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  1. Satorias added a post in a topic make cash shop more expensive.   

    Leave forums for 2 months...still see Sizer has horrid opinions and bad grammar, RIP
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  2. Satorias added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Xelos
    Family Name: Umbrich

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  3. Satorias added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    This isn't in the game anymore? :(:(:(
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  4. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    I hope you're right on the cash shop thing :<. That's kinda disappointing about Tera and stuff...I always assumed it got pricey after it went F2P. 
    Edit: I also hope the pricing isn't like what I've been hearing it is in Korea...50 bucks for a costume? Really?
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  5. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    Tera is a F2P game (in its current iteration) expensive costumes should be expected. In a B2P game cosmetics should cost less. Do you have any evidence to back up the $25 in cash shop currency? As of right now that could be $2 or $200 for all we know. 
    I think most everyone would agree with you that they want to support the game (hence this debate over a $100 package lol). There isn't even a real "demand" from the OP. He is just stating that he thinks it would be a smart move that would also make him happy. Criticism/suggestions are not entitlement...it's just an opinion.
    Also you aren't even comparing apples to oranges with that last one. You are comparing something like a burrito to a grape.
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  6. Satorias added a post in a topic How and where did you hear about BDO?   

    I got depressed that there were no mmos I liked and just searched "random mmos." lol
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  7. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    True, I guess I have the most experience in B2P Founder's however, I would imagine those would be the one's that would limit my usage of cosmetics/items and they haven't. I would imagine F2P games would be the one's to limit usage of cosmetics/items. Warframe as a F2P reference, Tera (originally B2P), and SWTOR (originally B2P) are two that come to mind. Although in SWTOR I think a lot of the pre-order stuff eventually showed up, however, there were a few pieces that were exclusive and reusable...a pet and a couple other things.
    EDIT: Grammar is hard
    EDIT2: I originally thought that I had more interaction with F2P so my first sentence makes no snese
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  8. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    Nothing I said was racist? I literally just said different regions have different priorities on what they want their money to go towards... cultural differences make market opinion different. 
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  9. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    I do like the Conqueror's Package and have bought it because I want to support the game. That doesn't mean it is as good as many other founder's programs and couldn't use a little criticism. 
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  10. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    There were no personal insults. I was highlighting the fact that your comments have no basis on what is being said and are simply angry. It's obvious by your last sentence that you have a bias to this region and if anything is questioned it is immediately us being entitled. Simply put the NA/EU market is different from the RU/KR markets. Different things are important.

    We like shiny things here and are, in general, quite conscious of what we spend our money on. With that in mind we want as much value as we can possible have (most other Founder's packs have the suggested feature). If we wanted the company to fail we simply wouldn't purchase anything, not post on forums to see if an opinion is popular, not promote any form of change in the game, and would be playing a different game and not even considering this one.
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  11. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    "All my alts should have access to a single, founder's costume as a nice nod to the people who took a plunge and funded a game before it was even released." People need to stop over generalizing everything that is being said. It makes you sound like a fool.
    This topic and most people aren't even demanding anything. They are saying "DAMN THIS WOULD BE NICE IF THIS HAPPENED."
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  12. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    I don't think anyone said free...everyone said "for the 100 dollar Conqueror's Package..." You are literally not even reading comments and fabricating conclusions based on your obvious bias to this idea. 

    If we look at the facts we literally have no idea the actual value of the Conqueror's Package since we do not have any evidence of the cash shop. You are also muddling the discussion by comparing special, one-time event, costumes to an assumed "normal" costume pricing scheme.
    No one is working for free...the artists are being paid to create the content for the Conqueror's Package regardless of exclusivity (people who are supporting a game before it even releases a.k.a. guaranteed money). You can argue that the better the package is the more money they will make. As an observation and personal experience...people who buy upper-tier founder's packages tend to spend more overall money on a game, as they obvious have a great deal of passion for it.
    Dissenting opinions are fine (and encouraged) but the majority of comments regarding a negative reaction to the proposed idea are childish, poorly worded, and inflammatory. 
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  13. Satorias added a post in a topic Enchantement level   

    if the discrepancies in power are as you state that seems like laziness more than anything O_o
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  14. Satorias added a post in a topic Change Costume Preoder Bonuses!   

