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  1. Zahi added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    Oh thank you sir, let me buy all those 0 items that are posted on marketplace. You are genius sir!
    There totally isnt half of the server (including me) sitting on billions waiting to snipe everything of value (and fail doing so because of low supply)...
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  2. Zahi added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    this is what is so bad about this enchanting system - you are lucky - you are rewarded and if you are unlucky - you get DESTROYED, not just losing upgrade material but whole accessories and downgrade that takes weeks to get back
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  3. Zahi added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    you used 39 rings to get 2x TRI, i used 35 (or was it 37 not sure anymore) rings to get 2x DUO, then failed pri -> duo ogre and pri -> duo basilisk too...
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  4. Zahi added a post in a topic Tamer grab bug   

    The bug is caused by holding S (walking backwards) instead of block, its so broken mechanic im amazed its in the game, there is no reason to hold block at all for sorc, jsut hold S, you regen your block %, instantly rotate with camera, no animation and you are always ready to attack
    and for some stupid reason tamer grab is being blocked by holding S because noone tests this game at all. you even see warrior/sorc/valk on ground and blocking your whole damage while on ground and then get up still blocking
    BTW this bug can be replicated 100% of time (unless you desync the grab because they walk backwards and get the classic character is in different location error lol)
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  5. Zahi added a post in a topic Polar bear weight limit increase   

    autofishing time reduction doesnt work
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  6. Zahi added a post in a topic Tamer Hype   

    You know its kinda funny how every other class gets some deadly weapon but Tamer gets a stick, like in some movies where monk takes up a stick into swordfight and beat everyone thanks to his hard training and skill. Well, we gotta train hard to beat some asses with a stick
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  7. Zahi added a post in a topic shovel exploit abusers   

    there is reddit thread explaining the exploit, basically infinite shoveling, but not any higher chance for sharps/hards 
    but still if you can afk/sleep/work 12+ hours a day with infinite shoveling thats still a lot of shards and its here for over 3 months
    edit: im really curious how is kakao gonna solve this because its FUBAR, 3 months is a lot of time to recycle shards -> silver -> enchant attempts so they cant just delete few shards from their banks or silver or anything, only thing that seems viable is simple ban (and i doubt anyone did this exploit "accidentally")
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  8. Zahi added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    if anyone vote for anything else than Red Nose i want to see screen shot or it didnt happen
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  9. Zahi added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    100% red nose on balenos 1 jordine so far
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  10. Zahi added a post in a topic New Halloween costumes in Korea   

    well tamer go the short stick as always, like who the f fits more into gray fox costume than actual beast master?! ...
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  11. Zahi added a post in a topic Tips for a new, strange, blader with bow, build   

    You are probably mistaking the "playable styles" with how usually players play it VS how are you supposed to play it.
    "Offensive": Yolo rush and use ulti and shit and die instantly
    "Defensive": Block and wait for opening, shoot in the face with bow for stiffness and rush for combo -> return to block and wait for CDs, repeat for win something like this (prenerfed musa there)
    Also one of bow skills got nerfed too, it no longer KD only knockback so you are left with only 1 usefull bow skill that have 20 sec CD
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  12. Zahi added a post in a topic Maehwa Animation bugs and issues   

    Dragon bite was changed and its not chargeable anymore, but as with many, MANY, other skill descriptions its outdated. 
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  13. Zahi added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Hory shiet! A free pet!
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  14. Zahi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    They seriously didnt fix Tamer Pet in battlefield? What a joke...
    So much fun to PVP witch class that rely on pet, without actual pet...
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  15. Zahi added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    working as intended
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