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  1. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    So in theory: Ult White horn +18 39 AP with Crystal and 1,1 special attack multiplier (i have also read some forums about 5% damage increase) and Nouver 49 AP (2 Crystals).
    1 skill 600% damage Down attack (This is theory)
    White Horn = 257,4 Damage
    Nouver = 294 Damage
    1e look White Horn seems weak
    But if you use all AP!
    White Horn  200 AP = 1320 Damage 
    Nouver 210 AP = 1260 Damage (~5% Weaker)
    If this is true the special attack +1 let you deal a lot more damage with High end gear
    (some people says 5% overall, White Horn 200 AP = 1260 Damage)
    I also read some people says it only works on Crit damage.
    But most people say its is for CC Damage (Down, Air, Counter)
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  2. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Hi! Just want to ask a few questions!   

    well succes then, you will probaly need a upgrade or new one . But still nice that you enjoy the game.
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  3. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Hi! Just want to ask a few questions!   

    fine it did something!  
    is your system older then ~4-5 years?
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  4. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Hi! Just want to ask a few questions!   

    Don't know wich resulotion you are running on. Try low or medium settings, Towns / Field and World Bosses are the pain in the ass for any system. No mater how good your systems is, too much players in a small place isn't good. 
    In settings look for Low Power Mode, turn this off because this will make your GPU (Videocard) use less power and it will give you less performence. 
    Further look for Photo-Filter settings, this will let your GPU render the game in a other filter wich somehow prevents smooth gameplay (Nothing to do with Fps), turn this to None, most screens / tv's have their own in build filter settings.
    Besides those 2: Play in windowed mode. Look if other players pets are enabled you can turn it off. Look if other players lantern is enabled this also can be turned off. There is also a setting that will automaticly turn of visuals effect and more things if you drop below a specific Fps, i use these settings and i put it on 20 Fps (works perfect for me).
    The Default optimization option is not good enhough for a lot of players it some hows screw up your performence and settings.
    Since 2 weeks i play once again after 1 year of pain with 59 - 60 Fps, Towns ~33 Fps, Field / world bosses ~27 Fps and it kicks in the Fps thing wich disable other playes effects and more. (1920 x 1080) 
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  5. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic How to hide system messages about other players while keeping messages involving me   

    Press Ctrl move your mouse to your chat, there should be a settings icon, press it and you can change your chat options.
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  6. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    Indeed there are many sword based classes in BDO, a male crossbow counter part for ranger would be nice.
    Maybe a class with Nunchakus or a Enchantress with a book instead of a staff or amulet. Further in my mind A Tiger based class (Claws), or old Egyptian weapons like sickle-sword and Dual Kris Daggers (From the movie: The Mummy) because the world is ..... Dessert.
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  7. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Heating: Beginner?   

    What are you trying to Heat? I think you already can use Heating by pressing Processing in your inventory. or the Default key "L".
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  8. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Best Class For Grinding?   

    yea shout on me push me in the ground, its just the internet lets piss of people........
    the topic creater sais he only played about a month, i give him just some basics, Shield throw can be used on quick slot, is very affective it also stuns enemies. For the Rage skills, all 200% rage skills can be cast without having 200% rage!!! (Its just a skill) must i be a god or something to know every single skill name out of my head!!!!!!!!!!! Most people who just playes about a month doesn't have the proper gear!!!!!!! to farm with Awkening. Awkening looks strong but if its AP is 10+ below your normal AP Pre-Awk still is stronger and deal more damage. Yes i still play the game, no i m not a god, and hell no i'm not the best player!!!
    Every class is good in PvE and indeed Musa has his mobilty with him. Those Classes from my original post are top grinders in my experience (without having to do combos)!!!
    Wizard and witch, Tamer, Maehwa, Musa, Ranger and Valkyrie
    If you don't agree be polite with each other and give your own opinion in a post, don't just throw negative feedback wich has nothing to do with the orignal post!!!
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  9. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Best Class For Grinding?   

    It can be cast very fast and it hits multiple enemies and the shield bounces multiple times to the same enemies wich makes it perfect for PvE farming with high AP, it can kill 14 to 16 mobs at sausons at the same speed as Tamer, Musa, Wizard / Witch (Lightning).
    And it was just a example for no combos grinding.
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  10. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Item Collection Increase Scrolls in Party   

    Then probaly not srry, its a single player buff, if he should get it to on activation he should see it as a buff icon as well. 
    if the party leader has a Node level of 5+ at pirates (recommended 8 or 8+) then mobs can spawn and drop more loot to. 
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  11. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Best Class For Grinding?   

    He only played for a ~ month so don't expect that he has even a awkening yet 
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  12. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Item Collection Increase Scrolls in Party   

    Scrolls Field bosses and World bosses doesn't count as party loot they are for each member that participated. But scrolls can only be done alone or in a party so only party members can participate and get loot. This is also why every one in your party can get a Liverto from daily awk. scrolls.
    (Example scroll: You do it alone you get 1 black stone weapon, 3 seals and some normal monster loot. You repeat the same with 5 players: All players get a Black stone weapon 3 seal and normal monster loot.)
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  13. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Questions about class popularity   

    They don't have to be level 60
    Every guild i have been in had atleast 5 to 10 Valks, 5 to 10 Maehwa's and only about 3 to 5 Tamers (unless you join guild with Tamers only) and 50% off all the time there is a Valk in Sausons. The least what i see is Tamer, Ninja and Kunoichi and when you bump into 1 they are probaly very skilled or pretty dam geared.
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  14. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Best Class For Grinding?   

    Wizard / Witch Lightning
    Tamer 200% rage skill
    Maehwa 200% rage skill
    Ranger something with airstrike
    Musa his big tornado skill
    Valkyrie Shield throw
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  15. DeCiBeL added a post in a topic Can't do free trial on old account?   

    So logging in on the blackdesertonline.com site then pressing "Account" and you can't do the 7 days trial, can you press redeem code? next to "Game Acces"
    If you can, you can insert a inv. code (Guest pass) from someone else (even me) and start playing for 7 days.
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