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  1. SecretSniper added a topic in Technical Issues   

    game freeze crash
    im not sure if this is a result of the last patch or a issue from porting to EU, but my game freezes up a LOT , game worked fine till 1st downtime/maintenance then every few hours, at random, my game will freeze and ill need to use task manager to close game and restart it. iv tryed running as admin, still freeze, background programs consist of TS and 2 tabs in google chrome.. Vid settings, i play medium which i moved to lowest but i still freeze so i put it back. the Memory thing? this game pulls 2.2GB of memory, followed by chorome with 317mb... Corrupt files? would the game even load up with a corrupt file? i am NOT reinstalling this game a 3rd time because after i uninstalled last time i found i didnt get the required 31GB back.. so theres that space gone for good apparently.. and a 2day download and install process is stupid. 
    Also i have no idea why this games render speed sucks so bad.. i play other games with graphics as good as this and iv never seen hilariously untextured buildings or seen through the map due to invis grounds more than iv seen in this game since launch.. wernt these reasons why we had a alpha and beta test?? to find issues like these and fix them??
    if someone has a simple fix for this game im glad to hear it
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  2. SecretSniper added a topic in Technical Issues   

    random crashes
    i really love this game, i love how you can stay online and still get stuff done, like fishing for profit.. I cant do that because my game crashes every hour or so and gives no reason why it does this. i mouse over the gameplay window  and it says "Black Desert - 206840", i dont know if this means anything i just know that when the game freezes like this i need to Ctrl Alt Del to close the game and reboot it. id love to stay online overnight and fish and sell the catch when i wake up but with these constant crashes im concerned for the game, like will these crashes eventually corrupt a file making this game unlaunchable and have to do a full night (not sure if the installer would crash making me redo the install, cant be sure that wont happen) and hope it fixed the issue. i dont want it to come to that. if theres a easy fix id love to hear it. even if im told im not the only 1 who has this really annoying issue, and that the devs are putting out a patch in the coming weeks, thatd be sweet. i cant imagine this issue lasting more than a day in the korean version.
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  3. SecretSniper added a post in a topic Housing decor rotation   

    im confused with the fact that theres a rotation button that SHOULD make the rotations more subtle to make things fit in slanted houses.. it just doesnt work, i click it on and im still spinning things at same degree as always.. its really annoying
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  4. SecretSniper added a topic in General   

    Housing decor rotation
    i like my house, my only issue is with the house im living in, all the furniture i own is placed on a angle so i cant put anything up against the wall, everything is on a slight angle so it looks like hell.. the rotation option on bottom left that swaps the degree of rotation doesnt work for me. i dont know if others have this issue with this button that, if it worked, would solve my issue so damn fast. does anyone else have this issue with the rotation?
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  5. SecretSniper added a topic in Suggestions   

    shouldnt launcher have what you say it has??
    i cant play the game and im new to this kind of thing, never really had issues before so i guess it had to happen eventually, but after launching the game i get 2 errors. 1 is written in koren so i have NO idea what it says or how to type the characters to decrypt it.. the other is a xml error that says i have a corrupt file and i should run the file recovery on the launcher.. iv looked for a hr now and cant find a trace of a file recovery on the launcher.. im guessing since the error says its there it should be there. if anyone has a easy fix id LOVE to try it out. id love to play this game considering i payed for it and all that.
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