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  1. woots added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    What about


    What about correctly having all the lastest class "balance" instead of random totaly incomplet piece here and there
    And server, and many more.
    I mean ? What's the... are you really doing at kakao EU ? -_-"
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  2. woots added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

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  3. woots added a post in a topic Some1 have a korean client to share presets here?   

    Most likely base face they totaly removed from the game, or at least as player we cant have access to those...
    But yeah, they are way better than the one we have access to.. especialy for the sorc.
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  4. woots added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    Except they where supposed to run a update where the heilang "skill" when using surge was supposed to be applied where you target.
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  5. woots added a post in a topic My opinion on why they dont make changes based on our feedback   

    You have thoses topic created nearly since day one.
    Whatever if you have ppl "defending" thoses, in the end, if thoses topic come back over and over and over again, its because the issue is real enough
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  6. woots added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15?   

    Or nowdays ppl are sick of thoses system that bring nothing for game enjoyment. Or
    I didnt knew it was something considered as fun to farm like a good bot software / save during XX days for a gambling attempt, and if you fail you have to restart all over again. => time wasting / what you did doesnt matter
    I didnt knew it was considered fun to loose you accessory on a fail gambling attempt, so have to restart your acc farm where the drop rate is at 0.01 ( like for ogre ring ) => time wasting / what you did doesnt matter
    I didnt knew a "punishment" you cant control at all => RNG
    Old mmo with even ( according to you ) crappiest RNG setting worked because its still was the farm west, mmo world still was pretty "young". But time past, and now that game brought "real" gaming content on the table instead of thoses cheap money milking design, ppl start to see how that dull on a gaming content point of view.
    Using thoses old mmo as reference is pointless
    Like you can live without cloth, or tech in the mountain hunting earthworn to feed you. yeah sure. You can "live" in the worse possible condition, it doesnt mean you have to accept that "do nothing to change that".
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  7. woots added a post in a topic Why do that game lock me at 64fps now ?   

    after a little bit less that 2month, would be nice ti finaly solve the issue...
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  8. woots added a post in a topic I dont think anythings going to kill this game faster than future tech   

    The game already have quite average optimization and you want something that will impact thoses even more ? :]
    The only smart thing to do is have them work of making thoses "pop up" ( / lod transition ) more discreet, since so far, every single game have that, its necessary for the current tech.
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  9. woots added a post in a topic Korea PVP tournment Twitch Live now!   

    yay desync* broken desert pvp rng gear 2 win.
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  10. woots added a post in a topic Question: How to get 5 cherry blossoms per day???   

    just stay in game 5 hours, because somehow, thoses guys want you to be logged in game 5hours instead of giving you thoses blossom directly everyday.
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  11. woots added a post in a topic VP, more accessible on the market.   

    Considering how badly thought is the market for "free CS item buyer" its pretty much what's the game is telling you tho
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  12. woots added a post in a topic Could we get 1'000€ Daum Cash packages please ?   

    Yes, send me that in my in game email. thanks
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  13. woots added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15?   

    Still doesnt change that its a skill based game. Like i said, a game dont need to be "famous" Esport to be skill based.
    Game popularity is totaly irrelevant.
    ppl playing hack & slash dont complain about "RNG", because they know what they are playing + its totaly part of the game style. And its a WHOLE different gear management. ( not also saying, you have RNG, BUT its a controlled RNG )
    While, in BDO, its a none sense blank gear enchance RNG just for the sake of "slow" down everything. On a gaming interest it bring nothing on the table, you are at 100% dependant of RNG. The RNG rule everything.
    WHILE in other games, rng is a tool, but you are still in charge.
    You seem to have hard time to get the difference. That's why ppl bash BDO RNG, it do nothing but annoy you, even worse, just promote the cash shop to cut out that annoyance. ( otherwise, why would Kr have a weapon exhange coupon to totaly cut the whole enchant RNG if that wasnt such a pain in the #ss in the first place ? )
    Whatever how you want to twist that, the BDO rng isnt interesting.
    GW1-2 build the game around "play once you have everything" the game START at the "end" of your in game progression, but your game / gameplay knowledge always evolve. The game give you a lot of tools ( skills ) and then spend years to correctly use them / play as team.. etc. ( well that's less true for GW2 because they turn down the whole gamedesign to have it look like most random mmo to have stupid finaly be able to correctly understand the game, but still sort of )
    Most ppl never understood that. like you most ppl bashing GW1 are only focused on poor mmo capitalizing EVERYTHING on gear """""progression"""" once you end that sh#t you have nothing else to do. Its the easyest and cheapest way to have player busy without providing any real content.
    ( and i wont say you have "pvp" after that in BDO, that broken fake pvp dont even worth to dwell on that, even if the base gameplay COULD provide something very nice )
    Its casual if you only look about "gear gathering" but its absolutely not casual if you look to master the game itself. For that point, BDO is way way way more casual. ( especialy with that RNG rule everything + gear 2 rng pvp win )
    Who care ?
    Its not beeing butthurt, its underlining how dumb the RNG in BDO is, how pointless it is, how it bring just jack sh#t as gaming interest ( unless you are a gambling addict )
    because we are on a official forum, where CM are supposed to inform the devs how we think about X or Y. So yes, its important that they are well aware about what ppl think about their crap rng / gear beyond +15.
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  14. woots added a post in a topic Any one with a 7700k or 6700k and 1080ti   

    just look at bench about thoses CPU, 7700k arent that much more powerfull compare to a 6700k ( like 10% or less dont remember exactly )
    So it wont do magic.
    Try again with CPU in 5-6years, maybe its going to change.
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  15. woots added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15?   

    You dont need to have games beeing Esport to be skill based.
    So far, every games aside from thoses  asian baltant cash grab mmo ( and casino like game ), put skill / player "competence" in first position. And the RNG is only a tool to bring somes variance. But NEVER used to wall your experience.
    And its not like, BDO bring gear diversity at the lvl of a Diablo like to, have, rng be meaningfull.
    Stop your BS for a sec would you
    You are never going to proove that the actual BDO rng have somes value except for money grab & buy time just for the sake of buying time => not in the interest of the player.
    You look to have some sort of blindness, because i already told you
    Guild Wars 1 - 2 pvp.
    Already said
    Since you obviously still didnt understood.
    RNG (itself, as a random number generator system ) isnt issue, issue is how its used.
    Oh boy /faceplam.
    Its not "nice" or "bad" RNG, its how its used, and what for.
    -- If you use, like in BDO, RNG, to wall players experience, its stupid, boring, pointless, and dont bring anything on the table for PLAYERS.
    -- if you use RNG, like in a rogue game ( for exemple ) to create "different" environment, to "constantly" renew player gaming experience, this is interesting.
    Its just shorter to speak about "good" / "bad" rng as a "do it really bring something interesting for the gameplay, to "enchance" player gaming experience. Do it serve the gameplay to make the game better / add interesting variace.
    If you just ask thoses question for BDO and un crap rng gear, its always going to be a NO.
    wtf do that even mean lol.
    That's so stupid. Only demonstrate your very limited understanding of thoses games ( even if, ofc, like every games existing, they are not perfect ) On top of just beeing some random cheap bait.
    If thoses games dont bring what YOU look for, that's another issue.
    No one care about "your way", especialy since the "drop gear & so on death" is far from beeing the topic.
    Go create another one to speak about that
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