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  1. Sehvun added a post in a topic Questions for the casually inclined   

    + some number and change. I feel the same way. Also, I'll fight along side you. We can both die a good death in the battlefield.
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  2. Sehvun added a post in a topic Questions for the casually inclined   

    Why do you assume that all "casual" players think that way? I'm a "casual" player and I never said anything about making progression easier. In fact, I enjoy earning my spoils and I don't want anything "handed" to me. Do you think that just because a few players say something that they speak for everyone else? Also, why are some people in this forum so bent in giving some vague number about the community's stance on... well, anything without any concrete proof? I don't think that the forum represents the entire game's community, but I do believe that they are the most vocal ones. 
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  3. Sehvun added a post in a topic Black Desert is getting boring fast.   

    Ummm... so, I think that everyone has their own preference when it comes to games. Some will like certain things that other won't. I don't think it's fair for any of us to judge/troll what others may or may not enjoy. It's unfortunate that some found themselves bored of the game after spending X amount of money on it. That's never fun =/ I haven't gotten bored of the game myself, nor am I worried about falling behind in the arms race for gear. I'm only level 38 and I've played since early access. I have not gotten into the crafting or any of the other things. I've just been adventuring around and I've enjoyed it, but that's just me. I can't speak for anyone else's experience. It sucks that you're bored and I don't really see a point in posting it in the forums. I think that just invites unnecessary comments from people that really doesn't prove anything, other than, some of us like to think of our opinion as facts. I would be lying if I said that I'll miss you because I won't. Don't really know you like that, senpai, but I do hope you find something else to fill your time and entertain you. Good luck and may the schwartz be with you.
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  4. Sehvun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    Why are we double posting?
    ?gnitsop elbuod ew era yhW
    Why are we double posting?
    ?gnitsop elbuod ew era yhW
    Why are we double posting?
    ?gnitsop elbuod ew era yhW
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  5. Sehvun added a post in a topic Black desert- PVP or PVE GAme ? BOTH ? DEAD ?   

    I always enjoy reading how people use their opinions as facts. Fun times.
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  6. Sehvun added a post in a topic Black Desert's UNIQUE payment model   

    I wouldn't call it unique...
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  7. Sehvun added a post in a topic No quest title and invisible rewards   

    Yep. Think it happened after the patch yesterday. Y U no response, Daum? Hope you guys fix it soon.
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  8. Sehvun added a post in a topic Gear Customization Poll   

    I would like to see more variety in both cash shop and in-game, but voted for the option to have it obtained in-game.
    Agree that prices are a bit overpriced.
    Agree that I would like to see more variety in both armors and costumes
    Agree that they're milking us.
    And more importantly, I agree to disagree!
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  9. Sehvun added a post in a topic Your noob mistakes   

    Set Tier 5 horse for breeding for 3k, then got it killed by parasitic bees.
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  10. Sehvun added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    Hehe. Some comments here are cute and funny. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. My conq-pack didn't show up until yesterday (3/1/2016), and even if I didn't receive them until release, I don't think it's worth it to get so worked up about. Then again, you are not me and I definitely am glad I'm not you. I hope you guys get your money back though. Don't think I'll miss any of you, but I wish you all the best in your MMO endeavors. And keep working at it Daum team. I'm sure you guys are getting a lot of hate mail, probably like Trion did with their MMO release, but some of us still like you. The group probably thinned out a little after this whole deal, but hey, you can please them all, right? Keep your head up and your pantsu mask on! 
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  11. Sehvun added a post in a topic What is truly deceptive   

    4. Pantsu raiders
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  12. Sehvun added a post in a topic Don't take level 45 quest reward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    Why are all my senpais mad? C'mon. Let's just have a pantsu party!!! Yaaaaay!
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  13. Sehvun added a post in a topic I dont want to play anymore :(   

    I don't have my goodies either, but I don't think it matters too much to me at this point. That's just me. I get that you want it now and I don't think you're wrong for being a little upset, senpai, but I do hope you at least play and base your decision on how much you actually like/dislike the game as a whole before quitting.
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  14. Sehvun added a post in a topic Trying to figure out why males make women characters   

    I have a real waifu, 2 kids and play games with my wife. I always create female characters. Forever alone world is looking really good on my end. 
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