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  1. Asami added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    I agree. Tamer/musa/maehwa/ninja/kuno are all in the same boat when it comes down to large scale PvP. We can play roles, but all the other classes are pretty much viewed as meta of large scale where as those classes are viewed pretty much as filler classes. 
    They already said they aren't nerfing and instead plan to bring the weaker classes up to strength with the stronger classes. Yet oddly enough one of the few classes that get nerfed is tamer.... I'll admit void can be a bit cheese at time, but it was the strongest part of the class and mainly what tamer had to offer. "Whats good about tamer" "Oh they have a spammable AOE CC" lol. Not anymore. Its not the end of the world, but again.... That change is a pretty big hit to the classes utility. 
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  2. Asami added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Any tamer that doesn't siege will tell you "Tamer is assassin, thats the role we play in sieges" but the thing is.... Anyone who plays a tamer in siege knows if you have the AP you have on tamer on almost any other class you will probably do more to help your guild. 1v1 assassins are viewed as pretty useless in sieges. Why have a 1v1 assassin when you can have a wizard that can drop an ult and kill 10 people at once? 
    Fact is tamer doesn't have a key role to play. That is why out of the top siege guilds in NA there's probably less then 15 tamers combined. You can do a lot more in a siege as a 230 ap witch, wizard, warrior, DK, sorc compared to a 230 ap tamer. No matter how good you are. 
    You can be the best tamer in the world and still feel bottlenecked by your class in sieges. 
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  3. Asami added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    I shit on kids in largescale lmao. I don't have a problem but I know I can get more out of playing another class. That is what bothers me.  just cause I complain it is a weaker largescale class doesn't mean I am not good. I've been in a lot of top siege guilds and I'm usually top 10 kill as tamer so  
    And yes you are right, we are assassin classes and our kits are made for smaller scale. That is why we aren't the most viable large scale. But they can make some simple changes to make tamer better in large scale without making us to strong in 1v1's. For instance improving our ultimate ability in awakened form. Whether it be by damage or the ability to cancel it or whatever... Increasing the damage on our awakened 100% alone would make tamer more viable for large scale. 
    There is a ton of little things they can do, that they haven't yet. That could have major improvements in largescale for all assassin classes. 
    We are assassin classes, yet most other classes just one shot people while we still have to do some form of combo so..........  our "role" isn't exactly a priority. Almost any class can fill it. 
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  4. Asami added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    My point is they took away a major part of our kit, ultimate pierce doesn't make up for that in any way. Whether you use void a lot or not, they still have been taking from our kit constantly without giving much of anything. Ultimate echo literally makes it so you hit both times in front rather then front and back. If you think that is a new strong attack that makes up for a huge take out in our kit then idk what to say. 
    Tamers who siege all day are waiting for something to make the class a more viable option in large scale pvp. I get it, its small scale class.... but the changes they should be putting in are changes that make a class that isn't viable in both worlds, viable in both worlds. Most top tier siege classes are good in small scale and largescale. That's what they should be aiming for with every class in my opinion. But anyone who does largescale pvp with a tamer knows that tamer is limiting. 
    Its shitty playing the class you like and knowing that the biggest upgrade you can make right now is a reroll to a meta class for sieges lol. Tamer is good small scale, lacking in large scale. Anyone who primarily does large scale PvP as a tamer can tell you that the class is limiting. 
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  5. Asami added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Tbh I wasn't mad about the void change as much because I saw the KR patch translation and it said spinner damage increase. But now these say PVE spinner damage increase. 
    I'm getting really -----ing tired of pearl abyss's retarded "balancing" process. They literally buff OP meta classes like warrior and shit on off meta weaker classes who need improvements to be more viable in larger scale pvp. 
    There's nothing else I can think of other then the fact that they are trying to milk money out of tamer rerolls. 
    Which makes me -----ing sick. Shitty development team that I used to respect that is now literally retarded. They pay no attention to tamer forums and what tamers want at all. They just shit on our class every "balance" patch lol. 
    And before you say "lul butthurt kid who spams void all day". I barely even use void and I already got used to only using it when its off CD so its not a problem. 
    The problem is PA takes and takes and takes all day from tamer and they never give anything. 
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  6. Asami added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Ape Abyss nerfing tamer lmao. Literally retarded developers just -----ing the class so people pay to reroll to meta classes. 
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  7. Asami added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    ----- your mindless tamer changes. Keep buffing warriors lmao. 
    So backwards. 
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  8. Asami added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    Exactly lol. I didn't even take the time to write a reply to him. 
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  9. Asami added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    To be honest its retarded to go off K/D if they aren't looking at how many kills/deaths instead of just the ratio. 
    A tamer can go 20/5 K/D and have the same ratio as a warrior that goes 100/25. 
    Obviously..... The warrior is far stronger compared to a tamer (in this example) even though the ratio is the same. 
    Everyone knows warrior and sorc have a lot higher kill potential in large scale PvP compared to a tamer. Yet on this graph it shows they are close -_-. 
    Aka they are saying tamer is on their level based on K/D ratio's like 20/5 vs 100/25. Saying they are the same lol. 
    The fact that they want to buff weaker classes rather than nerfing the broken classes, yet for some reason still nerf the weaker classes and rarely buff them while not touching the broken higher tier classes (likely as an excuse for their slow af balance roll outs)... Tells me the developers are retarded and don't know how to balance a game. 
    Keep buffing warriors, never nerf wizards, never nerf dark knights. Good luck balancing lmao. 
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  10. Asami added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    I think the answer is to just ban all Manup and Vision members for exploiting  
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  11. Asami added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Thank you for posting them early as well as releasing the DP PvP buff this soon as well. 
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  12. Asami added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Is this the patch you guys are ganna ----- tamers in? cause, y'know.... tamers so OP and broken, lul. 
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  13. Asami added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    Here is zizzi's video and explanation/opinion on the new skill.
    It doesn't sound like a buff, but not exactly a nerf either. 
    So basically, pointless change? lmao. 
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  14. Asami added a post in a topic Helping New Tamers!!   

    Play something else. 
    You work a million times harder on tamer to be good in PvP and almost every class in the game can be on your skill level and outdo you in large scale PvP. 
    If I got to go back in time I would tell myself to stay off this class and play a witch, wizard, warrior, zerker, valk, sorc, ranger. 
    I remember when I first started playing when the game came out in NA and my friends all told me tamer is a bad choice, the class is weak in sieges. I ignored them. 
    Now I play a class that siege guilds don't even recruit. 
    other classes do what tamer does with far less effort, far less gear, far less skills. 
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