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  1. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

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  2. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic Meme Castle Siege Part 1   

    Hi, I don't even read this forums until a ex-guildie links me when my name was brought up. Also I gquit Gravity the second I decided to quit the game, so I dunno where the selling officer position comes from. Where does that whole sentence even come from? It is hilarious I like it. I saw it getting spammed in chat on that video sibble linked. It makes no sense, but I like it, keep it up! DJlovedrop
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  3. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    Yeah I am gonna need help here, because elephants skill is rng, but from a guild fund perspective are cheap as ----- anyways.
    Guild houses are not rng at all.
    So you are right, I guess I can't connect the dots on why Gravity can pay out around 10 billion in guild funds, and still have billions left over to craft more elephants. Yet ManUp doesn't payout to it's members. Keep on going on about whatever you were tricked into believing on why you will all progress slower than the other guilds. When Lacari and crew end up with millions to a billion each(depending on funds at time of 30 members). Then you will see I guess. Unless you are a part of the 30 crew and are just trying to make your guildies reading think otherwise.
    Anyways I am out. Hopfully I gave Lacari "Meme Potential" so that just maybe he will attack gravity now instead of just dodging.
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  4. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    Because they were shit guild from day 1, and lost over and over again. Then came to forums to try to pick and choose things that made them look good so people would think they were good rather then knowing the truth. In the end most guilds saw through their forum bullshit and realized they were just bad, loud kids, screaming for attention.
    Then now we have Lacari taking care of these poor problem children. That he plans on -----ing over in the end once the merge happens and he takes his 30 tera members and bring in new blood from other servers.
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  5. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    If I decide to care for once about proving another point. I will show you the 3 or 4 clips I can take out from the fight where specifically after we get sandwiched by mango and havoc, then both havoc and mango back off from each other and don't engage. Then the fact that havoc spawn camped where we wanted to spawn and not there mango wanted to spawn. But honestly that is just way to much work and I can just link the entire thing to anyone who wants to pick and choose from it. It is all already uploaded. Just not clipped out.
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  6. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    Oh , your tent started at 15% hp, and had no defenses or anything the entire siege. I forgot my bad. Didn't realize that was possible. You got me there. 
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  7. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    I already told you, We had 55 members of Gravity /flag in our base, while 20 members teleport hacked into mango base. You talk about run back, but there was no run back. Was all teleport hacking into hwacha arrows for the lulz. Gravity never cared, we were just memeing up mediah. Was a fun time.
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  8. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    You lost.
    Your right, the other time Gravity and Mango fought was a 1v2, gravity vs havoc and mango in a scrim. Both havoc and mango got shit on, someone can go find the screenshots as I don't save trash. 
    Keep posting stuff from launch phase of game, GK only cared about launch, mango only cared about launch.
    Technically Gravity should of name changed after vision/old leadership left. Because more than just the old leadership left. A lot of members left. Not many of the members in Gravity are old gravity, very very few. So not only is the old controlling force of Gravity different, but the people who make a guild(the members) are also mostly different. So yes, you can in fact say the old leadership is irrelevant to today's gravity.
    Maybe if we name changed, since you need a visual difference in a guild, like risen/waifu, or whatever other guilds broke off or got broken off from old leadership and/or old members. Whichever was causing unrest.
    Sorry you can't see the troll in "but who fails pri". But that is also why I included only 5 people succeeding. But you can attempt to pick and choose to make yourself feel good just like mango has always done to try to make up for their inadequacies.
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  9. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

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  10. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    55 of the 75 were in base /flag spamming yep. You got all those kills on a measly 20 people because they were all hacking and instantly teleporting into your hwacha arrows. You can watch back on the video evidence.
    You act like anything morph says mattered? Morph and all of vision was literally always demoralized about everything. They are cool people and I love them all. But they were depressed 24/7 in gravity as leadership and are even more reason why week 1 and week 2 of siege doesn't even matter. Since gravity is now a whole different guild. 
    But keep talking about "LAUNCH" LOL. Week 2 of launch, what a joke. You sound like GK more and more every day. The resemblance is uncanny.
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  11. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    Our 55 guys sitting at base /flag waving were not given free kills from siege weapons since we didn't face someone strong enough to be on the offensive sadly. It's ok though, mango was always shit who thought they were good, yet never won anything vs anyone that matters.
    All that matters is you lost, you lost some more, then you lost some more, then you died and had to get absorbed. 
    You are essentially GK 2.0.(the difference is the members of GK were good people, the leaders not so much)
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  12. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    You act like I include siege weapon deaths? Something only a guild on defense can do. 
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  13. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    Thank god. We learned so much. Most important loss of our entire time on the server. Week 1 and week 2 are a joke anyways. Why we include those just shows how sad you are and how sad I am for even including those within my conquest breakdown of you.
    We had no knowledge of KR siege shit because anything GK told us was wrong, or they didn't tell us anything important. Week 1 we didn't know about horse charge on barricades. We did terrible placement, we didn't know exact dmg of cannons or what was the proper targets. GK who was supposed to have this information for us, knew nothing.
    We truly started from the ground, and ended up on top.
    Also, all that matters from this thread. Is I hope your members read my previous posts, to see about how you apparently lied to them about some RNG on guild payout(according to johnny), and how they are all getting -----ed.
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  14. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    It is ok, you can keep trying to derail. It doesn't work. 
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  15. Scapegoatie added a post in a topic real video 6   

    ManUp conquest track record, because I don't waste my time with node wars, someone else can do that.
    Week 1 - dodged to balenos uncontested because T2 guilds only guilds there.
    Week 2- Got stalemated in a 2v3 of mango and manup vs support and prx and couldn't even touch a 30 man defense of redface with 80 members. You were constantly on the defense. Also in this week 2, though might of been week 3, Gravity faced the same support on trina fort T3. It was support, supportgaming, volun all vs us. Yet we were on offense the entire time while support was defending, it then ended in stalemate. So we did face support at the same time as you. 
    Week 3- Put 7 guilds on mediah so no one could even fit their tents within the region. Won uncontested and gave to mango
    Week 4- swapped with mango as mango died. (also btw, this was support, cotp, and evilphoenix vs waifu and gravity. The same guilds that took you over 1 hr 30 mins to take out of mediah in
    Week 5 - Owned mediah, dodged to a balenos territory when if you were actually strong you would of gone to fight calpheon, or fight us at serendia.
    Week 6 - Dodged valencia, took hours to kill a couple T2 guilds. 
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