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  1. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    Seems like you only get awarded them hourly based on total playtime for the day. Meaning you cannot just log in once every hour to collect a cherry blossom. Makes sense considering it's just like not logging in at all one day and then getting 5 blossoms for doing so.
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  2. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    Do we know what happens if we don't collect the reward right away? So say we have been logged in for 2hrs straight will there be  2 cherry blossoms to collect in the rewards tab or will there be only 1?
    Also do we get the rewards if we only log in once every hour  and then hop off or do we have to stay logged in continuously for the rewards to be awarded?
    I just want to know if they expect us to collect them hourly or if we can accumulate them and collect them when it's convenient for us.
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  3. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic <Funtastic> [NA] Edan | PvX | Discord | Guild Recruiting Active Members!!   

    @Blackchaos & @TaffyFlamingo
    Thanks for the interest in the guild! Unfortunately I'm afraid to say that I'm moving on from Black Desert since I do not feel the same spark for the game as I initially did when it first came out for the western market, coupled with some of the recent changes. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed my time here, i most certainly did, but simply put the game doesn't capture my attention anymore and I've moved on. I'm currently working on merging my guild with another, though I have yet to get in contact with their leader.
    They share the same vision and values that I do for their guild which should make the merge very smooth so if you're still looking for a guild then I'd recommend contacting the leader of "Unbroken_Dynasty" who's main character goes by the name of "Gom".
    I apologise for this inconvenience and wish you both a great time in the world of Black Desert whatever you decide to do
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  4. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Re-rolling ?   

    I've dedicated so much time and energy into valk because she's my main, plus i love her class too much that I won't ever stop playing her. So i'll be sticking with her till the end of time
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  5. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Basilisk belt   

    Hang on I'm a bit confused here, does this mean that we just need 3  seperate pieces to combine into a basilisk belt? It's not just a single drop like an ogre ring or MoS where once it drops you get the item and that's that?
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  6. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic <Funtastic> [NA] Edan | PvX | Discord | Guild Recruiting Active Members!!   

    Congrats on our two new officers! Still looking for more awesome people to join us!
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  7. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Why you probably don't like this game, but you want to.   

    I definitely agree with the  points that have been brought up in the topic and I too have started to reach a point where I'm losing interest in the game simply because of the realisation that the only thing stopping me from progressing forward in terms of not only content (Valencia mobs are tough) but also being even mildly competitive in PvP is the way the game has made the PvP so gear dependent. The RNG only makes this problem much worse than it needs to be.
    I'm someone who has been playing this game since the release of the NA version and I've delved into basically every profession and done a whole lot of things in my time i've spent on BDO. Yet I've already started to lose interest knowing life skills while fun and a good way to pass time, it's not going to be as beneficial as levelling and grinding. But also that i'm going to fall behind simply because RNG is holding me back from progressing forward until it decides to bless me with what I "need" to progress. I say need in quotes because of course i could use alternative gear or accessories but with enchanting having a large, noticeable impact on stats, having the right gear with good scaling per enchant can make quite a difference in the long run.
    If the game truly was more about the PvP then wouldn't there be less of a focus on getting the BiS gear and more on what skills to learn, what combos to pull off and in general how to play a class compared to what gear you are wearing and what level enchant it's at? I know some people who have said that they'd love to just jump right into the PvP battles because it is what interests them the most, however there is this large "hurdle" that needs to be jumped over to even make it worthwhile fun, aka getting rare and valuable gear.
    I think what needs to be done is they need to make it possible to obtain BiS gear through some form of grinding like they have implemented for the Kzarka weapons in Korea or something, where you have some amount of exchange tokens or something that you can trade in for the loot you want. Either that or have "failstacks" that build up for each loot item from a mob until you finally drop the item you've been farming for.
    TL;DR I agree with OP and believe there should be alternative ways to obtain BiS gear that completely circumvent RNG entirely, aka a token system to trade in for BiS gear OR a failstack system which builds up for each type of mob till it drops the item you really want.
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  8. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    Wow i'm surprised this hasn't been resolved yet. Hopefully Daum can figure out a way to not only stop the current attack and get the authentication server back up but also figure out a solution to prevent it from happening again!
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  9. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Looking for guild   

    Hi there Hoosier, at Funtastic we understand that we all have lives outside of BDO and that life always comes first. We're a guild focused on being balanced between PvE and PvP being relaxed and laid back without being hardcore because there's more to the game than end game! Check out our recruitment thread for more information if you're interested and I hope to hear from you!

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  10. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Group lookin' for a place to call home   

    Hi there, Funtastic might be the guild you're looking for! We're a guild that will be keeping a balanced mix in gameplay between PvE and PvP so that everyone within the guild can enjoy and feel comfortable playing the game at their own pace and have fun! For more information about us check out our recruitment thread for more information

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  11. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic <Funtastic> [NA] Edan | PvX | Discord | Guild Recruiting Active Members!!   

    Hi there thanks for the interest! I'll be sure to contact you in game or at the very least add you so that we'll know when either of us is online or available. As for getting the guild trade skill up it grants trade item protection to a certain percentage  which I presume is best used for imperial trading so I could put some points into that if you'd like so long as you do help out with guild quests so we can level up the guild and earn more points!
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  12. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Looking for a Life Skills Guild (Edan)   

    Hey there Alazne welcome to Black Desert! At Funtastic we try to keep a balance between PvE and PvP meaning that we definitely cater towards people like yourself who enjoy focusing on doing life skills and playing the game that way if that's what they prefer if you're interested check out our recruitment page and see if it piques your interest! Hope to hear from you soon

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  13. Mizuki Nagano added a post in a topic Where did the fishing hotspots go?   

    I think 10-15mins is too short for a hotspot to then move elsewhere  it should be more like an hour before shifting. I do like it's concept though, it encourages more active fishing as it's more rewarding that way and for those that really enjoy fishing, its a little challenge for them to hunt down these spots to then fish in.
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