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  1. Nuzt added a post in a topic This is how you handle player compensation, Daum   

    Oh were talking about a totally different game that 20 people play, I see, totally a legit comparison, carry on.
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  2. Nuzt added a post in a topic This is how you handle player compensation, Daum   

    it's real
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  3. Nuzt added a post in a topic Annoying spam in the forums   

    They should take a page from the Crowfall forums, purchase lock all the forums and leave 1 forum open for potential players to ask questions about the game. Ya they will abuse that one forum but at least its not splattered all over the general forums.
    Mind you with the never ending amount of QQ posts in the General section does a little more spam really matter ?
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  4. Nuzt added a post in a topic The game is pretty incredible, but what is your biggest peeve with it? (Just list one)   

    The last two patches happening when I got home from work in the wee hours 

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  5. Nuzt added a post in a topic It has begun   

  6. Nuzt added a post in a topic I'm quitting already.   

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  7. Nuzt added a post in a topic Lazy, fat, old pets!   

    The real question here is, why would you have chosen a cat to begin with. 
    Cats should be fed to dogs upon capture.
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  8. Nuzt added a post in a topic Still lvl 32 -_- this is why!   

    What is going on here, I'm afraid according to MMO by-law #47 subsection 3b - No player shall post on the official forums unless they are here to complain, cry, request some form of game altering suggestion or has the words cash shop somewhere within the post.
    Sadly this thread must be deleted the sodium levels are insufficient. 
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  9. Nuzt added a post in a topic Unlock All Genders? I hate gender locks   

    I use my sword all the time!
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  10. Nuzt added a post in a topic Unlock All Genders? I hate gender locks   

    Hey I know, lets buy a game to play and then ask them to completely change everything so it's no longer the game we purchased and then we can complain about how it's no longer the game we bought!
    Sounds like fun times to me.
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  11. Nuzt added a post in a topic How dumb am I? Stuck in tutorial.   

    The Illuminati do not want you to play.
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  12. Nuzt added a post in a topic Is Daum Killing BDO?   

    They gave out the care packages, and while they may not been full of shiny bells and whistles it was something, other MMO's might say "Sorry our bad", and then you have ones like Arena Net who have such huge Ego's they just completely ignore the issue and hope it goes away on its own. They all have their faults, it's always easier to say "Well I would have ..." or "They should have ..." when you're not in their shoes. Correct me if wrong but is Daum also not a fairly new company ?
    Don't get me wrong I am no fan boi, but I have been around for enough game releases that this is really not as bad as people are making it out to be.
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  13. Nuzt added a post in a topic Is Daum Killing BDO?   

    MMO launches are always a nightmare and players are always sharpening their pitchforks the first month, WoW for example was riddled with bugs, glitches, shit not working, admittedly this is the first time I've seen a random server transfer, but other then that most MMO's including the big ones have gone through these growing pains. Look where WoW is now.
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