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  1. What the PVP players do not understand is that people are different and PVE players should not be used as fodder for their wealth accumulation. 

    The solution is consensual toggle that allows players to decide if they want to PVE or PVP... it gets rid of the worry that PVE players have, it makes the game fun for everyone and gives that balance to the game. That PVE players who decide to do PVP can turn their toggle on and whola... everyone is happy. 

    I agree, like Rift did long time ago, allowed one to be able to toggle off or on PvP flag and not become PvP flag even big events and hit other faction with ones AoE.

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    As a BDO fan I was insulted on the last interview, they want us to test CBT and find out just so we will be unable to refund the game? is that some kind of elaborate trap or just plain contempt thrown at the community? the one who worked hard each day to create a healthy community to fund the game even though being denied playing.

    We dont deserve to be treated like cattle, led blindly by daum's intresets in twisted road of lies regarding cash shop information up untill the last minute.

    Lets regain our power by refunding/holding off pre orders so we can spend the time left in less darkness.


    /sigh take it easy and eat a cookie 9_9

  3. Original Thread


    I'm getting some serious dejavu from Overwatch 2 weeks ago.


    Daum's pre-order announcement today has caused some controversy as to whether the game will be P2W or not and so we should be getting to the bottom of this since despite the box price on the base game, there seem to still be F2P cash shop items like skill resets and stat-bonused costumes that have rolled over from Korea.


    Some members of the community seem to have the mentality that "we don't know for sure what Daum is planning so how can we assume they are implementing their Korean cash shop". That may be true but the implementation of a P2W cash shop is also a very real possibility.


    We should not be content to wait for the actual release to find out what Daum has planned. If the Cash Shop has not been changed, how are we supposed to know if any of the P2W aspects of the Korean original were changed.


    It is UP TO US to be on top of Daum to make it clear that veering towards P2W with a box price is unacceptable both now and in the future. Transparency by the publisher and objective feedback from the community is the key to ensuring the success of this game. Make your voice heard.


    Most importantly, BE CIVIL. We're asking for transparency, not a revolution. Daum has created a beautiful game and while the community should hold Daum to the B2P philosophy firmly, they should do it respectfully.

    Ooops I already pre-order Conqueror's package




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