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  1. RazukenCarrendar added a topic in US Guild   

    [OOC] Carrendar Dynasty Txt-based RP Group
    With over 60 years of cumulative experience, and countless short stories, the Carrendar Dynasty RP group provides a clean website, roleplay archiving, tutoring, and events for Black Desert Online. We support all levels of roleplay, from light to Novella. The Carrendar Dynasty will be supporting an out-of-client chat program (TBD) for our members to use, free of charge.
    About Us:
    The Carrendar Dynasty for Black Desert Online is an extension of a larger group that originally started in a 3D chat program. This group was founded by CharlotteCarrendar, Darksied, and Captain. (Their screen names) The group consisted of a lot of great minds in roleplay and writing, and used the T-1 style of RP. Seeing as the group was all based on text roleplay with visual aids, the Carrendar Dynasty became very popular, and reached out to people new to text based roleplay. Many wonderful "novella" style writers were born from this group, and exist as a part of the Carrendar Chronicles today.
    Server Information: The Carrendar Dynasty is currently operating in the Orwen Server, in the Balenos #1 channel. This position is finalized, and will be our main base of operations.
    What is our mission?
    CD is going to be a normal guild, with a GuildMaster, GuildMemebers, and a Job board. Our specialty will be treasure hunting for rare objects, and trade. However, since this will be a guild operating on a lot of smaller areas, all are welcome. You can find jobs for Mercenaries, Escorts, Healers, Wizards, Diplomats, etc. Apply to be a member today!
    What we are bringing to the table:
    We understand that BDO is going to give us a lot of "toys" to use such as furniture, housing, costumes, etc. As the Carrendar Dynasty grows, we hope to give our best effort in providing a comfortable atmosphere for roleplay with superb and appropriate visual aids.
    We will be hosting events throughout the BDO Beta test, and Launch. This will consist of Meet & Greets, and Rush Recruitment. After the Launch, we will be hosting LIVE scheduled RP sessions in-game, and enjoying PvE/PvP gameplay together in balance.
    Does your Guild have a Designer?
    YES! We have a Designer like most streamlined Guilds have. Our Designer is Gorya Designs. They create assets and IP for our group that we license and purchase. When 3D content created by players is supported, WE WILL BE READY!
    I am only interested in light RP, do you support that?
    Yes we do! We do not force heavy RP on gamers who wish to keep things simple and light. We will be supporting a segment for light RPers. The Carrendar Dynasty ALSO provides tutoring in text roleplay techniques, rules, regulations, and styles at no charge.
    I am a heavy/Novella Roleplayer, can you keep up with me?
    Challenge Accepted! The Carrendar Dynasty is founded by numerous Novella writers, and true-to-life authors. If a detailed and lengthy roleplay is what you desire, you have come to the right place.
    What about these "Rules and Regulations?"
    As always, a streamlined and successful RP is supported with a very solid foundation of Rules and Regulations. Our R&R are not demanding, or restrictive. Most all styles and RP types are supported. As an example, our most basic rules are: No metagaming (Using OOC knowledge about a situation in your IC roleplay, when your character would otherwise have no knowledge), Keeping OOC and IC separate, Absolutely ZERO Tolerance for OOC drama, no auto-handling other player's characters without permission, and absolutely NO god-moding (we keep things fair for everyone!)
    Do you keep track of Roleplay?
    Most certainly we do! We have an archive vault called the "Carrendar Chronicles" on wordpress. If an officiated moderator is present during the RP, he/she will take the text, clean it up for grammar, spelling, and clarity, and submit it to a special page in our vault that is dedicated to the Black Desert Online RP. If you do an RP session with some friends without a moderator, you can copy your RP, submit it to the group, and after review, we will add it to the vault.
    What if I want to do a side RP separate from the group?
    Feel free to do a side RP with other members, or even others outside the group. You can even do a solo RP [monologue, soliloquy, etc.]. If you so desire, we will create a separate page in our "Carrendar Chronilces" vault for your side RP.
    Character Bio page and IC presentation of this group is COMING SOON
    We are now recruiting for our Black Desert Online branch of the Carrendar Dynasty. Joining is easy! Click this link, and check out our website (Under Construction). The Carrendar Dynasty RP Group
    Please contact me via email if you have any questions or comments: carrendar.dynasty@gmail.com
    You can also send me a Friend Request in-game and meet up with me anytime I am online!
    Name: Razuken
    Family Name: Carrendar
    Group: <Carrendar Dynasty>

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