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  1. TheDeathCrafter added a topic in Off-Topic   

    May the 4th be with you!
    Hopefully today we get some cool canon updates or content for Battlefront.
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  2. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Berserker PvP Videos (YouTube) + (My Equipment, Crystals and Skill Build)   

    Nice to finally have a PvP channel in the west!
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  3. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Bored of Ranger, need some feedback before rerolling   

    When i recommend a class, it is always the valkyrie. But if you want a pure fun class then i would recommend the berserker. The feeling of smashing and not giving a damn while spinning is great. But leveling from 28-50 is a nightmare imo. The worst is having to spend all your currency on pots. But since you already have a high level character, if you go for the berserker i recommend buying up some good gear for him to start with.
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  4. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic A Meele Class thats worth the effort   

    I actually have nothing really against her awakening. Though i got surprised when i saw it was a lance rather than a sword.  
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  5. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic A Meele Class thats worth the effort   

    I absolutely recommend the Valkyrie. Great defence, good healing, and good damage. Valkyrie's only major con is the lack of movement, but their ranged attacks and charge makes up for it.
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  6. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Workers - What the absolute...   

    Im pretty sure it's pure RNG. But to be honest, i too feel Giants pop up much more than goblins and humans.
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  7. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic LvL 49.999 and not higher!   

    If others don't want to PvP it's up to them. I am just saying they are removing one of the core aspects which makes BDO special.
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  8. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic LvL 49.999 and not higher!   

    I enjoy the world PvP aspect of the game. It gives a sense of danger wherever you are and it's a part of the game.
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  9. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic I would just like to say Melisandre is still the hottest   

    Alextraza from WoW. Aw yeah!
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  10. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Trouble Choosing   

    I can't say much about the Tamer and Plum simply because i haven't played them yet. BUT what i can say is congratulations to becoming a father for the first time!
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  11. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Newbye question   

    The end game is more focused on PvP and you won't be able to do any of it until level 50 which for me takes an eternity. And when you get to level 50, you first have to get good gear only to do decent in PvP. So, it's up to you whether it is worth the wait because in general PvE is the main activity.
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  12. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Dark Elf   

    So... Basically a Death Knight? <3
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  13. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic worker promotion RNG ? improve success?   

    I haven't noticed any difference. Tried with a level 11 and a 16. Both failed like usually. Now when i purchase a worker, i only accept blue and higher.
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  14. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic NA server > why these class names for blader   

    I'm norwegian so saying Musa is no problem 
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  15. TheDeathCrafter added a post in a topic Why does this game require a 5 hour down time every time it does a weekly maintenace? While gw2 can do it on the fly?   

     Long maintenance is a common thing amongst multiplayer games and I have no problem playing a other game while i wait until the maintenance is complete.
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