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  1. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Can't stay connected   

    Ever since 4 may patch I have been randomly been disconnected. Try reinstall update all drivers set my grafic low or high swapped CH nothing seems to help. I can be on for 3 hours in a row to 5 min it's random. Shame because I like this game. Worst part is 10 min CD on trader since DC loads
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  2. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Did my support ticket go through?   

    You normally get a auto response saying there on it from that moment it can take awhile. Normal response time give or take 1 week min
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  3. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Ban Waves   

    i am glad to see your dealing with it. Hope youll find a solution to random dc next.
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  4. Jackoneill added a post in a topic EU[Jordine] Konvict [Semi-hardcore] [16+][English][Teamspeak][Discord] Looking for small guilds to merge with us!   

    We are still looking for players to fill our ranks. We like to have a laugh when we do guild quests and bosses and scrolls. But of course there is plenty off PvP if you like that also, come join us while we still have open spots.
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  5. Jackoneill added a post in a topic EU[Jordine] Konvict [Semi-hardcore] [16+][English][Teamspeak][Discord] Looking for small guilds to merge with us!   

    You think you got what it takes to be fun and social maybe we are what you're looking for come give us a try
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  6. Jackoneill added a post in a topic EU[Jordine] Konvict [Semi-hardcore] [16+][English][Teamspeak][Discord] Looking for small guilds to merge with us!   

    Getting more and more active players so when wars come we might be not be the best but we will join the fun
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  7. Jackoneill added a post in a topic EU[Jordine] Konvict [Semi-hardcore] [16+][English][Teamspeak][Discord] Looking for small guilds to merge with us!   

    where still looking but where getting close to 80 members so think fast before the node wars start :P.
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  8. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Fastest way to level training skill?   

    Hey just few tip's if you are or ever gone do leveling horses. First tip is try catch your own horse instead off buying since it will give you lots off training points. Second always start off with tier 1 if you wane lvl training because they need almost no experience points and you have a chance off turning them in tier 3/4/5 but make sure no deads and lvl them to 30.

    Other tip is run them during night time in game because it gives little more exp. Never forget to stock up on Carrot's either farm them or buy them. If you are serious gone do this I would recommend to buy or make a +5 speed (10)+hoove or weel if use wagon. Also buy or make sute tea this increase your life skill bye 8% . and of course try buy/ make a costume for training.

    I believe the fastest way of lvling horses is to put them in front off your noble pop sute tea 8% pop 20% horse scroll and 5%/10% costume. If you really wane be multi skilled do this in combinations with trading from calpheon to altanova.

    If you're gone do afk training during the night (real life sleep ).make sure your autoloop is working ( put it on tick carrot box and wait for at least 1 completed run) before going. Also make sure your in a safe zone so if your at war no one can kill you normally city will do. 

    I try to do afk lvling never on the home channel since I have read that guild ping sometimes overrides your autoloop. Once you have done all that small tip drain at least 100/150 energy in a node so you don't top up and check if all workers are full and working.

    Once you get to tier 5 your horses drain there energy fast and bye this time you really wane have blue Carrot's with you can get from farming . you can either buy a blue carrot seed and breed it until you have a steady flow or if there are none start with a normal one and keep breeding till you end up with only blue.
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  9. Jackoneill added a post in a topic EU[Jordine] Konvict [Semi-hardcore] [16+][English][Teamspeak][Discord] Looking for small guilds to merge with us!   

    Getting close to the last few spots roughly about 15/20 slots left. Join now before the wars so you have a shot at cool things.
    Of course you will have to work for it
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  10. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Knocked out about 5 minutes in   

    Try play different channel seems to help me
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  11. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Auto navigation while on horse went off track   

    Sadly this has happened to lots off players. I found out that it sometimes happens when players guild ping. Other then that I still don't know
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  12. Jackoneill added a post in a topic Noble wagon/ trade wagon   

    I understand that but this is not about debating it's a suggestion
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