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  1. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Exploitation Perm   

    Spent £300+...get banned. Well that's gratitude for ya
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  2. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Exploitation perm?   

    Ugh! This is such b***shit. Looks like I won't get to unwind and relax like I hoped ¬_¬
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  3. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic [PVE] Alternate channels for PVE Only   

    I don't think a PvE with no PvP is the answer, and I'm someone who doesn't really like PvP. But you could have it so that it's tailor made towards PvE. Same for a PvP channel.
    That said, I've only played the CBT of BDO. I have no idea if PvP will be a huge consequence to my PvE enjoyment. So while I'd like to have features such as duels being invite only, Karma system being maintained (no lowering please), etc I can't really justify asking for them until I've played the game for a long time or had such bad experience with it.
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  4. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    Well I don't see how the "You won't enjoy this game if you're not into PvP" are valid as BDO is accommodating to both. But since there are arguments on both sides, why not just have a channel/server that is very PvP orientated and/or one that is PvE focused? Compromise and make everyone...well most happy
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  5. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Closed Beta 1 Survey   

    This is the longest I've played a CBT. Pretty much says how much I loved it. So glad I brought the Conquerors package.
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  6. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Stanislava
    Family Name: Koinzell
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/LUQcgCE.jpg

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  7. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic CBT-1 Events   

    Awesome. I do like how you're just not describing the events but giving us tips on how to accomplish them I'm even more pumped now
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  8. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Are you PvP or PvE player? POLL   

    I'm a PvE player. Don't really have the focus or patience to become a top PvP player and with PvE (usually) being more forgiving, I prefer that side
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  9. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Do you guys think the $100 is worth the Conquerors pack?   

    Yes it's worth it. That's all I can say. It's up to you to look at the features and go "yes, that'll do".
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  10. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic What little PvE content IS there?   

    Guild Wars 2 had challenging PvE, Maple Story did too though that was more artificial then natural. If I could go through the MMOs I've played I'm sure I could pick some more.
    Anywho, as someone said earlier, the game will be new (EU/NA wise) and so if it has enough support, Daum/Pearl Abyss will hopefully add more content for PvE (and PvP)
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  11. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic MMOsite Readers' Choice Awards   

    Yes that was my point of the long rant.
    That said, to tell you the truth ArcheAge's graphics are very bland and look like PlayStation 2 graphics when compared to BnS
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  12. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    Baby steps. I agree with the lore being detailed and in-depth would be great but overloading too much PvE features would see them have their potential quality dive. I hope when I start the PvE is good enough and that (admittedly sooner rather then later) they start introducing more PvE goodness that keeps it engaging (same for PvP too even though that's not quite my thing).
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  13. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic MMOsite Readers' Choice Awards   

    *Must refrain from suggesting to put graphics settings on BnS on high*
    ...And breath... Okay, I agree that BDO has the best graphics by far (i mean, it's not even a contest) saying BnS graphics are "like a cartoon from cartoon network, it's ugly af" is ignorance at best and just hating at worse. It has very good, even great at times, graphics (The cutscenes are very well done and in-game). Yes the early parts of the game are very generic looking but that's more the level design then the graphics themselves.
    ToS too has great graphics, though if you're someone who can't stand pixel graphics, it's understandable to why you may scoff at it. Of course, it's understandable on my part if I chuck rocks at you...or at least act like those snobs at an art gallery that can't fathom why people don't like a particular painting/artist
    Or we can stop getting worked up over some not-at-all-meaningful poll and move on *puts rocks down*
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  14. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic Gating Early Access behind a 100 dollar price tag   

    Annoyed over a 2-4 day head start I'm going to say that the EA had nothing with me buying CP. What swayed me were:
    10 Housing Décor Coupon (because everyone knows decorating your house is only less stressful then moving house in the 1st place :D)10 Partial Skill Resets (Sounds like if I goof up too bad skill wise, I'm covered...ten times)Steel Toolset Package (I read on the alpha reviews that the Copper tools aren't great, even early game)Tier 5 Horse (Tier 1-2 is like My Little Pony, Tier 3 is like Seabiscuit (wiki it), Tier 4 is like War Horse/Joey (Wiki it) and Tier 5 is Thirty/Thirty (Bravestarr...please don't tell me you have to wiki that too )2,500 Pearls ($25 / €25 Value (because I'm a cheap MMO whore like that ¬_¬)Everything else is marzipan/creamy frosting on a nice, moist cake (I hate cherry ¬_¬)
    Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go on a Adult Dating Site a friendly totally SFW site and if I can trade 3 guest passes for er...something equal of worth...yes...*cough*
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  15. Hoahmaru added a post in a topic How many people preordered?   

    Got the Conquerors package. That means I have a lot of faith in this game working out
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