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  1. Rzaj added a post in a topic Current Top 5 seige guilds   

    Seems the current siege scene will be completely altered anyway with the upcoming changes and mercing/selling yourself individually to region factions as if this was TERA
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  2. Rzaj added a post in a topic Wizard nerfed - gz ppl   

    Not to mention 1v1 is not the same as large scale war.
    Ninja when played properly can kill a large variety in 1v1, a Zerker can utilize their grabs in 1v1 without fear of being blown apart. 
    Toss them in large scale and if they're not evasion based or playing like a skirmisher they will die in the fray
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  3. Rzaj added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    Game's been out for a year, if most of you posting played properly throughout that time by planning your failures out and generating passive income, you'll have gotten your yellow grade accessories at duo, tri boss gear and at least a tri kzarka/dande/kutum/nouver by now.
    For those coming into the game they likely have duo marks/witch, duo/tri shultz accessories instead after a few months.
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  4. Rzaj added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    The recent changes and additions they made were based around massive fights, if you don't have 230 with a kutum with or without Tri red coral earrings you haven't truly reached the point to experience that nearly all classes have the potency to 100-0 quickly.
    Ninja and Maehwa in open world would be much more frightening 1v1 with that amount of AP than some Wizard who isn't running evasion, this isn't even to speak of a Berserker. 
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  5. Rzaj added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    This topic was made by someone from Barcode or someone impersonating their members about hunting LotD down as a response to being 4v1'd on Calpheon 3/25/17. They say LotD lied to them about having a 1v1 at the end, when one of their siege officers was informed nearly 3 hours ahead of the war about what was going on and I guess miscommunication happened.
    They felt salty about it despite the same offer of a 1v1 was given to them at the start of this year by LotD and they betrayed, as well as when Man Up offered a 1v1 and some time later they 8v1'd Man Up. 
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  6. Rzaj added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    In return for leaving Calph castle unmolested, what sort of memory do you have? Did you even play Orwen?
    Iconic fought Rage and FoE assisted by Relevant in Valencia, LotD took Calpheon and Relevant maintained control of Mediah by destroying their fort after returning from Valencia. The next week Iconic fought us in their Valencia castle and ctg'd back to Calpheon to take it back. It's not a claim to have fought them when people use to record where which guilds built on these very forums, and you will have seen us having built on them almost each saturday but the very last siege in Orwen. Paid off? We're probably one of the only few siege guilds that hasn't been paid by anyone to do anything.
    If the problem you hold is this "lie and betrayal" you claim, then just like that Barcode member I'd say to ask Orca as he was left in the dark regarding siege plans that transpired nearly 3 hours before the war itself. Besides they did that to us first, the only difference is we didn't go on a tirade crying about it on forums nor in game. 
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  7. Rzaj added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    When your guild openly comments, mocks, and berates of course the recipient will act in turn. If you simply said GF and left it be I'm sure other members would have done the same.
    Edit: It wasn't a lie btw, you can go ask your leader or maybe not, since apparently even he don't get informed of what goes on in siege planning.
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  8. Rzaj added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    It changed when we had a leadership change, that was back when we left Balenos...not because of Barcode lol
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  9. Rzaj added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    We fought you guys for over an hour ON our home channel at 2 am est... you proceeded to even zerg camp Lacari who came by to mess around after most of us left. Must suck not having competition with similar gear but most have work or other things to do in the morning and don't have time to continue
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  10. Rzaj added a post in a topic LOTD destroys Barcode in a 1v1 at Calpheon, so whats next for them?   

    I'm p"R"etty sure it was somebody else who told those guilds to attack Valencia, only to return to their castle to clear an empty fort. While I do like the idea of us being adept at politics, we were one of the only siege guilds who chose to keep building on Iconic's castles during the month and weeks prior to merge aside from Spetznas until Orwen finally decided to fight back and prevented a 5/5 take over.
    Even when Iconic thorn potted our entire siege in Valencia while fighting their sister guild, or opened our gates with Fixettes low level alternate account half an hour before siege, we never sought retribution. Barcode did something else entirely, at least we knew how Iconic was at that point in time
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  11. Rzaj added a post in a topic Node war rankings??   

    I'm not sure who you are in game Blighter, but Cynical never placed in all the wars we had nor were paid by us. They are simply a guild from Orwen that chose to assist the only other Orwen guild holding a territory that they preferred.  
    The only people we LotD have given money for anything resembling mercenary work was New Era whom approached us in the 2nd week of owning Balenos after server merges offering their services and we turned them down, it was only after they stayed out of the fight after we allowed Support to rebuild for a 1v1 did we gift them 100mil. Wolves of War was the 2nd guild on the 5th week after new years when we were told we would be zerged that we outright hired in an attempt to combat it.
    Prior to abandoning our territory we reached out to Vertex, Villain, Cynical, and other guilds saying if they wanted to take it, go for it. If you have no knowledge on how we do things simply ask, we're quite transparent about our intentions and are now under new management going forward after leaving Balenos. 
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  12. Rzaj added a post in a topic Manup + Gravity merger   

    Not even part of this salt throwing but I will say this; Gravity was not a community but a hardcore siege guild that valued competency and gear to meet their goals. I won't say they didn't think about synergy since I'm not a member but you can only expect true loyalty out of a community or something shaping to be a community when it gets to such a level of competition.
    There is a reason why most community guilds are weak with stray outliers yet don't die while the opposite take off at light speed to victories only to later crash and burn when success diminishes.  
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  13. Rzaj added a post in a topic EDAN FGTS DEAD HYPE   

    Cynical isn't a mercenary guild, they're their own entity that willingly chose to help an Orwen guild they recognized and are appreciated in every war they participate in. 
    Not sure where you get the idea that we've never done sieges without assistance, the spoiler will explain it all.
    Edit: Regardless of what you may have heard, if it was 1 individual it doesn't mean the entire guild speaks for it. Calpheon opened our eyes on the lack of gear we hold and have been actively working on improving it to meet the current castle siege requirements. 
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  14. Rzaj added a post in a topic Siege guild tier list 28th of January   

    We're a community first and foremost, so we work with what we have. That said, fighting other castle siege guilds in the merge has motivated us to do more as a whole
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  15. Rzaj added a post in a topic Margorian Pirate Field Trip, Courtesy of the CMs/GMs/PM   

    Served us well
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