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  1. Fantality added a topic in General   

    Is it just me or is Dim Tree Armor insanely difficult to enchant?
    I'm having a very difficult time getting my Dim Tree Armor enchanted... I've enchanted Nouver, Bheg, etc and none of those have been this difficult. Dim Tree just refuses to succeed even with max fail stacks.
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  2. Fantality added a post in a topic Anyone else notice the change in boss drops?   

    So is getting 1g's only from karanda and armor black stones only from red nose after doing a lot of dmg normal? Two times in a row? I thought only the boxes were rng and that the crap loot had to do with dmg contribution?
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  3. Fantality added a post in a topic Anyone else notice the change in boss drops?   

    I know. But Red nose boxes are. I mentioned that above. I also didn't say anything about Karanda box. 
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  4. Fantality added a topic in General   

    Anyone else notice the change in boss drops?
    I have 214 AP and I know how to dps well and get the back side of the boss throughout the whole fight. I usually get multiple loot from Karanda and double boxes + multiple loot from red nose. 
    Since the maintenance, I've been noticing a change in pattern of the boss drops I am accustomed to getting. 
    I just killed 2 red nose and 2 karanda.
    Both Karanda kills only gave me armor black stones and I was one of the first ones to be there for the first Karanda I killed.
    Both Red nose kills only gave me 1g gold ingots and likewise, I was literally the first person to be at one of the red noses I killed.
    Can't even call this rng because rng has nothing to do with getting multiple drops from both karanda and red nose. Also, red nose boxes are solely dependent on your dps, I heard.
    • 23 replies
  5. Fantality added a post in a topic Kaidict's Crystal - Adventure   

    Oh I see!
    Which crystals are you using in your exp helmet?
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  6. Fantality added a post in a topic Kaidict's Crystal - Adventure   

    Yeah but I'm trying to see if anyone has an answer already before I experiment and possibly ruin a crystal
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  7. Fantality added a topic in General   

    Kaidict's Crystal - Adventure
    Happy Friday guys,
    Just a quick question!

    Do any of you know if the Kaidict's Crystal - Adventure stacks? If it does, I would like to use two of it in my helm.
    • 5 replies
  8. Fantality added a topic in General   

    Anyone else stopped receiving the house fame funds?
    I don't know why but I stopped getting my house fame funds.
    • 1 reply
  9. Fantality added a post in a topic Nodes to Pirate Islands?   

    Are there any benefits to connecting to pirates from Velia? I know it will take more CP but wondering if there are any upsides to that.
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  10. Fantality added a topic in Off-Topic   

    What are your temperatures playing BDO?
    My gpu is hitting mid 80's and I'm a little worried. Is this normal?
    First picture is at idle and 2nd one is when running BDO.

    • 4 replies
  11. Fantality added a topic in Technical Issues   

    download speed?
    What's wrong with the download speed? I started at 100mbps and then it slowly deteriorated all the way down to 2.66mbps. Tried a lot of thing such as closing and reopening launcher, deleting the game as a whole and starting from scratch, etc. Also, the client doesn't even continue on from where I left off before closing the client. It just restarts fresh at 0%. 
    • 6 replies
  12. Fantality added a topic in General   

    Downloader keeps going to 0%?
    I'm trying to download BDO fresh and everytime I turn it off and turn it back on to continue the download, it starts at 0% all over again. I looked at my BDO folder in the program files and it is 40gb in size. Do you guys know why this is happening and how I would continue the download from where it left off?
    • 1 reply
  13. Fantality added a post in a topic What exactly is "Ordered Looting"?   

    Is this confirmed? Felt like my friend was getting less trash loots as well. 
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  14. Fantality added a topic in General   

    [Imp Captain Summon Scroll] daily MIA
    Since a few days ago, I stopped getting the dailies for the imp captain. Does anyone know why this would happen?
    • 2 replies
  15. Fantality added a topic in General   

    What exactly is "Ordered Looting"?
    I thought ordered looting was that it equally distributed the loot to everyone in the party in a turn based system. I don't think this is how it works though because my friend who only had 1 pet is getting less loot than the one with more pets. Does anyone know how this looting option works?
    • 7 replies