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  1. TrueCaelis added a topic in General   

    Lag killed me
    got killed by lag moments ago, i logged in on pirates, went to try to level up, was at 95%, and all a sudden invisible mobs started hitting me, i couldnt do nothing, jumped to water to try to save myself, but got killed there

    Gimme my xp back... and crystals, if i lost any
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  2. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Where is the Black Desert Logo on the SS?
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  3. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

    then why dont YOU do it better?
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  4. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic EU server down   

    Same issue in 2 computers here 

    no node war for me, nor will get my 5 blossoms today... i demand compensation, like 10000 memory fragments and 200 fail stack in each char
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  5. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

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  6. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    wow, ty
    When using [Ninjutsu: Blade Spin Blade] with Black Spirit’s Rage 100%, the range and damage in PvP has been increased.
    When using [Ninjutsu: Blade Spin Blade] with Black Spirit’s Rage 100%, the slow camera effect has been reduced.
    After learning Star Throw III, moving backwards and using the ability would not properly apply the damage and has now been resolved.
    [Magic Shuriken Exchange I] quest can only be accepted by Ninjas.
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  7. TrueCaelis added a topic in Ninja   

    Build Help
    Hi, guys, is it possible if one of you can make me a build, or 2, 1 for pvp, one for pve?


    If possible, put the build here
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  8. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic [Hotfix] January 26th - only EU   

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  9. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic Game keep crashing after maintaince, and now i m in the middle of the sea somewhere   

    mine and my wifes crashing also, im doing the story line quests, shes in the desert
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  10. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic FPS overlay   

    tell me how you did it please
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  11. TrueCaelis added a topic in General   

    Give us the rain
    GM's, please, give us the rain and storms back, so many of us are bored with the snow, was funny, was cool, but no more
    and on a side note, there is a quest in heidel that can only be done at night, between 00:00 and 7:00 and when its raining, how does people do it now?
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  12. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic BDO and Asus ROG 702VM   

    yesterday i stoped the turboboost, temps whent way down to max 75 CPU, 82 GPU, fps 55-60 outside cities, but damn, heidel downtown took me to 20 Jesus...

    Today im gonna re-enable the turboboost, and try testing the Under Volt way and monitor to see how its goin
    BTW, do you know if rivaturner have some kind of issues in BDO? Asking cause i couldnt make it show in game the fps/temps
    after some kind of tests, i have one thing to BLAME...
    Coherant UI, that process fcked up my cpu utiliztion like a big daddy, that made my cores be in use 4, and temps go crazy, without it  1, 2 cores, cpu usage down from 75% to 50% jumping from 40 to 55 i think, heat, down from the stupid 90+ to 70/80 dang

    ty for trying to help me out guys
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  13. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic BDO and Asus ROG 702VM   

    have one already... 
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  14. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic BDO and Asus ROG 702VM   

    Not yet, but will use it, cause atm in normal state, sometimes its at 80-85. bt then, for example, 5 minuts ago, on a char change, it jumped to 90+...

    Thats why im gonna test the MSI Afterburner
    People talk also about disable the turbo boost, i dunno
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  15. TrueCaelis added a post in a topic BDO and Asus ROG 702VM   

    TY for the reply, another question, do you have any overheating issue? did you UV, or something similiar to solve heat problem?
    Asking cause heating is my main problem, im thinking in go for UV, like:
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