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  1. Ritsum added a post in a topic Fishing   

    Bumping because it is still around after maintenance. Still don't really know if it's just not registering the energy usage (up to 9) or if it's just not using the energy but still giving the benefits.
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  2. Ritsum added a post in a topic Question: feeding pet   

    Better food = less clicks, that's about it.
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  3. Ritsum added a post in a topic give us the DAMN patch notes   

    It's not like patches can horribly change the way the game works right? So why would we need to see them.
    Edit: "/Sarcasm"  Since someone didn't understand.
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  4. Ritsum added a post in a topic It won't take long before this game is F2P   

    As long as when it goes F2P they don't get the benefits we get for paying up front then I don't really care.
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  5. Ritsum added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    This "compensation" better be worth the wait.
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  6. Ritsum added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    And I was so happy when they finally said we could redo the items and have been waiting since then for the items again
    I am so gonna tell my mummy on you Daum!
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  7. Ritsum added a post in a topic Appreciation Thread   

    Apart from none of my pre order items the game has been mostly perfect for me. Having the odd UI bug was about all that happened to me.
    I was able to connect and play for 12 hours without a single ctd or disconnect which I have to say is quite good. This has to be far the best MMO headstart I have had in quite a while.
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  8. Ritsum added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    I don't know if this is happening to others but for me the enhanced casting (costing energy) is not working properly.
    I can enhance my cast up to 9 energy without it actually consuming my energy, at 10 it will consume 10 energy but anything below it wont actually use it.
    This basically allows people to have a constant chance of catching better fish for free.
    This is me comparing it to the casting in Korea where it used 1 for 1 no matter how small of an amount you used, so correct me if I am wrong.
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  9. Ritsum added a topic in General   

    The Big Questions.
    With Pre/launch comes the rush and with a set OWPvp at the later levels the big questions are.
    Are you going to kill others that end up at your grinding spot? Are you going to form party's with your guildies to claim grinding area's and slaughter all newcomers? 
    Or are you going to just give way to the others and try to mind your own business.
    I personally am not going to join the rush to 50+ and will just enjoy the game at my own pace but I am still hoping that the blood will flow when the rush hits the last hurdle.
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  10. Ritsum added a post in a topic Pre-Order Costume Look.   

    Idk about anyone else but I love the look of the Zerker with it. Imho I find most of the Zerker outfits well done.
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  11. Ritsum added a post in a topic To Buy or Not to Buy a costume that is the question!   

    Gotta buy a costume. How else are you meant to win?
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  12. Ritsum added a post in a topic Cat vs dog vs bird   

    No option for all 3?
    All 3 have their own use which I love and will use to my fullest. Though I do like the bird a bit more then the others,
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  13. Ritsum added a post in a topic Here's Wishing BDO a Smooth and Successful Launch!   

    Hard to think positively with all the negativity around this joint.
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  14. Ritsum added a post in a topic Movie to watch before launch.....   

    The shining, always a nice watch.
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  15. Ritsum added a post in a topic Wonder how long it took this guy to make 32 billion   

     Damn... I think he is my new hero.
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