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  1. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic [Errorcode : 2001] Launcher Crashing After Latest Patch   

    Just an update, I was able to fix my problem by uninstalling and then resetting my computer. I think something was cached in the launcher that the system didint like. *shrug* There is probably a more simple way to fix this issue but this worked for me and i'm back on the game now. Good luck
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  2. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic [Errorcode : 2001] Launcher Crashing After Latest Patch   

    I'm having the exact same issue here. Tried all of the basic troubleshooting solutions but no luck.  
    Thanks for any help in advance!
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  3. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic How long are names reserved?   

    Edited: Looks like there isn't a time limit currently!
    Here's the post:
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  4. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic OMG IT'S PATCHING I'M SO EXCITED   

    I love you too but DAMN!
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  5. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic New fellow Adventurer   

    Explorer's Package will give ya the best bang for your buck. Anywho, hope to see you in game and welcome!
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  6. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic Greetings from Sev!   

    Thanks guys! Just 1 more day for conq!!!

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  7. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic Express your feelings for bdo in one meme   

  8. sev_is_legend added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Greetings from Sev!
    Hey, everyone!
    I've seen a couple posts here with folks introducing themselves and figured i'd post my own greeting.  
    Most people call me Sev, short for Sevick, a name that i have had branching from each MMO i've played since as far back as Ultima Online and Final Fantasy 11! I am a huge fan of MMOs, RPGs, and Fighting Games such as Street Fighter. The Final Fantasy series is by far one of my favorite game franchises EVER along with Persona. If you're another FF fan or any RPG for that matter i'm sure we'll have alot to talk about  I could'nt be more pumped for BDO and look forward to having that sense of wonder  and  sharing experiences with many of you as I feel that is by far the best part of MMO gaming. I usually play pretty hardcore, but I am a pretty chilled out mellow dude. I will be playing on Orwen NA and look forward to making some new friends and hearing from you all. Take care and see you in game!
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  9. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic Poll: How to make a guild want you   

    Too late. 
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  10. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic Poll: How to make a guild want you   

    I like to go for the be yourself, good/hardcore, friendly hybrid.
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  11. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic What Game(s) Are You Playing To Pass The Time Until The BDO Headstart?   

    Street Fighter 5 and Diablo 3 here. 
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  12. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic Main character and family name?   

    Main Class: Ninja(When available, Ranger alt till then.) 
    Character Name: Sevick
    Family Name:  Izuna
    Reserved NA
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  13. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    The model of my character i'll be using at launch

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  14. sev_is_legend added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Sevilynn
    Family Name: Redgrave

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