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Prim Hiiro

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  1. Prim Hiiro added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    LF Top Tier Guild / Pro Wiz Uber Active
    Returning Vet, was officer in RedFace top guild for biggest NA server on release, quit almost a year ago (because of my crazy ex, shoulda quit her for BDO <3
    Currently 57.6 within about a week, aiming for 60+ asap
    168/162/197 gs (started around 100/100 so going up crazy fast)
    16+ hrs a day, 247 energy, 275 contribution
    was pro pvp ranger at release, super saiyan wiz now
    Managed to join Redface with players who played KR for a year, and became an officer within a month as a fresh player. Got ample experience leading top PvP Guilds & Alliances in guild wars (8 yrs Ragnarok) and Progressive Raiding Experience (WoW), play in many competitive games in the top 0.5% tier.

    What I am looking for, a guild with lots of skills, active players, a strong pvp presence, respectable discord convo. Usually over qualified, so I enjoy the game playing most with interesting diehards, competent leaders are a bonus. Will research the top guilds soon and pick one to join, however I am open to trying someone out want an active established guild
    IGN: Prim (TheHeartsmith)
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  2. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    I hope those rewards even entice people in top guilds to report their guild members who abuse the game. Zero respect for people who think they are good who cheat to get ahead.
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  3. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic <Gravity> [EDAN] Recruiting 55+! | KR Veterans | Node/Territory War Focused   

    Filled out an app, spoke with the leaders briefly, hope you'll get back to me soon. Dedicated guildless player here be hanging out on your channel
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  4. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic <RedFace> Hardcore PvP | Selective Recruitment | Edan Server   

    I'm on a boat!
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  5. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Ecology (Mob Ranks)   

    ... everyone interested about the colours, and not what I posted lol

    getting S rank so far is not fun, and I am wondering if possibly in theory if anything affects ur rank chance, such as the node level possibly so many unknowns in this game!
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  6. Prim Hiiro added a topic in General   

    Ecology (Mob Ranks)
    Would like to know if this is accurate, seems a lot of top tier players haven't heard of this and assume rank increases everything. Since I know people are usually youtube copycat pros, anyone got developer feedback or datamined information?
    CSee the creatures full health barBDefense bonus against the creatureAAttack bonus against the creatureA+Larger attack bonusSIncreased chance of dropping loot(all benefits are cumulative)
    • 5 replies
  7. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    D: I want a penguin!
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  8. Prim Hiiro added a topic in Guides   

    Increase Strength & Weight Limit
    Hello, since there is no auto route. What's the fastest most efficient way to raise strength?
    Things such as distance carrying a pack, under weight capacity or overweight to a degree? etc etc.
    • 4 replies
  9. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Best Pet Endgame   

    gathering a waste of time? seems workers do it best?
    and finding elite mobs of any use?
    can't find simple detailed explaination of stuff, since I've never played endgame simple question hard
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  10. Prim Hiiro added a topic in General   

    Best Pet Endgame
    Trying to pick which pet to go with, hear Hawk loots a bit slower cuz it circles a bit, dog moves fastest. Any help would be appreciated
    • 3 replies
  11. Prim Hiiro added a topic in Guides   

    Most Useful Pet
    Which pet is most useful in order? Trying to figure out which one to pick
    • 10 replies
  12. Prim Hiiro added a topic in General   

    Zomg! Server Crash
    That forum lag yo, hope everyone sacrificed something to the internet gods to keep the servers up and lag free
    • 0 replies
  13. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    so basically never exit the game or turn off computer for a year lol sigh....
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  14. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Starting Main Class Poll   

    Guess people like wizard cuz of all the videos killing mobs? The serker looks like so much fun ranger so op
    and still... I havn't even seen a vid of a tamer yet
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  15. Prim Hiiro added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    sorry I am nub please explain briefly logged in timer that matters? I know there is a 5k hours achievement for a pet
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