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  1. Tanaros added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    "Just" grind 30% more.
    You try and keep up 16 hours of playtime for a long term in any kind of game. That's beside the point either way. There's always the top 0.001% that goes mental but as you've probably seen those kind of players mostly quit the game after several months. This game is designed as a marathon not a sprint.
    I'm claiming have a chance to be competitive you need an "X" amount of silver/hour. This is easier obtainable with T4's than with T3's by about 30%. Means if both players play 10h a day the one with T4's has about 30% more silver (reduced or increased by RNG drops). One day only has 24 hours, so let's take the option where people would play 6 hours a normal day, and 12 hours in a weekend day. Take this over the course of a few months and calculate the difference in silver gained.
    Now tell me, is the one with T3's competitive after 6 months (considering they buy their gear)? No he's not because he simply will be behind billions in silver thus not allowing him/her to buy the same items the one with T4's can.
    Even if the person has more playtime hours, he will bump into his limit much, much quicker than the one with T4's and be not able to increase his gains a day/month/week up to the standards to the person with T4's. After all there's the limit on what one can physically achieve (or you could say 24h playtime a day is the max).
    The longer the duration this happens the bigger the differences get, as the one with T4's can buy equipment earlier, increasing their farming efficiency thus increasing the % gained silver/hour gap to above 30%.
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  2. Tanaros added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    I wonder how "fast" you grind if you consider 4 Lv10 T1's to do fine. Even with 4 Lv10 T3's there's about 30-40% of my loot left behind because I grind to fast and I'm a Valkyrie!
    T4's would increase my farming with about 30% due to the much faster movement speed and animations of the pets not even so much the loot speed.
    It's not a min-max thing, it's a profit /hour thing which is a lot more and thus needed if you want to be competitive.
    While speaking about being competitive (I've mentioned this in all other replies yet you seemingly ignore them on purpose, probably because they kill your argument?) .. guess what min-max means? Oh, yeah, being competitive.
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  3. Tanaros added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Not really sure why you bring up other parts of the game as that's not being discussed here. The P2W aspect on pets and the cancerous RNG connected with it is. Besides it seems you're info is quite outdated as the RNG Base stats have been changed to fixed months ago. The only difference in stats are provided by which class you are playing.
    Oh and next time please read carefully what I wrote: because what you claim is something totally different from what I said. Hence I used the word "competitive". You try and be on par with a hardcore player who auto loots 30% faster than you do meaning gaining more silver in the same time. Because that's sadly how much the difference between T3 and T4 pets are.
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  4. Tanaros added a post in a topic An update on the Dremlock / RP community debacle. A GM's ultimatum! It's quite good, actually.   

    GM's can't ban anyone for it anyway. If someone wants to kill role players they can do so at heart. There's absolutely nothing to stop them in the ToS.
    The issue the GM had with it is the thrash talking part. There's several rules which allow quite heavy bans.
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  5. Tanaros added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    Actually you do. Insurance will cover every single bit (as long you can prove it) and will chase the person who stole it until they have the money back.
    What a wonderful country the Netherlands is.
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  6. Tanaros added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    If that is your whole argument for a faulty system ... 
    There's people that will never be able to get T4's regardless of how much money they sink in the game, I've maxed out weight on 3 different characters and still yet have to see my first T4 pet ever. How's that a fair system?
    T4's are essential if you want to be anywhere near competitive. Claiming they're not needed as clarification is short sighted and silly.
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  7. Tanaros added a post in a topic Results of Ryzen and BDO (✿◡‿◡)   

    What exactly is the downside of using a Ryzen CPU compared to a 7700k at 5GHz?
    Besides, if you're overclocking at that level you might aswel do the same with Ryzen, the 1700X is already proven to go above 5.4GHz with delidding aswel.
    Oh, and you forget that the counterpart for the 7700k still is pending its release (1600X) and is higher clocked than the 1700X with more OC potential. And all that with a price much lower than the 7700k .. easy choice.
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  8. Tanaros added a post in a topic The 6 days review by a new player   

    You're telling a lot of bullshit here.
    There's nothing granted to get at all from the scrolls. Memory Fragement from the Boss itself is RNG ; then after that obtaining MF from the bundles is RNG aswel.
    Given they've got quite a high chance, it is still possible to end up with nothing.
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  9. Tanaros added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    There's atleast 3 topics about it on the forums including the links. Atleast another 2 on reddit.
    Why the hell would I bother finding it back for you while its obvious you haven't searched?
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  10. Tanaros added a post in a topic How to Remove the Flashing Announcement Banner at the Top of the Screen?   

    In-game in General settings you can turn notifications off.
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  11. Tanaros added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    Let's do this! You can obtain 1800 hunter seals a week so that'd be easy profits for me !
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  12. Tanaros added a post in a topic Devs, you need to fix Tamer approach SA/iframe because...   

    One single example as requested. Any other requests?
    And I did read his post, and I actually even mentioned it and killed his argument using that same specific datasheet. You've even quoted it before. So I could ask you the same question, do you even read?
    Besides, how cute you refer to a datasheet with less than 10 hits on some classes and claim it to be reliable data about how tamers are "bad". Not to mention the classes he used where very specifically picked and instead of involving each class he only picked those he felt that were going to give the results he wanted. Or, in simple words: his data is irrelevant as it is not performed properly to any reliable standard.
    Maybe learn something from the Valkyrie class section. There's actual data and video's including suggestions & full tests on what skill does what and which effect isn't working as the skill description is mentioning. We've actually managed to drag a CM in several times and she forwarded it.
    So you can scream and moan all you want, you have nothing to back it up with meaning you're just another whiny ass kid on the block not getting what he/she wants where people point and stare at telling each other how stupid you are behaving.
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  13. Tanaros added a post in a topic Knowledge: Ecology > Boss   

    Not sure how you manage to give out info you could check so easily and get it wrong..
    All of these scrolls allow the obtaining of knowledge, you just need to have plenty of alts with the scrolls to actually get it. I've got knowledge on most of them.
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  14. Tanaros added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    Sorry I'm not that special as CM_Aethon!
    There actually is. Just like there is data on how nodes affect your drops (both normal and rare) (with over 1million items as data to compare to). You know. Google?
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  15. Tanaros added a post in a topic Devs, you need to fix Tamer approach SA/iframe because...   

    So because some players don't know Tamers shine at Lv60 it's a bad class? So because more "hidden" tamers are whining your reasoning is legit? I also still have to see the first guild rejecting someone because of his/her class. Specially in EU where tamers have quite a crucial role in GvG.
    Besides lets browse through the forums and see how many other classes are also bad while following your reasoning. I can guarantee you, all classes have these kind of whiners, doesn't mean they're always right.
    Oh. You mean like all SA from .. almost every class? Just because Warrior's SA chaining has a coverage in between doesn't mean every class has this or should have it. Maybe this is exactly how it is designed and maybe Warriors are broken. Who knows? There are no guilds kicking out tamers because of that, or where you can't join guilds where tamers aren't allowed to join. I still have to see the first one.
    For the both of you the only suggestion I can give is actually come with some test results, properly done tests instead of hiding behind facts nobody could ever in any case prove. What do you think Cashkao will do when you go tell them "hai tamer is broken but we can't prove it" ?
    Same as here on the forums, you get laughed at.
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