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  1. kolwin added a topic in Musa   

    Seleth vs Yuria Blade
    Which one would be better? Why are people using Yuria blade over seleth? wouldn't Seleth be better for pvp or is the enhanced ap overall better ? Seleth Blade Yuria Blade
    • 5 replies
  2. kolwin added a topic in Musa   

    Any Skill Builds out?
    BDfoundry is not working for some reason so i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else or had a link to a good Musa PVE build/ skills?
    • 4 replies
  3. kolwin added a post in a topic Need a Sorceres leveling guide 50+   

    Zereth for the knockdown/ bound res, Agerian chest/gloves/boots, Yuria amulet, jubre talisman, 2x pri ring of good deeds, Bares belt & necklace, pri bares earring and an earing of dim magical power. Carmae crystal on weapon and viper crystal on gloves. brings me to 94 ap and 116 dp at lvl 41. and yes.. this is my alt i'm currently leveling

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  4. kolwin added a post in a topic Mediah patch coming out in 10 days?   

    You mean East
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  5. kolwin added a post in a topic Same old stuff, boring fetch and kill quests, whats wrong with mmo genre ????   

    Elder scrolls online may be more your taste. It was a decent game. Just more like a single player game with online capabilities. Questing was really good imo. All quests were different and had good story to it. Game just got old real quick for me. 
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  6. kolwin added a post in a topic Day3   

    In your other thread you posted about how bad the graphics are and there is nothing to do, you said you uninstalled the game... I'm so lost now...
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  7. kolwin added a post in a topic Thoughts on the founders armor for wizards   

    It's not too bad. I changed the colors completely. he is now almost(somewhat) White colored. i'll have to get a pic when the game goes back up.

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  8. kolwin added a post in a topic Can you get house items as drops?   

    I forget what.. might of been a pig, but it dropped a nice rug for me. i now walk over it everyday to get to my bed.
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  9. kolwin added a post in a topic Stop giving guess passes out randomly   

    yeah i gave away 2 keys randomly on here and they ended up buying the game. Really nice guys too.
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  10. kolwin added a post in a topic NextGEN MMO   

    what exactly are the lies? Other than the whole dye system. Game has been out for 2 years and I have been keeping up with it for over 3... It's exactly what I have seen the past 3 years of watching this game. I am in no way trying start an argument. I'm just stating my opinion for the game. 
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  11. kolwin added a post in a topic NextGEN MMO   

    I just don't get why people buy games without reading up on it or watching videos of it. Op said he played 10 min and saw everything had been done before and uninstalled it. If he had just read up on a game before buying it he would have seen this isn't for him. And it's next gen as in amazing graphics and amazing fluid gameplay with hundreds of stuff to do... yes it may have been done before.. but not as well as it is in this game. With your logic then all new games that will ever be released in the future will never be considered "next gen", as it has all been done before. Maybe the op was hoping to become a wizard and fly in outer space killing space dinosaurs? I'm sure that has never been done before. 
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  12. kolwin added a topic in General   

    Selling Gold ingot
    Does anyone know how to sell the Gold ingots? says has the same value as 100,000 silver coins but it is never added into how many silver i have. not to vendors nor the market. am just curious as to where i can use or sell them?
    • 2 replies
  13. kolwin added a post in a topic Free boat buying the skin?   

    No they took that out cause people complained too much. i bought it as well 
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