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  1. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    ^ As Aoia said.. I don't see point of having one simply because I wouldn't really have much to do on it..
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  2. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Romance system plus for RP   

    I said it was weird.  
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  3. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Romance system plus for RP   

    Well, I'm an odd situation then.. I play a giant berserker and spend most of my time playing with my cousin who's using a valkyrie. We're both male and heterosexuals.  it feels.. weird?  
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  4. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Player Trades: The Elephant in the Room v3.0   

    Plus most of the suggestions in the OP are easily implemented by simply modifying existing code. A couple of extra conditions and variables. I'm maybe making it oversimple but that's what it is in the end. The overall cost shouldn't be too high and ideally they would have more gain with a happier and active community.
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  5. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Ignore function on chat   

    No worries just blocked 4 more goldsellers since I logged on 30 minutes ago.
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  6. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Center of Screen being cluttered way to much.   

    Yes! It really breaks the immersion and I really can't care the less of who got what loot if I'm simply trying to enjoy cinematics or the story overall
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  7. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Trading between players,   

    I would advise you to check some other threads on the matter and add your voice there. Always better then being scattered across the forum  

    There's more, but some have derailed a bit...
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  8. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Player Trades: The Elephant in the Room v3.0   

    Yes, to make feel still "valuable" owning a city - as for those who see a large profit in getting taxes might feel being somehow cheated if alternative ways of trading were enabled.
    But in the end it would just be easier to apply the same taxe system on other types of trade without really requiring to change all of the bonuses on node’s production, etc.
     Sorry, I haven't really made it that clear as I was thinking of several solutions at once. To put it in a simple way, you can use the same AH but just with a box to tick if you want to keep your offer open for the general audiance or exclusive to your guild.  The value of the trades have to be 1:1 because otherwise you can freely give someone items. For example, I give 10 beer, you give 15 beer, I net 5 beer. Both are items and they are both exchanged at 1:1.5 ratio.
    Yes, thinking over it again, it would leave to much space for exploits so the only option would be to have trade 1:1 based on good's value. At the same time you might need to leave a tiny margin of difference between the two sides as I could give a 100 potatoes worth 897 silver while your 100 apples in exchange are worth 900 silver ( It's just a dumb example to get the idea). Which would mean making trade harder if items have slightly different prices. Honestly I would have nothing against full free trade but the suggestion I made was based on the avarage replies I've been reading on the forum which were arguing against trade as a whole. Most were saying that they (players) wouldn't like having "newbies" and newcomers just being boosted by other players who would gift them end-game powerful gear and so on. Yet again, just yesterday I read someone else making another suggestion in another thread (the whole trade topic is kind of all over the forum) who was suggesting to base gear-trade on the item's rarity/+ rather than the value of the item itself.  If I remember correctly they were suggesting to allow armor/weapon trade only up to green items, with no "+" while all the rest would just go through the AH as usual.
    Oh, one thing I forgot. If taxes would still be a thing on P2P trade, then those would obviusly be paid in silver with the transaction. No silver can be traded and if you don't have enough silver on you, based on the good's value, the trade simply doesn't happen. Those taxes would just end up as usual into the guild's bank account which ownes the city where the trade happened. Not sure if any of this makes it better or clear  
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  9. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Ignore function on chat   

    Sorry, I'm confused, isn't that what you are already allowed to do via the "block" button? Click on someone's name in chat and then block, it will ask you to confirm and then it's done. There's been some other suggestions on the forum to extend it to the "family" rather than to the individual character, which is the current state.  
    Edit: added a screenshot.

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  10. Nertomaros added a post in a topic FULL TRADE BLOCK   

    Rykari, probably you should've read when those comments were posted. e.g. prior the latest patch.
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  11. Nertomaros added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Gold Spammers, Player restrictions and a few ideas on how to get rid of both   

    Yes and no. Seeing a game and playing it first hand is not the same thing. Hence why so many games (especially mmos) have free trials or guest passes or other non MMOs have demos and such. 
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  12. Nertomaros added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Gold Spammers, Player restrictions and a few ideas on how to get rid of both   

    Those are all very interesting suggestions  I guess I'm getting where you are more from a design perspective through internships and game jams when making small games.
    As I've stated elsewhere, removing player's agency ( In this case "free" trade between players) is overall never a good thing. Limiting guest passes is most probably one of the strongest points but at the same time you don't really want to limit them too much. Completely removing global chat would really serve the purpose of showcasing your game, as that's what they are meant to be used for. Yes, you still have access to other things like reaching up to a certain level, crafting and so on. But interacting with other players is supposed to be one of the key aspects of an MMO.
    Some suggested that only party chat and friend whispers could be enabled but you should also take into account that not all guest pass givers will babysit whoever they are going to invite ( and I can see it even just among the small pool of friends that are trying the game through those passes).
    All the thumbs up for rewarding the community, most probably that would one of the best solutions making it more proactive and giving a further sense of accomplishment when helping to keep the game "clean".  
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  13. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Its more of a single player game than an MMO   

    I fully agree and share your concerns.
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  14. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Same channel to add friends   

    I believe ( I might be wrong) it is because of how it was originally coded. Originally you were required to be in the same physical location to interact with other users, like it still works for guild invitations. Eh, I really might be wrong but if I remember correctly that's how it worked so even if they now allow to add friends from wherever you want, it's hard coded  so that you have to be in the same channel.
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  15. Nertomaros added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Slowly Becoming A Single Player RPG   

    I hear you, we'll see how it will resolve on the long run but I have pretty much the same doubts.
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