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  1. Flow added a post in a topic FAILED TO INIT SECURITY - nothing works   

    I have the latest insider builds of windows 10 as well and it isnt working anymore. 
    And now it is working again.    
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  2. Flow added a post in a topic XIGNCODE3 PART2   

    Try turning off your firewall.  That worked for me.  You can turn it back on after the game starts.  
    I've also tried using the files that they said to download, but that doesnt work for me either.   Only turning off my firewall allowed the game to start. 
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  3. Flow added a post in a topic FAILED TO INIT SECURITY - nothing works   

    Having this problem too!
    I have tried everything already.  Turned off antiviruses.. firewalls.. added that file that they said to do.  
    Well i got it to work again.  I turned off my firewall again, and this time it worked.   
    I guess keep trying until it works..
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  4. Flow added a post in a topic Huge Black Border   

    New patch today and i still have the problem.  Is there anyone who has a solution at all? 
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  5. Flow added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Huge Black Border
    I've searched on google about this problem and there wasnt any solutions posted.  When i start the game there is a huge black border all around.  Only way to remove the black border is to set the resolution to like 3000x2000.   If you set it lower the game just gets smaller and the black border gets bigger. 
    Has there been any solution to this yet?  Or do i just have to wait for the next patch. 
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  6. Flow added a topic in PVE   

    Autoaim off or on?
    I tried playing with autoaim off on a Ranger.  Was almost impossible to do.  I did it on my Witch for a while too, i was able to live with it off.  
    Do you guys play with it off or on?
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  7. Flow added a post in a topic Best class to farm for loot and do bosses?   

    With/Wizard is definitely a good class to go with.
    I started playing Ranger after i made my Witch and i can confirm that Ranger uses so many pots...  I don't think i used a single pot on my Witch until like level 40.   You have a mana regen skill and a healing skill.  Almost no need for pots in PvE. 
    Ranger is fun though and more dynamic?
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  8. Flow added a post in a topic What is the correct way to level strength?   

    I see people walk with trade packs on.  This seems to be the best way. 
    Or you can go lifting at the gym. 
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  9. Flow added a post in a topic Life skills and alts.   

    So in general gathering and processing should be leveled together. 
    I'm asking cause i've split my time between two characters right now.  One character i started playing first and i did some processing, gathering, trading, and cooking on it.  My second character i just made and i haven't done any life skill yet.  But I've been playing it more. 
    So i guess i'll just keep my first character with the processing,gathering, and cooking.   Since i already started on it.  or i can do processing/gathering on both.. since they're easier to do.  I just gather shit when i do other stuff. 
    But what about trading?  I wanted to get into trading.  Should i keep doing trade runs on my first character? Or does it not really matter .. like with Farming.
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  10. Flow added a topic in PVE   

    Life skills and alts.
    Do you guys level life skill all on one character? Is that generally the best way to do it? 
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  11. Flow added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Event: Furniture and Earring + General Overview and Searching Area   

    The earrings are transferable right? I can put it in storage and another character can use it?
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  12. Flow added a post in a topic Easter Egg Event Rewards   

    How long did it take you to get all 4?
    Took me a couple of hours of not really paying attention, auto pathing, forgetting i was waiting for an egg to spawn... to get 40 raindrop eggs. 
    ----- me.  Turned it in for the wrong quest.  Why the ----- is the black spirit egg one split into 4 -----ing quest options.  Gotta go get 9 more now.  
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  13. Flow added a post in a topic When you hide an outfit, does that only effect your view or everyone's?   

    I don't know.  I've never unequipped all my gear.  I just assumed thats what it does.  Cause when i did "show underwear" in town, my friend was unable to see it on his computer. 
    Maybe they changed it.  But i dont think they did.  Cause when you do the "show underwear" option, it still shows my character as wearing her original armor.  I can tell because she is still standing on her tippy toes as if she was wearing heels. 
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  14. Flow added a post in a topic When you hide an outfit, does that only effect your view or everyone's?   

    It should apply to costumes.  I was wearing the outfit Karlestein or w.e.  Friend wasnt able to see helmet when i hid it or the cape. 
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  15. Flow added a post in a topic When you hide an outfit, does that only effect your view or everyone's?   

    Underwear option is client side, i believe.  You probably just saw someone who unequipped everything.
    Had a friend stand right next to me and he couldnt see me in my underwear. 
    Hiding cape/hood is server side.  He was able to see that. 
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