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  1. Hime added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    I don't believe this pictured costume is in any way the "equivalent" to the wizard's crescent moon costume. The costume you linked was actually part of a sponsor event in Asia while the wizard's costume was a standalone class specific costume released in April.
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  2. Hime added a post in a topic Creative subforum   

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  3. Hime added a post in a topic (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) hi   

    Welcome to the forums Diety/Pure ^^ I'll be in NA but I'm sure there's plenty of EU people ready to play with you c: 
    Sounds like Cute from the JP servers haha
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  4. Hime added a post in a topic Um Hello! ❀   

    Yes, see you in game! ♥
    Thanks Deity~! And yes (● ᴗ ●) tamer is very cute! Going to spend way too much time in character creation orz ranger also looks really pretty *u* 
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  5. Hime added a post in a topic Um Hello! ❀   

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  6. Hime added a post in a topic Um Hello! ❀   

    Thanks for your welcome~! I played a bit of witch, which I think I'll go for on NA but I should probably play more. The idea of riding the fluffy wolf into battle was awesome o u o and the animations and char creation for her was nice!
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  7. Hime added a post in a topic Um Hello! ❀   

    Also on Calpheon~! IIRC that's where the majority of the english speakers were.
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  8. Hime added a post in a topic Um Hello! ❀   

    Thank you!
    >///< haha not really but thank you. and yes we should definitely see each other in-game ^^
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  9. Hime added a post in a topic What features from other MMORPGs would you like to see in BD?   

    Adding a marriage system like a couple of MMOs already have would be nice. No in-game benefits from it, though. Just maybe a title and always being able to see them on the map maybe. It would just be nice > u <
    And yes, dance emotes~!
    Perhaps like AA, more boat variety in types and in decorations
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  10. Hime added a post in a topic BlackDesert Socialmedia?   

    You can find the facebook here and the twitter here. ^^
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  11. Hime added a post in a topic Hello   

    Hey Mazimba! Welcome to the forums ^^
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  12. Hime added a post in a topic Does the crops just grow when you're online?   

    Yah, crops only grow when online but if you want to get rid of afk players, I'd suggest you talk about afk fishing first. Personally, I don't think it's that big of a problem. What's the difference between sleeping as your crops grow and afking? Maybe a little electricity but that's about it. This way, you'll always be online when your crops are ready and you can always play/quest while they grow. You can't harvest them afk so I think it's fine. Wouldn't it be boring to plant seeds, log off, log on, harvest and repeat? This method encourages more playtime, which does not have to be afk.
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  13. Hime added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Um Hello! ❀

    Hiiii. Just joined up with the forums, though I've been following BDO for a while now. Played to 50 on JP with a Tamer a while ago and am pretty excited for this NA/EU release! ♥ Not sure what class to play @launch since Tamer won't be there, but I guess I've got a bit of time to think. Not sure which pack to buy either, think I'm going to wait out for a little more info on the cash shop/game state etc. Didn't get to play Alpha which was a bit sad, but hopefully CBT will be different! 
    I'm pretty friendly, I think, so don't hesitate to talk/ask questions if you want > u <
    Looking forwards to playing with you all!
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