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  1. FliP added a post in a topic Perlen Shop lohnt es sich?   

    Auf Coupons oder Sales warten und mit diesen Kaufen was du brauchst.
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  2. FliP added a post in a topic Perlen Shop lohnt es sich?   

    Für Inventarslots und Traglast kannst du einfach den Loyaltyshop benutzen.
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  3. FliP added a post in a topic Returning player, client on HDD, Launcher wants to patch entire client   

    Actually install the game first, don't just launch the launcher from a different installation.
    Copy the client you already have somewhere safe, install the game and let it patch for a few seconds to create all the necessary directories. Then just copy the old client over and it should recognize it. I did the exact same thing and it worked for me.
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  4. FliP added a post in a topic Some help...please   

    Probably stolen credit card or someone logged into another persons account to use up all his pearls.
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  5. FliP added a post in a topic Deforming problem.   

    So you said one of the recent updates caused this? Sounds like corrupted files then.
    Go to your game directory (x://Program Files (x86)/BlackDesertOnline/) and delete the file called version.dat.
    Run the launcher and it should start file recovery. If your connection is fast enough, it is recommended to simply re-download the entire client just to be sure.
    If the file check/re-download did not fix the issue, wipe your graphics driver (I think 3dguru.com has a tool for that) and re-install the driver from scratch. If that didn't help either it is probably a defect graphics card.
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  6. FliP added a post in a topic You see my problem with the Dark Knight.....   

    You want realism, yet the class is a dark magic melee class. There is no way to include realism in the class itself, it is pure fantasy.
    Now, since we are entering the realms of fantasy, there are countless ways to make DKs stance appear "real" in BDOs world, for instance: extremely light or rare weapon materials used only in the country/area DKs origin from, DKs are extremely strong or balance weapons well, DKs have a natural talent that weapons appear as light as feathers to them (LotR reference: Elves).
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  7. FliP added a post in a topic Can I run Black Desert?   

    I had a Laptop with the exact same specs (Lenovo Y700) and I ran BDO just fine at Mid/High settings 1080p (40-45 FPS average).
    If 60+ FPS is important to you, you might have to lower to Mid or Low/Mid. Unlike the comments above, you will be just fine with the mentioned specs.
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  8. FliP added a post in a topic Gift spending 10€   

    His english is, considering the average on this forum, quite good. 
    Haven't had your daily dose of salt yet?
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  9. FliP added a post in a topic [Wichtig] Neues Forum   

    IP Board sieht zwar besser aus als WoltLab, aber wenigstens sind endlich Spiel und Forumaccounts verbunden. Ein bischen zu spät. aber immerhin..
    IP Board sieht zwar besser aus als WoltLab, aber wenigstens sind endlich Spiel und Forumaccounts verbunden. Ein bischen zu spät. aber immerhin..
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  10. FliP added a post in a topic Grind Spot für Silber und EXP   

    Achso, verstehe. Habe mich sonnst nie wirklich für Trading interessiert, hatte daher auch keine Informationen.
    Es wäre dennoch theoretisch möglich Münzen in Altinova einzutauschen, jedoch ohne Bonus.
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  11. FliP added a post in a topic Grind Spot für Silber und EXP   

    Mich interessiert wieso unbedingt Meister2 dafür notwendig ist? Wieso wäre beispielsweise Skilled7 nicht genug?
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  12. FliP added a post in a topic Ticket Support   

    Just a suggestion that might be worth thinking about.
    Since I work in "sort of" customer support (we receive requests, make offers and sell services, and mostly answer questions - thus customer support) I am thinking of a way that could drastically speed up ticket response times and greatly help out the existing customer support employees.
    Other publishers have done similar things, but why not include the community into helping others resolve their questions (you basically already did this by hiring Dim, but I am not referring to actually hiring) by giving select people access to "low level" or "low priority" tickets, such as generic game knowledge based questions as in "Where can I find X or Y NPC?" or "How do I get to YZ?" to answer those so actual tech support won't have to bother and waste time with such unimportant tickets?
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  13. FliP added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    Supply and demand, one game cannot satisfy all needs and demands.
    If BDO doesn't have enough PvP for your taste, go play one of those listed games to satisfy your needs. 
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  14. FliP added a post in a topic Kakao plz relay that to PA "Auto-Pathing suck! it's not so hard to fix it so stop torturing us & do something about it..."   

    Biased poll options. 
    Yes, auto pathing is important. No, it is not an easy fix.
    Oh god, just had a deja vu when every pleb made a poll back in the day D:
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  15. FliP added a post in a topic Can It Run?   

    Don't use this for anything, because Cyri is often not accurate. Games that weren't supposed to run at all did run fine in some cases and vice versa.
    You will probably be able to run low settings 720p. Once you upgrade to a GTX 1060 you should be able to get about Mid-High at 1080p.
    The i7 3770 may be an old CPU, but it is still a good one with its 4 cores.
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