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  1. iarilo added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    So how was dk doin in KR guys? Worth getting one?
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  2. iarilo added a post in a topic Optimized connection   

    Okay. First of all, rendering happens on your own pc, it doesn't hit anything concerning your internet. Server sends you other players' data, your pc renders it out so you can see what they actually do (for example - player position). You, as a player, send your own data (movement/fighting/fishing etc.) to the server, so other players would be updated about ur own actions.
    Optimization is another thing, tho. Both netcode and graphics engine struggle with that and I doubt they're gonna do anything to improve performance in the coming.. years?
    So gl with that, lol.
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  3. iarilo added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    I like the community this way, op u better be sure ur not in the minority.
    And for an adult you seem to be quite sensitive, boi.
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  4. iarilo added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    I'm really surprised you guys released both awakenings at once and fulfilled your promise.
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  5. iarilo added a post in a topic Take a moment to list what you don't like about Valkyrie   

    Well, for example, all Maehwa awakening skills have 'reduced damage in pvp'. Literally all. Except autoattack.
    Just my 5cents
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  6. iarilo added a post in a topic Can my PC run BDO?   

    It's gonna run on low (and maybe even medium), main thing ur lacking is RAM.
    Don't expect stable 60 fps with this though.
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  7. iarilo added a post in a topic Evasion gear   

    tbh I tried something similar, wasn't very satisfied with the results. After all, hit and miss is more of level difference than evasion thing.
    Also, krea & rosar are quite more worth with the set bonus and don't forget you need accuracy yourself. Other than that quite viable, yes.
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  8. iarilo added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    Wow. Forward chase change is quite noticeable, thank you.
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  9. iarilo added a post in a topic [POLL] Item Merge ... Yes or No?   

    Is a huge exploit imo.
    Just transferring items only from the server ur main (highest level) character is on would make this alot better.
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  10. iarilo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Well, most ppl I know exploited event rewards on all servers to get multiple boxes after the merge, so thats kinda sad. But overall good news guys!
    Curious how its gonna affect desync
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  11. iarilo added a post in a topic Why is everyone leaving for   

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  12. iarilo added a post in a topic Why are Costumes like Delphe Knight undyeable??   

    "Should ingame costumes be dyeable"
    -Most unbiased poll ever
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  13. iarilo added a post in a topic BDO - Laptop guide   

    #define smoothly
    If you wanna play the game @ stable 60 fps, you'd play either on very low (still with fps drops in certain areas or during combat) or better spend the money to a desktop pc since a laptop in this price range won't do enough to get stable 60 @ medium.

    If ur fine with 30-40 fps, then ur prolly fine with the current search going on.
    In case you need the high fps in bdo but can't buy an expensive laptop, you can also try something out like using an external videocard with a laptop thru thunderbolt or smth similar. If you can find a cheap one ofc.
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  14. iarilo added a post in a topic New tutorial is awful   

    well, maybe they thought it'd be like skyrim so you'd go and explore stuff urself idk
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