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  1. Faythscar added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

  2. Faythscar added a post in a topic Steel Dagger (offhand) Enchanting   

    Yes, it does.
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  3. Faythscar added a post in a topic Detect Resource (Stupid Cat)   

    Did you read my post? >_>
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  4. Faythscar added a post in a topic Detect Resource (Stupid Cat)   

    You have to turn this on manually. Right click your pet icon at the top left of the screen, select your cat and activate the special ability. This works the same for the dogs ability to detect flagged players. The hawks detection for elite mobs is already activated by default. You'll have to manually reactivate the ability every time after relogging. 

    And yes, the resource your cat detects is related to which tool you have equipped. Hope this helps.
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  5. Faythscar added a post in a topic World pvp is not real pvp   

    On behalf of all people here, thank you for giving us the definition of true PvP......
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  6. Faythscar added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    If only people would research a game beforehand and finding out its core focus and features before complaining about wanting changes to these exact things.
    This is the way the game works and as it was intended. If you don't like it, which I can understand, you should've either done your homework or it's just not the game for you.
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  7. Faythscar added a post in a topic New Region - Mediah   

    If you refer to the maintenance post they posted yesterday that had a single line mentioning the Mediah patch then that hardly suffices for something as significant as what is pretty much an expansion, don't you think? You'd think something this significant would have been advertised more both on the website and forums.
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  8. Faythscar added a post in a topic New Region - Mediah   

    Oh guys.... This sort of info is what we would've liked to see, say, a few days ago at the least. Not 5 minutes before maintenance is over.
    C'mon, I like the game and I'm trying my best to like you guys as well, but you really, really gotta work on your communication towards the community.
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  9. Faythscar added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  10. Faythscar added a post in a topic Confusement of ranger skills   

    No, it does not. Levelling EES is a bad idea in my opinion as it merely just increases the mana consumption of using the skill and will make it very hard to sustain your mana while farming without using mana potions. 
    The damage from the umbrella is affected by your level of the "Bow Skill". So always level that up when you can.
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  11. Faythscar added a post in a topic Heve armor????   

    I've dropped two so far. One in the troll area outside Calpheon and one in the Bree Tree ruins.
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  12. Faythscar added a post in a topic General Chat..... gone???   

    Did you set your chat for a specific language? Ever since I changed mine to English instead of International it's been completely dead...... Not necessarily a bad thing, actually. :3
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  13. Faythscar added a post in a topic Did I read that right? Patch notes.   

    Poorly worded in the patch notes, yes. But it seems some people don't really think either. 
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  14. Faythscar added a post in a topic [LV40+] How much do you die when PvEing?   

    I've been taking it real slow with the game and I'm only at lvl 31 since headstart, but so far I've not died once....unless you count the time where I set my horse to auto run to my fishing spot while I went afk then came back to see me and my horse on the bottom of the ocean.....But let's not count that one.
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  15. Faythscar added a post in a topic Selling dyes in the marketplace?   

    Considering it's such a massive cahsgrab I doubt it.
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