players hat this issue, me to. Deleted often the Cache folder within the bdo install dir and used lot of time following commands:
    ipconfig /releaseipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /renewtry it, maybe it helps Could at least play a whole day without getting disconnected the whole time
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  8. Ketago added a post in a topic Kzarka, one of the worst boss experiences I've had in an MMO   

    Shut up with this Wesley. PvE for BiS and then PvP for getting nothing except hard desyncs and fu**ed by RNG korean shit while improve your gear.
    We are in the NA/EU, this game would be much more popular if Kakao would add more options to get the "Best in Slot" items. Collect 100 Pieces of Kzarka oder Kuranda kinda the right way except the damn drop chance. Everyplayer should become at least 1 latern item of kzarka or kuranda after dealt %?% damage to the boss. More damage to the boss = more latern items. Also a PREPERATION phase like a pre-event to SUMMON kzarka would be awesome to. Mostly while looking to find a place to earn money, iam not even nearly the worldboss spawns and if i arrived, the boss is already dead like in the other channels.
    Currently new players or returners wont be able to have fun in this silly pvp content. Desync out of the hell and crappy gear to farm well money/items cause without the event like now (blackspirit adventure, blackstone event, crafting event) they wont become so easy the mats to improve or buy new gear.
    The main aspect of this game will be PvP but without PvE u cant get the gear to become competetive.
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  9. Ketago added a post in a topic So how are you guys enjoying new mega super servers?   

    Hate it. To much people to less channels. Cant play with fun. My char is nearly new, not competetive against others. Grind spots are always taken, get no loot, no money & no sell worth items drops. Before the merge i was able to get at least shitty grind spots with small groups and longer walking ways, was not funny to but at least i was able to earn some money and buy stuff. Now even Mediah "low level" grind spots are filled with 58+ Players who kills me within 4 Seconds *clap* really frustrating
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  10. Ketago added a post in a topic [Dark Knight] New Combat Gameplay vid!   

    I see lot of Maehwa in this Class paired with some skills of other classes, seems boring. Iam not getting up on the hype train
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  11. Ketago added a post in a topic FPS issue slight fix   

    Playership over9000 : 0 Kakao
    Thanks for this, much more smoother in Heidel City now
    Looks really that the Playership could actually fix this game more then the actual developer.
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  12. Ketago added a post in a topic The sense of grind in bdo   

    The most annoying point in this game is the time you have to spend to become or stay competetive. Iam still lv56 with 51% to 57, cant get any grind spots cause they are already taken and my gear is not strong enough to fight. What i can do? Switch Channels and maybe hope there is no one. Til now even switch channels was waste.
    Daily Scrolls, get lot of Hunter Seals, trade them into Black Stone Armor, try to Upgrade my Gear, RNGesus fu**s me up and everything failed. No more stones für 15+ enchants, no money and no time for grind or gather for hours to get the mats - if i would even find some sharp or hard crystals, RNG u know?
    Before the Server Merge, i was able to get at least some naughty sausan spots but actually i even get killed at elric spots so i have lost any motivation to play active. Log in, wait for rewards, get my daily scroll and log out.
    Is this the way to have fun in korea? Well this game is definetly not made for players with work, friends family, hobbys and the whole stuff. Sad
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  13. Ketago added a post in a topic Die Klassen wahl? Welche Klasse passt?   

    Ja, spiel Ranger. Kannst im grunde nix falsch machen gibt nur 1 Attacke die aus ner Tastenkombi besteht, damit teilst Du ordentlich aus und bist gut gespielt sehr schlecht antastbar ^.-
    Auf Level 56 dann hast dazu noch Melee Fähigkeiten dann bist Hybrid und kannst jedem auffe Eier gehen^^
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  14. Ketago added a post in a topic Down Smash   

    Uh? O only knew Down, Air, Counter, Back and Critical. Never saw text like Down SMASH
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  15. Ketago added a post in a topic Warum ich das spiel nach nichtmal 30min wieder deinstallierte.   

    Entschuldige hab nich alles gelesen, will jetzt nicht darauf eingehen wie Du dich rechtfertigst zur BDO Grafik, wollte nur anmerken das andere Spiele durchaus ansehenswerte Bilder liefern und keine Diskussion schaffen über die Grafik von BDO im vergleich zu anderen (FF14 zum Beispiel), sorry für deinen Text-Aufwand
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