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  1. C6H5CH3 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Saying of the Day bugged
    Some apparently have noticed this for a while, but I couldn't immediately find any existing topic on this.
    After asking around for confirmation among friends in other guilds, it seems that:
    - some people are not able to register posts in the Saying of the Day section in the guild window
    - some can't click-to-expand longer posts
    - consistently nobody, including guild masters, is able to delete any posts
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  2. C6H5CH3 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [Event] Sweet Candy cooldown incorrect
    According to the description, there should be a 30 minute cool down, while in fact it is 60 minutes.

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  3. C6H5CH3 added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    First you disable the karma system (provided the intended harassment target is in a guild) by making wars effectively free.
    Now you give the middle-finger to any potential crafters left in the game, once more, by disabling an entire life skill tree and nullify any worth their work towards advancing their skill might have had.
    rip this game once people get bored of node wars and all that's left is a couple of guilds ganking each other on the major spots
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  4. C6H5CH3 added a post in a topic Report a Text Cut Issue   

    Siege Weapon Production Skill typo

    Siege Knowledge description typo

    Mutant Gargoyle description typo (cold and cruel)

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  5. C6H5CH3 added a post in a topic Game settings reset every time you reopen the game   

    I feel reasonably assured by now that this is indeed the source of the problem, which however for many can also not be changed.
    Even following the routine given by Microsoft (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/326549) many, myself included, have not been able to make any changes; hours of google-fu to no avail.
    It is a problem which Microsoft has ignored since at least 2009.
    MS won't fix it, so unless BDO stops checking for this, it seems we'll be stuck with it.
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  6. C6H5CH3 added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Libero's quest to produce Elixier of Swiftness at one point falsely lists Wise Man's Blood as an ingredient.

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  7. C6H5CH3 added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Combat stirrups falsely described as saddle.

    The clip playing during the quest on Contaminated Farm contains one too much L at the beginning of the sentence.

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