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  1. kims1902 added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Anything that makes the game easier for people that pays real money ruins the games immersion and "you are in game what you have earned/achieved in game", peasants should be peasants, not all can be kings. If people want to pay 15$ for colors on their armor that is fine, but better would be a forced sub-mode for all  players and a smaller playerbase with craftable dyes, that seems impossible with todays mmo-companies when everyone just want to make as much money as possible.
    And yes im a peasant with a +15 liverto and nothing to failstack with, i would still have fun if not for the value pack bonus.
    Hopefully camelot unchained which will have a true subscription from start and none of this boring p2w-business. Jacobs seems to know what he is doing. 
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  2. kims1902 added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    He should have a lot more power/influence in the game because he plays more, you (and me) who has 40hour+jobs and other commitments should be peasants in a game like this. But some of those peasants can now purchase a bit of power for real money, and that ruins it for me, i have almost given up now and i will quit soon unless daum removes the bonus.
    Maybe Elyria or Camelot Unchained can stay away from this p2w nonsense.
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  3. kims1902 added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    The problem is that real-life money should never give you power in a game it completely destroys the thought of you are in game what you have done in game. Kind of what daum before told us about time being the power factor in a mmorpg. But this pack makes that statement a lie.
    Mostly because of the tax benefit, if person A can sell a PRI kzarka and get 50-100 mil more than person B, because he paid real money for it, the game is over.
    Remove that one and its "convenience only", which you all seem to think modern mmorpgs need to have. I would prefer a plain sub like wow/ff12 with no benefits anywhere but that is just a dream.
    I started playing this game because daum told me this would be a hard/timeconsuming game. Please fix this Daum, this game was our last hope in the mmorpg-world.
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  4. kims1902 added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    This is what you need to do:
    1. Remove the tax % from the value pack.
    2. Make the game f2p immediately now that you have a sub.
    If you dont, i and many more will quit.
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  5. kims1902 added a post in a topic Anyone found a fishing Hot Spot since the patch?   

    The old gold static hot-spots are gone.
    But they seemed to have buffed fishing overall, there are plenty of spots you can afk fish in the ocean to reach spots that gives a lot of blues/yellows every night. 
    With a +6 epheria i get ~500k a night( without distance bonus) from land near altinova(no need for boat but still ocean loot table). And then of course 0-3 relics on top of the 500k.
    Afk fishing not dead, hotspot fishing more alive than ever before, fishing is a lot better now.
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  6. kims1902 added a post in a topic How is the game faring so far?   

    You can come back here after Legion is released and see how the game is flourishing, because there are no other games like this out there currently. When more people leave the game for legion the servers and netcode will have less problems doing what it should. Right now there are perhaps too many playing!
    And to answer the question i play 0-2 hours day since start, got full +15 standard gear and 122 ap 160 dp. Can do anything i want in the world for solo play so id say its very casual friendly, and at the same time caters to the hardcore that can wtfpwn me with their high enchanted PEN ogre rings.. as it should be!
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  7. kims1902 added a post in a topic Game Expectations in 1 Year, Tell me Yours!!! : D   

    You forget that; The pro players will blow their good items/money away trying to go PEN Ogre ring and reset their +19s over and over
    Everyone will have +15 normal gear that is not hard for anyone to get, but rng stops most people there. There will be a few gods and that is fun.
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  8. kims1902 added a post in a topic Beating horses   

    500 per horse
    i have -910 karma and deleved +14 to +13 in 4 deaths with a lvl5 musa.. when aggroing guards its very easy to die repeadetly in town
    hardest part was killing the horse with a low level alt but i got it stuck between two stones , i recommend leveling the alt a bit higher than level 5 and get better gear before trying to find a horse! and its good to kill the horse just before maintenance so you dont steal it from anyone that needs it.
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  9. kims1902 added a post in a topic Fastest way to get below 0 karma?   

    i killed a wild tier1 horse nobody wanted... and i can delevel a +14 to +13 in 1-5 tries
    dont know how lucky i am when doing that but its not impossible and dying to guards is easy so
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  10. kims1902 added a post in a topic Game Expectations in 1 Year, Tell me Yours!!! : D   

    this is what i expect and hope for in the coming year
    1. removed field bosses they are not really needed they only make the strong stronger
    2. untouched rng, rng is fun and the only way nolifers can be kept on earth with the rest of us, without it they would be gods
    3. more stable servers and less trolls on forums because people have left for legion
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  11. kims1902 added a post in a topic The main benefit of killing AFK Fishers is ....   

    I only have 0-2 hours a day to play so i have to afk fish to be able to play the game at all, same as many that afk fish just to be able to play, it would make more sense to let me and others get geared at all and then kill me in proper pvp which shouldnt be hard, and instead of wasting time on me just farm in media for more silver then i can dream of.
    I only afk-fish in abundant areas so thats no reason to kill me, if they add a mechanic that removes the hot spot when its "dried out" then it would make sense to pk the fishermen but now its just silly.
    Another good mechanic would be if we could hunt the pkers and get rewards from killing them, they would be hunted all over the world and we could have boards that names the pkers etc. Would be fun for all.
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  12. kims1902 added a post in a topic Worth it?...   

    These forums isnt really a good place to ask because its full of people(trolls really) who want something that black desert is not, and with no other games to play until legion is out they will be here and make the forums a pain to read until then.
    If you enjoy a pvp-heavy siege/war mmo game that requires a lot of effort/time to get properly geared then this is the best available.
    If you want a pve/esportpvp then probably wait for legion.
    For me the game is superb, lots of content for a very low price, takes a lot of time, and there are many ways to remain somewhat competitive even if afking with real life stuff, i have a young child and a 40+/week job so only play 1-2 hours a night. Still have a +12 armor set / +15 yuria, and 20 million in the bank.
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  13. kims1902 added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    Ultima online was released 19 years ago when not a whole lot of people had internet and played online games, of course there are more available players today to try and make a game like this work. Many like me who are very tired of the pve-focused mmo:s have hope in this game to be what we have wanted for many years but no developer finds a way to succeed. And many of the new young players never got to try ultima/daoc/lineage etc. like we old people did. BDO does a good job of trying to be a modern oldschool mmorpg.
    If this game for some reason would change direction and go pve/p2w i would have to leave and maybe never get to play an mmorpg again. But for now everything is perfect, except for the many pve-players that do not want to adapt, they should really not be here and they will go away when legion is released. 
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  14. kims1902 added a post in a topic Being online 24/7 should not be encouraged   

    Seeing people fishing is fun in towns/docks/the wild, if they implement autopathloop seeing people riding/running all over the place is also fun. It adds to the game and creates a living world.
    Its perfect the way it is.
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  15. kims1902 added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    Its almost scary how crazy people behave in this forum and this thread, so much ill will and borderline hate.
    Black Desert is fine now and will be as long as they keep doing what they do keeping it non f2p/p2w, As it is now, the game has no real competitors - all other mmo are either p2w+f2p or does not even try to do what BDO does(owpvp/sandbox and all that awesomesness).
    If playerbase drops too low in the future, they can easily implement a somewhat forced subscribtion and still be ok and/or merge the servers which would create even more fun pvp situtations.
    And... what i hope happens soon is a release date of wow:legion, that will help the game further because all the negative people that clearly should not be playing this game will leave and the game will become better because of that, even if it means server merging is needed.
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