    I think people have a misconception that asking for the costumes to be account bound (reusable by founders on their characters) means they want the devs to throw the game at them.
    The fact of the matter is saying that asking for a simple "switch" to be flipped is completely different from asking for new content. Rather this is asking that the content purchased, theoretically you have access to all the content in the package until you choose which character to use it on, be available for all of your characters permanently. Saying that asking for costumes to be usable on all release characters will lead to players asking for millions of pearls, teleportation, or other similarly ridiculous feature is false equivalence and quite childish.
    EDIT: Clarity/Grammar 
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  15. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    That is a very good point and I think sums up the majority of "for" opinions in the post. The current plan seems to facilitate "buyer's remorse" rather than make you happy you purchased the pack.
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  16. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    That's speculation since they haven't announced their pricing. Additionally founder's packages in and of themselves are meant to be "special." Effectively we are getting large discounts on things, slightly neat one off features like name reservation, and single-use single-character costumes (not really that amazing when you break it down). I dunno it just makes more sense to allow the costumes to be available.

    On the other hand your point is valid. It just is kind of disappointing if that is their opinion on it.
    EDIT: I am going to buy it anyway just thinking it could definitely be improved in a lot of ways.
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  17. Satorias added a post in a topic Blader Request   

    What's the reasoning behind this? You don't want MORE content upon release?
    EDIT: The way development works people who would get the Blader ready for launch aren't squashing bugs or designing mechanics (generally different departments handle this).
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  18. Satorias added a post in a topic Blader Request   

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  19. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    I think the nice thing about this post is pretty much anyone with an opinion on it is hoping the game is successful ^.^.
    On a similar note the founders for Warframe got an exclusive playable character and exclusive weapons (actual playable things rather than cosmetics) if you got the higher tiers, which is pretty awesome. In my mind being able to redeem playable items once is fine; cosmetics, on the other hand, I feel should be reusable.
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  20. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    Hah. It's rare to find someone with a dissenting opinion that isn't combative about it! I think it's important to understand that there are people who appreciate exclusive exclusivity (not sure if there is a better way to describe this).
    In all honesty I knew there were people who didn't agree with me but I didn't think it would be for the reason you are stating (I think it is actually a pretty good counter-argument).
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  21. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    I did the exact same thing! My buddy and I got back into the game (Tera) 2 years after release and were really excited to still have our Founder's gear available to us. Which is another point entirely...we left the game for 2 years came back to it and were really grateful that we still had our exclusive gear. Hell we even purchased a bunch of fun stuff because we were happy that a large purchase we made in the past was still relevant.
    People leave games (particularly multiplayer only games) all the time. When/if said people come back to the game giving them a nod to show they are still appreciated will make them want to stay again. It's one of those weird human psychological things.
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  22. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    I could understand this...but they are exclusive already; to the people who purchase the highest level of possible support in the game (at the moment). It seems silly to restrict these people from using something intended to show how they would support the game before it even released.
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  23. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    Do it! I hope we can get them to at least look at this!
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  24. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    I guess...but it seems like a really easy thing to just "let" us reuse the cosmetics on our own toons. On a side note I want the blader D:.
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  25. Satorias added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package Cosmetics   

    I completely agree with this. I will most likely purchase it any way, however, it feels like a slap in the face to not be able to at least have one copy of everything on each character. 
    This is how I feel completely. The single-use bit also will make it to where you will probably never (rarely) see any founder's stuff in game after 6 months or so.
    EDIT: Making the costumes single-use will reduce their overall saturation even more so than having them be Conqueror exclusive.
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