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  1. Meowy added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    Yup, EU Alustin here.
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  2. Meowy added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Really love this one, beautiful!
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  3. Meowy added a post in a topic The annoying little brat at Velia docks   

    Omg, ahahah!! This one is especially annoying.  
    Also want to add that one Commander or Guild Officer in Southwestern Gateway who seems shouting:
    ''Understood! Keep that in mind! Yes! Understood! Keep than in mind! Yes!''
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  4. Meowy added a post in a topic Lord of the Bees   

  5. Meowy added a post in a topic There's something wrong here   

    That's hilarious! Lmao poor guy standing there like that for nothing.  
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  6. Meowy added a post in a topic BDO forcing computer to shut down   

    Well, good that you got it sorted out who was the culprit, lol.
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  7. Meowy added a post in a topic Dancing in Black Desert   

    Yes!!! I want to dance in this game, would be so much fun.  

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  8. Meowy added a post in a topic Agerian VS Tartias Armor   

    You can get the Taritas chest piece from blacksmith in Heidel, you need to get 500 amity points however to unlock it so you can buy it.
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  9. Meowy added a post in a topic BDO forcing computer to shut down   

    Yeah, same issue... It happened once or twice to me, otherwise I've been able to play the game normally for many hours to at least lvl 27. I hope it's not my new computer. ;___;
    I've read from the forums that it might be PSU issue... Not sure, though.
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  10. Meowy added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    Still these corrupted files issues, everyday. ><'' For me it seemed to be this file: 1_Pc/2_PHW/Head/Head/PHW_00_Head_0003_Eyeline0006.pac Though, those corrupted files change every time I delete the version.dat...
    This time my computer did shut down and booted up by itself in few seconds while launcher was downloading files after I deleted the version.dat....
    I'm not sure has this anything to do with it but I updated the newest Nvidia driver few days ago and only after that I started getting issues with BDO, lol (yup, they seem to be faulty ones, please don't update to 364.51). If so, then I can only blame myself for that shutting down. Otherwise my computer is acting completely normally, actually those crashes happened before too, after I got ''the corrupted files'' error my computer crashed down... I hope it's only the game and not my computer, since this is one month old computer and never had any issues before (I didn't build it, might need to contact the shop if this continues...).
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  11. Meowy added a post in a topic Daum ninja nerf'd fish price   

    OP might be wrong about nerfing since they didn't nerf fishing but OP certainly didn't troll about fish names, I've done some fishing too and got few Arowanas so yes, they do exist in game. xP http://bddatabase.net/us/theme/8542/
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  12. Meowy added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    I've this error from time to time! ><'' I always delete that version.dat & let the launcher fix it, then I can play few hours normally but then it comes back again... I even checked that my RAM is fine (it should be, under 3 weeks old new computer) and I checked so my RAM isn't the reason for it at least.
    I do sometimes, though, go afk fishing or something and then have windowed screen, normally when I play and I'm not afk, I play fullscreen. Maybe there's some hint? The reason could be anything really. D:
    I've also put BDO to antivirus exclusions and made the game always run it as admin...
    Maybe have to download whole game again? Uninstall and then install again?
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  13. Meowy added a post in a topic "Hey, check out these teeth!"   

    B... But... He took my memory. ;_____;
    Also my eyesight.
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  14. Meowy added a post in a topic Above you.   

    Doctor Who.
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