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  1. Ravven added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Seriously? If you can't gank people who either aren't well-geared or just just don't like pvp, you can't play anymore? There is SO much more to this game than just killing AFKers or people who don't want to fight you. I'm really looking forward to proper battles, sieges and so on. The game is so very much more than just griefing.
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  2. Ravven added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I think this is a wonderful change - people with positive karma shouldn't be punished, losing hours of work because someone is so bad at pvp that they have to gank lower-level players, afk fishers, etc. I stopped doing anything but horse levelling because I wanted to get my T7 horse before I hit 45 (you pretty much HAVE to afk-level horses due to the many days of work each takes). Thank you Daum for not listening to the griefers and gankers who scream so loudly on the forums. Thank you for making the game playable for ALL player types.
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  3. Ravven added a post in a topic PvE servers are completely illogical and go against the point of BDO.   

    This. I would love to see some meaningful pvp activities, and look forward to seeing GvG/seige wars, etc. Getting PKed? Not so much. I'm deliberately stopping short of 45 right now so I can try for a T7 horse, level fishing and so on, without having to pay actual cash on horse death resets because someone is only good enough to kill afk players. That's not proper pvp.
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  4. Ravven added a post in a topic PvE servers are completely illogical and go against the point of BDO.   

    Just as you should go play LoL, tbh...not a game which has SO many PvE elements: story, crafting, farming, horse taming/breeding, fishing, housing, etc., etc. 
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  5. Ravven added a post in a topic An outstanding game that sadly won't last. Here's why.   

    And how proud you are. /facepalm
    Anyway, I agree with the OP in the sense that (while I don't think it will actually fail directly because of this) it will make the game much less attractive to the great majority of players. I enjoy pvp, but sometimes I just want to relax and fish or grind a bit to relax after work, level horses or whatever and I don't want to get killed, lose hours of xp and so on because of some immature so-called pvper who only wants to gank AFK players or low-level players.
    BDO needs to keep pvp but make it less toxic and more interesting: guild wars and castle seiges rather than rewarding griefers and driving non-pvp players away from the game.
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  6. Ravven added a post in a topic Report idiom racism in chat   

    The problem isn't that people are getting upset about other languages in the International channel (although if you're playing an MMO, why wouldn't you want to speak to everyone, not just people who speak your own language?), it is seeing nothing but a wall of German or whatever in the English channel. That I have a problem with, because it is intentionally rude. I could sit there and block people all day long...and sometimes do.
    Although perhaps the language channels aren't working as intended, who knows? That is entirely possible as well.
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  7. Ravven added a post in a topic Character Creation Glitch?   

    I've had this problem, deleted both cache folders, switched channels, nothing helped except playing in the first channel, Velia 1. For some reason that seems to work.
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  8. Ravven added a post in a topic I have now waited over 7 hours for pre order items   

    I haven't received any of my Conq package items yet, either. (EU, Alustin.) Some kind of response would be nice.
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  9. Ravven added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    That's what SHE said.
    Hey, someone had to do it.
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  10. Ravven added a post in a topic [POLL] Are you married?   

    Married and gaming together since Vanilla WoW. <3 Marrying another gamer is the best.
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  11. Ravven added a post in a topic Game client download tomorrow and beta client can now be patched!   

    What version number does it patch to? I played CB2 and still have my client but it won't patch. My version number on the launcher is
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  12. Ravven added a post in a topic Any good Witch templates?   

    I have this one:

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  13. Ravven added a post in a topic What hair color will you have on release?   

    Agreed, and done! She's my girl. <3
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  14. Ravven added a post in a topic Are you looking forward to The Division?   

    I'll be playing both. The Division isn't normally the type of game that I play, but I absolutely love it. SO much fun. And damn it I wish both BDO and it weren't releasing at roughly the same time.
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  15. Ravven added a post in a topic What hair color will you have on release?   

    I still can't decide which I'm going for on my Valk. I think I'll have to flip a coin on Sunday morning.

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