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  1. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    I do not wish to compete with credit card warriors so I left my guild this morning and will spend my time elsewhere.I am not going to spew insults and negativity just going to seek greener pastures.Happy hunting.
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  2. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Weekend xp events   

    So the consensus of today's average gamer is to sit quietly and not ask for change when change is needed?You will always fall behind people that sit on their butts at home gaming all day while productive people provide for their families ,that does not mean the rest of us should not get a fair shake.
    Node wars are a totally different animal and making that comparison is silly because if you cannot catch up in gear/level  it is pointless to participate in them.
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  3. Mr.Ogre added a topic in General   

    Weekend xp events
    Would it be possible to have an xp event that does not exclude people that work weekend shifts?I  work twelve hour shifts on the weekend and never get to take advantage of these events as I am sure there are a lot of other gamers in the same boat.Thank you.
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  4. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic The state of the game & the community   

    The "real" challenge is most certainly NOT pvp it is getting your gear so you can pvp,if you go into any battle without your gear maxxed out you are dead meat and three hours of node warring in unfinished gear is not fun.So do not call zerging under geared players a challenge because it is not.
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  5. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Crashing   

    Yeah it is pretty annoying when you guild is under attack and you keep DCing.
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  6. Mr.Ogre added a topic in General   

    Guys the game keeps shutting down every ten minutes or so since the patch any suggestions seeing how we still don't have a file checker?
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  7. Mr.Ogre added a topic in General   

    I guess I am old school because to me hardcore pvp is when you initiate combat with another player and go toe to toe not sneak up  and kill them while they are at 30% and farming or afk fishing.We always referred to guilds that zerg low level guilds as dirtbag guilds because they is no accomplishment in killing another player that could not fight back.If you want to call yourself hardcore then work yourself up an arena ladder and prove it  otherwise you are just a troll.Feel free to throw what ever childish catch phrase you are using now at me but let me add I have not been PKed one single time so this is just an observation.Happy Hunting.
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  8. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic New patch ? Downloading ~850MB now   

    I love this game but my patience is wearing thin.There is no room for "give them a break they are trying" this game has been a out a while in Korea and it works so put the excuses on the shelf and get it fixed.
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  9. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    This is how they get you to buy inventory/weight items in the cash shop,not lazy it is intentional along with the heaps of trash loot that creates the issue to begin with.It is the route most games are taking now unfortunately.
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  10. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    I keep seeing a lot of players complaining about how different this is than the Korean version,why not just roll on back over there?People choose classes by what they played in beta and hide the glitches and exploits they found while doing so and then when it is found and fixed everyone wants to cry about it.I play the game because it is pretty thats about it when I want to pvp I use the console or play ARMA,the balance issue has been around since mmo pvp started and always will be a point of contention.I understand it is frustrating to like a class and have to be the underdog but it is all about the money and when this MFker is selling for 20 dollars on Steam next month I will probably be flaming too.
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  11. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    Loyalty dyes from my experience are normally crap colors anyway,to get the brilliant colors you will still have to pay for them.
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  12. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Darkside of Black desert   

    This is the first game I have played that seems to ignore Data mining and program hacking.You cannot really say anything without some teenager calling you a Troll  and I honestly don't give a bag of dry dog crap what you think but for this game to work the dirtbags need to be IP banned.I hope they can fix it because I really enjoy it.
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  13. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic Darkside of Black desert   

    Id have to agree with his statement about market bots, it took me 3 hours to buy grunil boots .
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  14. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic RIP Edan Server   

    Yeah there is no way I am dropping any more money on this til it gets fixed, shame too I am having fun.Double the channels guys and when the population falls off merge them cmon mmo 101.
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  15. Mr.Ogre added a post in a topic A Lot of disconnecting   

    I seem to start having issues in the evening then it just piles up and cannot log in at all.I am deleting the game for the third time and reinstalling which is getting old.
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