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  1. Omnifox added a post in a topic I have been fishing in hotspots!   

    You connected Costal Cove, instead of Luivano Island while fishing on the hotspot.  So you actually didnt have it connected.  Its ok though, it happens.  
    We all learn from our mistakes.

    I hope this picture helps explain it.  You want the upper node here for where the boat is.
    However this doesnt matter in a troll thread.
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  2. Omnifox added a post in a topic Surface Pro 3 can handle BDO?   

    Yes, I use it on my SP3 to fish when I am in boring board meetings.  It looks like butt, but it runs.  I wouldnt do combat on it though...
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  3. Omnifox added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 08th   

    I hope the increased load was taken into account before emergency adding auto pathing.  Remember the higher concurrency rate, and the increased traffic over auto fishing...  You all even said yourself the server structure wasnt the stablest...
    Is it wise to toss something up like this, in such a slap dash way?
    You know, instead of fixing a completely broken class on the Red Battlefield? (Tamer pets.)  Got it.  Glad the band aid is more important.
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  4. Omnifox added a post in a topic So...what are yall watching on Netflix while fishing?   

    Battle Creek...
    However like all good comedic cop shows, it got shit canned half way through the year.  Great cast too.
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  5. Omnifox added a post in a topic Here you got your maintenance notes:   

    Well, the boss thing is real.  Though, a lot of your instagibs will be from idiot players that dont know how to dodge body blocking YOU from dodging.  
    However yeah, not a client side issue when the boss doesnt animate flying across the screen.  Its a desync issue more than anything.
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  6. Omnifox added a post in a topic BAD Support   

    The part I was referring to, is a Mod saying to put a ticket number on the forum.  As if to imply that it would more likely get answered (The ticket), rather than using the actual ticket system.
    However, I will refrain from the name calling in return.
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  7. Omnifox added a post in a topic BAD Support   

    Well yes.  However that has nothing to do with this.  I was referring to someone telling them to do something else, that isnt prescribed for a way to interact with a support person.
    I mean, I am just going down that path.  I have a few tickets that they never fixed, that I HAD TO CONTACT THEIR ISP's NOC to get resolved.  There where things that could only be fixed by BGP magic.
    Those tickets took nearly 4 weeks to close out with "Let us know if there are more issues".  Its hard to give Daum the benefit of the doubt when their CS is so woefully under par.
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  8. Omnifox added a post in a topic BAD Support   

    To be fair, and play the other side of this.
    They really shouldn't have to do this.  Nor does anything direct them that way.  Just to be fair and all.
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  9. Omnifox added a post in a topic Electric Bill...thank you BDO   

    My PC at full tilt draws about 721 Watts according to the UPS.  Good thing I only pa $0.019 kw/h.
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  10. Omnifox added a post in a topic Bladers and Plums of the world unite!   

    Yes! Who cares about the life of the game, as long as we get our way.  Wait if the game is broken, how will we play?
    This is why the userbase is the userbase, and not development.
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  11. Omnifox added a post in a topic Guns Thread   

    I didn't realize I was veiling it.  My mistake.  Though good gun talk is always welcome.

    Sig MPX in 9mm with a Vortex SPARC II.
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  12. Omnifox added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    "Only 100,000 people play our game".
    Yeah, damn.  People have really -----ing stupid expectations when it comes to this stuff.  I worked on MMOs forvarious companies for years, and investors only freaked out if there were fewer than 80,000 players...  100k is FINE and a strong and stable base.  Jebus.
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  13. Omnifox added a post in a topic Why are we being blocked from purchases forever?   

    Card companies are locking down on the payment processor that Daum is using because of the pretty significant number of cases of fraud.
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  14. Omnifox added a post in a topic Dear CM_Jouska. Could you please explain to the community about the ideology around the current balance and imbalance on classes and what the dev team thinks about it?   

    Another Ranger is OP thread.
    You realize how much mana and stamina those blasts cost, right?  Hell a CD might be a buff, because it would make you change your rotation for better mana management.  Not to mention the extreme paperthinness that is the ranger.  So easily gibbed, but to use my "OP" spam ability, I have to get to nearly grapple range with melee.
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  15. Omnifox added a post in a topic Guns Thread   

    Not just ONE PMR 30, but 2 PMR 30s.

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