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  1. Jeasy added a post in a topic Bidding system needs to be gone :(   

    You are new probably. Unless you were a marketbotter yourself. 
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  2. Jeasy added a topic in PVE   

    T5 Horses in wild?
    Did this patch ever come through in NA/EU region, making T5 horses available to catch in the wilderness? 
    Thank  you. 
    • 2 replies
  3. Jeasy added a post in a topic Taxes are a bit unrealistic (✿◡‿◡)   

    5h grind, 3h camping of AH - buy 2-3 months of value packs. 
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  4. Jeasy added a post in a topic House fame   

    How exactly does it add up life fame and special fame(special for ex. is not my energy + contri - its close but its not right)
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  5. Jeasy added a post in a topic 30 days Olvia clarification   

    Any more thoughts on this? Guess i ll just hop on the double exp then!
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  6. Jeasy added a topic in General   

    30 days Olvia clarification
    Dear people,
    Since I am a 'returning player' I get to play 30 days on this Olvia exp channel. I have now played 2 days on the normal channel already.
    Is it 30 days in total(can start whenever you want), or 30 days since you've started playing again?
    • 3 replies
  7. Jeasy added a post in a topic How much does this game cost?   

    Especially now - newcomers get alot of ingame cash for 'free' right now. Mandatory I'd say is the value pack. I believe 10E or 20m cash. 
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  8. Jeasy added a post in a topic For RETURNING Players: what class farms best?   

    Thanks for your answer - any others wanna fill in some more?
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  9. Jeasy added a post in a topic What is the CP situation now?   

    Can you enlighten me further? Returning as well. 
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  10. Jeasy added a topic in PVE   

    For RETURNING Players: what class farms best?
    As the title says. What class is currently most efficient in farming? 1 being efficient - 10 not efficient. A top 5 will be appreciated. Thanks!
    • 4 replies
  11. Jeasy added a post in a topic DUO bossgear set or TRI grunil?   

    Rich phukka
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  12. Jeasy added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    Biased poll is biased 
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  13. Jeasy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    It is now, in KR it went from 3M to 100M. Gradually icnreasing price wouldn't cause as big of an outrage as an instant high price. 
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  14. Jeasy added a post in a topic i can't believe it !!!   

    Mental retardism. 1M players... Same time GW2 said it had 5M copies sold, for people like you who cannot think for themselves and assume that that instantly means active players. 
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  15. Jeasy added a post in a topic If BDO goes Pay2Win Next week what game are you going to?   

    Albion online / Crowfall. The P2W message does help my study tho. Will be starting the next year in 3 weeks. When I graduate I can P2W myself back into end game state  Nah. 
    Albion and/or Crowfall it is. 
    Have fun in BDO for the time being. The game is dead awaiting already, see what it did to AA. BDO P2W Are the 6 most spread letters on the gaming internet the past week - everybody interested knows it, people do not look into it further = one way = downhill. 
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